CMBE: Crisis management & trolls


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When talking about crisis management in communities and social media, it would be interesting to check a common problem, and how it could lead to a crisis if not carefully handled.

So here is the internet troll. Focus on recognizing behaviour and how to try and prevent trolling. Second focus on troll stories from the public - community managers.

Presentation given at CMBE meeting, 7th of March 2012. Adapted with the received feedback.

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CMBE: Crisis management & trolls

  1. 1. Crisis Management
  2. 2. My community is under attack!
  3. 3. Trolls in a crisisLets not exagerate... 1 troll = nuisance 5 trolls = problem 10 trolls = sign of crisis Example: hundreds of fun trolls spam Belfius wall with “Befluis” mentions. Crisis or not?Trolling can cause serious damage: Bradley Hampson, Sean Duffy Paid troll attacks
  4. 4. Definition of a trollAttack a person, product, brand or community.Measuring succes by amount of destabilizationCategories: fun vs. anger
  5. 5. Anatomy of a trollCriticize²Personal attacks, provocations, insults, threatsEndless discussionsKeep coming backTroll guide
  6. 6. Preventing damageIdentifying trouble: Trust your core members Get to the bottom of complaints Consider the influence of the individual Create private communication channels Example: message to page
  7. 7. Preventing damageImprove social control Facebook/Twitter Connect Support RL meetings Support contact between members
  8. 8. When damage is causedModeration: ignore, banIf all else fails: eCopsSuggestions?