Established: April 29, 2008<br />A Subsidiary of<br />
DEALERSHIP<br /><ul><li>Use your existing cell phone!
Use your existing SIM card!
Use 1 E-Wallet, Load Everything!
Savings to more than 300 Prepaid Products!
Automated Inventory System!
Online Loading!</li></ul>Save as much as 10-14%!<br />
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About VMobile


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About VMobile

  1. 1. Established: April 29, 2008<br />A Subsidiary of<br />
  2. 2. DEALERSHIP<br /><ul><li>Use your existing cell phone!
  3. 3. Use your existing SIM card!
  4. 4. Use 1 E-Wallet, Load Everything!
  5. 5. Savings to more than 300 Prepaid Products!
  7. 7. Automated Inventory System!
  8. 8. Online Loading!</li></ul>Save as much as 10-14%!<br />
  9. 9. DEALER PACKAGE<br />3,988.00<br />What’s inside the Package<br />20 Pricelist<br />2 Tarpaulin<br />20 Quick Guides<br />3 SIM cards<br />20 ACCESS Cards<br />
  10. 10. HOW DO YOU REGISTER?<br />Buy the kit for P3988 from the Vmobile office.<br />Aside from the 20 TECHNOUSER cards (access cards), pricelist, quick guides, tarpaulins and sim cards, the kit also has your TECHNOPRENEUR card.<br />Technopreneur ID Number<br />The Technopreneur card will be registered online by the Leader (Upline), under the name of the person who made the payment and wish to sign up. This is more efficient because the Leader knows where to place the new Technopreneur in the network. Thus, the member must provide the following information to the Leader:<br />Full Name<br />Complete address (Philippines)<br />Birthdate<br />Cellphone Number<br />Email Address<br />Once registration is completed, the Leader will inform the new Technopreneur with his/her ID number and PIK (Personal Identification Key). The Technopreneur may then change his/her PIK for security.<br />With the use of the ID Number and the PIK, the technopreneur may now log on to and to to check their accounts and its authenticity. <br /><br /><br />Because Vmobile is using high technology, all accounts are online so even the Technopreneurs outside the country or anywhere in the world can view their accounts and monitor it online! <br />
  11. 11. IMPORTANT COMMANDS <br />(USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE FOR LOADXTREME)<br />Send all your commands to the following LoadXtreme (LX) Gateway Numbers. System replies (SMS) may contain your assigned gateway number. Please comply by using the gateway number assigned to your account .You may however use other gateway numbers as backup to your assigned number.<br />*For Globe and Smart subscribers, use the appropriate gateway defined above. If your mobile phone number ends with Even number (i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc.), send your initial SMS command to gateways for even numbers. The same applies for phone numbers ending with odd numbers.<br />TECHNOUSER REGISTRATION (USING THE TECHNOUSER CARD/ACCESS CARDS)<br />0922-9995555<br />LX REG (ID NUMBER) (SAC) (BIRTHDATE) (TELCO CODE) (FULL NAME)<br />Odd 0928-5220815<br />Even 0928-5220772<br />*Birth date should be in mm-dd-yyyy format.<br />*Acceptable Telco codes are SMART, TNT, RED, GLOBE, TM and SUN only.<br />*Scratch off SAC at the back of the Technouser Card.<br />*Update Business or Personal Address Information<br />Odd 0917-5522615<br />Even 0917-5522616<br />LX CHGADDR (ID NUMBER) (PIK) (COMPLETE ADDRESS)<br />CHANGING YOUR PIK<br />LX CHGPIK (ID NUMBER) (CURRENT PIK) (NEW PIK)<br />LOADWALLET BALANCE INQUIRY<br />LX BAL (ID NUMBER) (PIK)<br />CHANGING YOUR REGISTERED CELLPHONE NUMBER <br />LX NEWCEL (ID NUMBER) (PIK) (NEW CP NUMBER)<br />CHANGING ADDRESS INFORMATION<br />LX CHGADDR (ID NUMBER) (PIK) (NEW ADDRESS)<br />OVER THE AIR ELECTRONIC LOADS<br />LX LOAD (ID NUMBER) (PIK) (PRODUCT CODE) (CUSTOMER CELLPHONE NUMBER)<br />LX OTA (ID NUMBER)/PIK/TELCO/AMOUNT/CUSTOMER CELLPHONE NUMBER<br />*For Pa Piso-Pisong Dagdag available for Globe and TM subscribers only<br />
  12. 12. HOW DO YOU RELOAD YOUR LOAD WALLET?<br />DEALERS CAN RELOAD THEIR VMOBILE LOADWALLET THROUGH:<br />VMOBILE OFFICE<br />TECHNOPRENEUR TO TECHNOPRENEUR TRANSFER<br />or DEPOSIT TO VMOBILE ACCOUNTS IN ANY OF THESE BANKS:<br />Bills Payment (Unionbank)<br />Company/Institution : Vmobile Technologies, Inc.<br />Client Name :(Your Name)<br />Acct#/Card#/Ref#: (Your 10-digit LX ID Number)<br />Over the Counter Cash Deposits <br />IMPORTANT!<br />BDO<br />Savings Account No.: 464-006-2675<br />Minimum deposit amount is P500.00<br />After deposit has been made, make sure that you send the following SMS command to your assigned SMS Gateway:<br />METROBANK<br />Savings Account No.: 007-261-50338-3<br />LX RELOAD (ID NUMBER)/PIK/AMOUNT DEPOSITED/BANK/BRANCH/BRANCH CODE/ACCOUNT NUMBER/DATE/TIME<br />BPI<br />Savings Account No.: 4021-0110-91<br />Deposits thru banks will be credited on the next banking day<br />
  13. 13. HOW TO GET YOUR EARNINGS?<br />Your money will be released through check. The release of your check must be requested before Wednesday, 12NN. If you were able to make the request before the cutoff time, the check will be released Friday of the same week. Otherwise, it will be released Friday of the following week.<br />You can make the request to encash your earnings online:<br />When you log on to, you will see the MyLX Encashment Facility. When you click on this option, go to the Encashment Form. You will be asked to type in the necessary information to support your request such as your PIK and the amount that you want to encash from your VMobile account.<br />You also have the option if you want the check to be sent to the Business Center nearest to your address.<br />Checks are being released every Friday. You can pick it up from the Business Center that you chose to send your check to when you filled up the Encashment Form.<br />
  14. 14. Q1: If I buy the Technouser/access card for P250, what can I get from it?<br />A: The Technouser card will give you 10-12% lifetime discount with every load to any network. You can enjoy the 10-12% lifetime discount for personal use or create a loading business out of it. <br />Q2: If I buy the Technouser card for P250, does it already have a load?<br />A: No. You will have to have to reload first through VMobile office, Technopreneur to Technopreneur transfer or deposit to Unionbank, BDO, Metrobank or BPI.<br />Q4: How can I get my earnings if I’m abroad?<br />A: You can entrust your cheques to any member of your family (i.e. wife, husband, sister, brother, mother, father, etc..) You can send them an authorization letter and a Valid ID giving them authorization to claim the check on your behalf. They can deposit the check to your bank account.<br />Q5: Can we deposit it to any bank?<br />A: Yes.<br />Q6: If we are out of the country, can we register online and pay by Visa so we don’t have to send cash for security?<br />A: The registration is being done online. However, the purchase of the kit is only cash basis. We do not accept credit/debit card payments. Moreover, you will not be able to register online without buying the kit because you can only get a Technopreneur card after paying the P3988. Trust your leaders, they were there to help you. <br />