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Research Report Presentation

  1. 1. Report Food and beverage businesses are popular and easy to grow. Though it may not be as easy as it sounds, people would still frequent these restaurants or shops on a daily basis. Three restaurants have come into our attention. Namely, JC Pancakes ,Colisium 1921 and Yummy Yummy duck. These businesses have been around for some time, and has been through the up’s and down’s of the food and beverage market. Being almost a century old, Coliseum1921 has served customers that are of both local and foreign background, whereby both types finding their served food satisfying and magnificent with “signature” flavors. JC Pancakes has been around for quite some time and their interest has recently peaked in a franchise direction. Opening initially in Citta Mall, JC soon found that their business there would not be profitable, therefore shifting their business towards Bandar Sunway’s tier 6 university campus, Taylors Lakeside. Yummy Yummy duck set up shop in the year 1980, focusing their sales entirely on the market of duck meat. They deal with the ups and downs of the food and beverage industry more than the other two restaurants primarily due to the fact that they have only one focus, duck meat. However, the pricing of their dishes aren’t as taxing as the others and is still considered to be cheap judging by the location in which they had set up shop, Bandar Sunway. The prices of these three restaurants are entirely different and each depends on their respective environments. Based on an interview, non-regular customers find Coliseum1921 to be extremely expansive and overpriced. The meals shouldn’t cost as much as they charge, with each dish roughly priced at RM30 to RM 50. Coliseum does, however get a good amount of regulars that frequent the shop, mainly elderlies.
  2. 2. JC Pancakes serves pancakes as their main dish, with several other side dishes and beverages to go with. The variety of food served at this outlet is very limited, due to its small workforce and size. The pricing, as stated by the manager, is as good as it gets for college students looking for meals that are filling and at the same time, scrumptious. It may not seem like a bright idea, but students would rather have complete mealsranging from RM 5-10 than to rather overspend and eat at other places which charge dearly for meals. JC Pancakes makes their monthly revenue by selling pancakes that varies in terms of content and fillings. Yummy Yummy Duck, the restaurant in which duck lovers love to dine at. Only focusing on ducks, this restaurant has filling meals. Yummy Yummy Duck has it all at a more than reasonable price. A group of 5 can dine at this restaurant, having whole meals that not only taste the best, but cost a lot cheaper than what most restaurants that serves ducks would charge. The owner states that overpricing the meals will only chase customers away and that would be bad for business, therefore, they raise and breed their own ducks, slaughter and clean them, cook and sell them for a cheaper price. Varieties of duck meat grilled, roasted or prepared in various different methods are served here. Leaving only a hint of home cooked food, Yummy Yummy duck aims to have their customers feel welcomed whenever dining at their restaurant. The ambience, however, are rather different between one another. Say for example, YummyYummy Duck have a very simple white walls and tiles with very small amount of tables prepared as if they weren’t planning to have a lot of customers. Some area of the restaurant depict a Chinese atmosphere for example the back of the restaurant was filled with ancestral decoration or the counter decorated with Maneki-Neko and Golden Horses to attract wealthy
  3. 3. luck or even walls hanged with Chinese paintings such as golden fishes with poetic Chinese calligraphy written at the edge of the painting. Despite the simplicity in its decoration, they are not the same as any Chinese restaurant in Malaysia. Yummy Yummy Duck does extremely well in making sure the place is clean rather than dusty or bones of ducks on the floor. However, the problem with Yummy Yummy Duck lies in its environment. Due to the fact that the shop does not have an outstanding decoration, the entire place looks dull. In addition, the restaurant was surrounded with mobile businesses thus making Yummy Yummy Duck looks terribly dull and very less likely be chosen to eat since people tend to “judge a book by its cover” unconsciously. Continuing to JC pancake, a small snack shop for the students to relax has a very comfortable atmosphere. The Taylor’s lakeside made the experience in JC pancake different than any other restaurant. The outside of the restaurant was extremely cooling and very comfortable. Sitting there for an hour or so could make one unconsciously napping. The outside of JC pancake feels secured as well. The only problem with JC pancake was the uncontrollable noise created from students during peak business hours. Some students do not have the courtesy of respecting other people and tends to laugh noisily or joke loudly which will break the ambience. Even though the outside was cooling and relaxing depending on the clock, the inside is entirely different. The lighting in the shop wasn’t strong enough to light up the entire room which therefore creates a dark corner. There isn’t much room in the restaurant as well as the owner used a bar table and chairs for the inside while the rest of the space used for the kitchen. Surprisingly, despite all the cooking from the kitchen, the insides do not feel as hot as a steamboat restaurant which we deduce from the heat-insulating wooden tiles. It feels rather dark and comfortable, as if designed to make people relax there if the outside is too ridiculously noisy to tolerate.
  4. 4. As expected from a high class restaurant, Coliseum. The entire place was designed to look ancient. As if the entire restaurant survived the British and Japanese colonization and then heard all the Malaysian screaming “merdeka” seven times proudly. That is exactly how old it looks. The table cloth, walls, table, chair, wooden floor looks as if they did not changed or renewed at all. This ambience alone, along with the cooling environment due to the old air conditioner,can already make this restaurant gaining a reputation of a high class restaurant. When sitting on the dining table, the rectangular dining table reminds us of the Western design but when the menu came, some of the food contrasts its western culture such as Hainanese Chicken Chop. The smell of the Hainanese Chicken Chop is also another factor which makes this colonial restaurant similar to that of Old Town White Coffee. Later during the interview, it was revealed that the restaurant originally was designed to serve the British but the restaurant was filled with Hainanese chef which is why some of the food was interpret in their own cultural way. No matter how important the restaurant is, the most important part in sustaining the business is the service. A bad service can tear down the best designed or cheapest restaurant at any time. To be honest, all three restaurants have equally good services. However, the services provided by three different restaurants are different from one another.
  5. 5. Coliseum focused neither on a specific age group nor ethnicity. It was a restaurant that served all, and food that was meant for all. Ranging from full adult meals to kids meal, Coliseum catered well tasting food to their customers without regard to whom or what they are, which is a professional way of doing business especially when running a restaurant in Malaysia’s largest metropolitan. The business had lasted for almost a century, which would bring one to presume their goals and targets were long since achieved, and what came after was a profitable and satisfying revenue. JC Pancakes prioritized students as their customers. Why? Board games, magazines, newspapers and even sticky memos to doodle on were provided to the customer when waiting for food. This tactic can only be used within the vicinity of a university, and would prove much more successful than a restaurant that targets multiple types of customers. The manager, when spoken to, stated that this has proven much more profitable then when they had opened their store in Citta Mall. JC Pancakes initially targeted multiple types of customers, in which resulted in a breakeven after a few months of being in business. They then decided to target a specific type of customer, students. The business now grows into a franchise type food and beverage outlet. Yummy Yummy Duck had no targets of a specific type of customer. Their food served all that came to dine. However, their business experiences a drought per annum. During this period, they’d usually focus more on sales at a local market. During Chinese New Year, the sales of ducks increase rapidly. Just as turkey is used for Thanksgiving, ducks become the focal delicacy of the Chinese people of Malaysia.
  6. 6. In conclusion, the restaurants each had their particular traits and selling points. In certain perspectives, one had a better impact than the other, and lacked where the other had strived. The all round best pricing would be Yummy Yummy Duck. Most suitable ambience for an enjoyable dining would be Coliseum1921, and the most customer-friendly service would be JC Pancakes.