Mrs Neal                                                                     May 2004                    ADVANCED ACCESS S...
Mrs Neal                                                                  May 2004IndexesNo                       Don’t in...
Mrs Neal                                                                   May 2004Input MasksAt A Level standard you shou...
Mrs Neal                                                       May 2004Data EntryTask 3. Enter the following records into ...
Mrs Neal                                                                May 2004QueriesThe main functionality of this syst...
Mrs Neal                                                                      May 2004           Complete the query by ent...
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  1. 1. Mrs Neal May 2004 ADVANCED ACCESS SKILLSIntroductionThis guide will help you to develop your MS Access skill to an advanced level. You arerequired to demonstrate your abilities within the implementation section of yourproject. You are expected to implement your solution unaided, to a high quality withno defects.ScenarioA local Beauty Spa currently records all appointments manually. The Spa has sixBeauty consultants all are able to provide treatments on offer. The computerisedsystem must prevent double-bookings, be easy to use and re-useable.TablesTask 1. Create the following tables, using appropriate use of validation rules, inputmasks, field sizes, indexes, default values and the required option:
  2. 2. Mrs Neal May 2004IndexesNo Don’t index the fieldYes (DuplicatesOK) Most of the time you want to allow duplicate records.Yes (No Duplicates) Key fields should be set to No Duplicates because a key field must be unique. You don’t want two customers with the same customer number.ValidationAt A Level standard you should be creating validation rules and validation text(message that is displayed to user if data is incorrect) along side input masks toensure the integrity of data entered into your database. Below are some examples ofhow validation can be used. You can mix and match the operators as appropriate: Field Validation Rule Definition TypeNumber >10 Must be greater than 10Number <> 12 Cannot be 12Number >=5 Greater then or equal t5Number > 20 And < 200 Must be between 20 and 200 (non inclusive)Number >= 20 And <=200 Must be between 20 and 200 (inclusive)Number <= 30 Or >=100 Must be lower than 30 or greater than 100 (inclusive)Date >= Date () Must be today’s date or laterDate >= Date () or Is Null Must be today’s date, later or blankDate < Date () Must be earlier than today’s dateDate >= #1/1/96# And <#1/1/97# Must be a date in 1996Text Like "A????" Entry must contain 5 characters and start with the letter A
  3. 3. Mrs Neal May 2004Input MasksAt A Level standard you should be creating inputs marks yourself and not using thewizard. Few projects are more gratifying than making things yourself. All inputmasks must be shown on your table designs. Below are the codes most commonlyused: Required Action Required Code Optional CodeNumbers 0-9 only 0 9Letters A to Z only L ?Letters or numbers A aAny character or space & CRelationshipsTask 2. Create the following relationships, click the Relationshipsicon: Linking tbl_Avaliable_Appointments to tbl_Client_Appointments
  4. 4. Mrs Neal May 2004Data EntryTask 3. Enter the following records into appropriate tables:
  5. 5. Mrs Neal May 2004QueriesThe main functionality of this system is to allow appointment booking and preventdouble bookings. The first set of queries are use to prevent double bookings ofappointments – solution given by 4. The first query locates appointments that have been booked for a certaintherapist on a certain date. Create this query as shown below:Task 5. You now need to create a query that searches for appointments that havebeen booked on a particular day and deletes these from available appointments: The query includes tbl_Avaliable_Appointments and qry_appointments-on- certain-dates – you must add these tables. Create a relationship between the tables. Right-click and select Join Properties. Select the second option – Include ALL records and click OK.
  6. 6. Mrs Neal May 2004 Complete the query by entering the following criteria: Task 6. Your system is required to be reusable – within this task you will learn how to archive data that is no longer needed. Archiving reduces information load within the main table. You will need to create two advanced queries to perform this operation. Within the database window – right-click tbl_Client_Appointments and select Copy: Right-click again and select Paste. Type in the following table name: Start a new query, add tble_Client_Appointments and select all fields.Select Query from the toolbar and choose Append Query: