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SOPA and You: What it means for the Internet


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An explanation on why SOPA is bad and why we need to stop it.

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SOPA and You: What it means for the Internet

  1. 1. SOPA and You: What it means for the InternetJames T Dabbagian Photo by Nick Humphries, CC Some Reserved
  2. 2. What is SOPA?
  3. 3. SOPA Stands for Stop Online Piracy ActPhoto by Nick Humphries, CC Some Rights Reserved
  4. 4. What does SOPA do? Allows rightholders (e.g, Expands the offense to Recording Labels, the Increases penalties “(1) copyrighted work by MPAA and Artists) to digital transmission, for people found issue a court order [READ: Streaming Media] guilty of these requiring ISPs to block and (2) work intended for websites that they feel infringements. commercial violate their copyright. dissemination by making it available on a computer network.”*1+[1] Library of Congress, SOPA Bill Summary
  5. 5. Who supports SOPA? Viacom RIAA MPAA News Corp 3M PetMeds Electronic Arts Rolex Watch Sony Time Warner USA Electronics The Walt NCAA Universal Toshiba Universal Disney Music Group America Music Group Company Business Solutions, Inc. Ultimate U.S. Chamber World Zippo Zumba Fitness, Fighting of Commerce Wrestling Manufacturing LLC Championship Entertainment, Company Inc. Beachbody, LLC CBS Bose HarperCollins Rite Aid Corporation Corporation PublishersFrom Theories of Conspiricies: List of Major Companies Supporting SOPA.
  6. 6. Who opposes SOPA? Microsoft Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Wikipedia WordPress AOL PayPal American Express Zynga Craigslist eBay Discover Mozilla HostGator deviantART Riot Games Grooveshark Daily KosCenter for Democracy and Technology
  7. 7. Why is SOPA bad?SOPA’s text has several holes in it. These holes can cause problems for websites.According to the law itself, all a site has to be is a site aimed at U.S Users that either avoids confirming that it can be used to forsake copyright, or actively promotes infringement
  8. 8. In other words…If your site contains any pirated content, or could be used to pirate, it could be considered dedicated to U.S Property Theft in the eyes of the government and the rightsholders.
  9. 9. What does this mean to you? Sites like Facebook and Youtube have lots and lots of content. A lot of it may violate copyright.All a rightsholder has to do is indicate this, and the entire site is shut down.
  10. 10. But I’m outside the US! Doesn’t matter.The site can still be blocked off by ISPs if you are found to be serving US Citizens, which can mean as much as being in English!
  11. 11. No more Facebook.No more Youtube.No more sites that could even POTENTIALLY be used for piracy.
  12. 12. This means if anyone claims anything on your blog or profile, your site is GONE.
  13. 13. Even if someone else uploads or links topirated content, youcan still be liable for criminal charges.
  14. 14. What can YOU do to stop this?Photo by Patrick Gage
  15. 15. Take action!Contact yourrepresentative and tell Click here to findthem you want SOPA out who YOUR representative is!opposed.
  16. 16. Vote out your representativeIf your representative isin favor of SOPA, vote Click here for a listthem out in the next of representativeselection if you don’t who support oragree with their other oppose SOPApractices.
  17. 17. Boycott SOPA supportersIt might be near- Click here for aimpossibly to boycott all list of companiesof SOPA’s supporters, that supportbut not giving the SOPA!supporters your moneywill send a strongmessage to them!
  18. 18. Spread AwarenessDo you blog? Use Facebook or Twitter?Play an MMO? These are all viable placesyou can spread the word: OPPOSE SOPA!
  19. 19. Black out your siteOn January 18th, sites such as Wikipediaand Reddit will black out their sites inprotest of the bill. You can black out yoursite as well for 24 hours.
  20. 20. Don’t let SOPA Happen We have a right to a free internet, don’t let corporations decide what we can and cannot see!