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  1. 1. Delivering as One How the eight pilots are bringing UN agencies together to provide better support to countries unite and deliver effective support for countries
  2. 2. What is Delivering as One? Progress Challenges Lessons learned and what it means for you
  3. 3. Delivering as One is an initiative to increase the UN system’s impact. 1
  4. 4. The High-Level Panel on UN System-wide Coherence proposed creating pilots.
  5. 5. In 2007 eight pilot countries volunteered to test Delivering as One.
  6. 6. The UN Development Group and the Development Operations Coordination Office support the pilots. UNDG DOCO Regional Directors Teams ALBANIA VIET NAM MOZAMBIQUE CAPE VERDE URUGUAY PAKISTAN RWANDA TANZANIA
  7. 7. The pilots are applying four principles to Deliver as One.
  8. 8. One Programme provides countries with relevant assistance from the whole UN family
  9. 9. One empowered Leader and Team work together with clear accountability.
  10. 10. One Budgetary Framework uses donor resources strategically in each country.
  11. 11. One Office unites agencies through harmonized business processes and often a UN House.
  12. 12. Any questions on the origins and basics of Delivering as One?
  13. 13. The pilot stocktaking reports show they are making good progress. Tanzania: Resident Coordinator’s Office staff with their One Programme. 2
  14. 14. One Programme signing ceremony, Viet Nam The governments are taking more ownership.
  15. 15. The pilots are successfully applying joint programming, analysis and prioritization.
  16. 16. The joint budgetary framework and One Fund are proving to be effective tools.
  17. 17. UN agencies better understand each others’ mandates, expertise and business models. 
  18. 18. The pilots are on their way to making significant savings and improvements. Viet Nam: A planned Green One UN house for all 16 UN organizations.
  19. 19. Any questions on the progress made so far in Delivering as One?
  20. 20. The pilots are working to resolve many ongoing challenges. 3 Pilot RCs with the Deputy-Secretary General in 2008.
  21. 21. Challenges Decision-making processes Empowering the RC Workload Large variety of reporting and planning formats
  22. 22. It’s a challenge to involve government counterparts, use national systems and define our role in Middle-Income Countries. Rwanda: The Government signs the One Programme.
  23. 23. Raising predictable resources remains a challenge. Donors are still financing UN agencies and projects directly.
  24. 24. Further Challenges Non-Resident Agencies’ human and financial capacities Communication capacity gaps Project and agency mentality
  25. 25. Country-led Delivering as One evaluations are planned for 2009/10.
  26. 26. The General Assembly will decide how the UN system should proceed after 2010.
  27. 27. Questions about the challenges of Delivering as One?
  28. 28. Lessons Learned from Delivering as One UN Albania RC Gulden Turkoz-Cosslet 4
  29. 29. Only initiate reform if you have buy-in from the government and donors. Cap Verde RC Petra Lantz with development partners.
  30. 30. One Programme offers real advantages for the government.
  31. 31. UN Reform needs to be the #1 priority for the country team.
  32. 32. Begin the reform when rolling out a new UN Development Assistance Framework. <ul><li>Analysis </li></ul><ul><li>UNDAF preparation </li></ul>agency documents (CPD/CPAP) <ul><li>UNDAF review </li></ul><ul><li>visioning </li></ul>Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
  33. 33. Reform means a significant increase in workload. Prepare your capacities and resources
  34. 34. Teamwork and team-building are critical.
  35. 35. Move as quickly as possible to planning and implementing the One Programme. UN planning in Pakistan
  36. 36. Capacity to deliver is enhanced through a clear division of labor with lead agencies.
  37. 37. Civil Society and donors should participate in a process that balances inclusiveness and strategic focus.
  38. 38. Develop and implement a Change Management Plan .
  39. 39. Simplify and streamline internal and external communication.
  40. 40. Questions about lessons learned from Delivering as One? What could you apply in your country?
  41. 41. Implications for RC Offices UN Uruguay Operational support Interagency facilitation Special capacities Process and politics
  42. 42. Visit to learn more