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Boston Cares Data Analytics Presentation


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Boston Cares Data Analytics Presentation

  1. 1. Analytics in the Field: Using DataMining to Improve Volunteer Retention Abram Guerra, Eric Whitney Manoj Prakash, Joel Samen December 5, 2011
  2. 2. What is Boston Cares?“Boston Cares mobilizes more than 25,000volunteers annually in support of Greater Bostonschools and non-profit agencies. We offer a widearray of programs and opportunities that makeit easy for you to volunteer no matter how busyyour schedule is.”1 Organization Volunteer with Project Boston Cares
  3. 3. Boston Cares Has a Wealth of Data 1,796 Organizations 3,597 Opportunities 20,071 Occurrences Database 43,531 Volunteers
  4. 4. Connecting the Dots
  5. 5. Missing Data Values
  6. 6. Calculated Variable: Distance Volunteer Home Addresses Volunteering Locations
  7. 7. Our Target VariableOrientation Volunteer Instance Volunteer Instance Time Lifespan
  8. 8. Moving to SAS
  9. 9. Interesting Initial Findings
  10. 10. Setting Up in SAS
  11. 11. The Story the Data Tells UsParameter Coefficient ExplanationAvg_Group_Size -0.9 Smaller-group volunteer opportunities help increase the lifespan of an active volunteer.Education Level 139.4 Volunteers with graduate degrees volunteer more– Graduate degree than 4 months longer.Education Level -41.3 Volunteers who have only partially completed their– Some college education are active volunteers for less time.Education Level -44.6– Some high schoolEnvironment_ZeroesAdded 26.1 Each time a volunteer participates in an environmentally-oriented opportunity, they are likely to volunteer for another month.Profile Name – Volunteer -128.1 Volunteer Leaders (as opposed to regular Volunteers) are active more than 4 months longer.Reliability -74.90 The most reliable volunteers are active for shorter periods of time.
  12. 12. So What? Finding from Data Managerial RecommendationVolunteers who participate in large- Improve marketing efforts at large-scalescale, one-time events may have no ties events to raise brand awareness of Bostonto Boston Cares CaresVolunteers with graduate degrees are Work with graduate schools to get studentsmore likely to have longer lifespans involved with Boston Cares, create alumni events that focus on serviceVolunteers who participate in an Increase availability of environment-basedenvironment-based project are likely to community service partnerships, findinghave longer lifespans more of these kinds of events for participants
  13. 13. Lessons Learned Data is OftenPoorly Documented Scrubbing Data is a Full-Time Job Be Aware of Assumptions SAS is a Tool There is Always More Data You Want