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A Assoc Sheets2 (3)

  1. 1. BENEFITS ENEFIT NEFITS FT OVERVIEW OF BENEFITS FOR ASSOCIATIONS How AWARE can protect your members. TM Many members of your Association do not know that their errors & omissions, malpractice or professional liability insurance does not cover them for administrative complaints filed against them that may result in the loss of their professional license. This “gap” in insurance leaves members of your Association vulnerable to exploding legal fees and possible loss of their livelihood. AWARETM fills this “gap” to help protect Association members. Anyone can file a complaint against any professional who is licensed by a local, state or federal authority. Even if a lawsuit claiming negligence or malfeasance has not been filed, a complaint against a licensed professional can be made at anytime and for any reason even if it’s contrived. Most professional liability policies do not cover these claims. However, through AWARETM your Association Members have the support they need to help defend their professional license. Protect your members. One of the core responsibilities of any association is the protection of its members. By offering AWARETM you can enable critical protection helping to cover the “gap” in their professional insurance coverage. Plus, our Memberships include additional personal and financial benefits at no additional cost, such as Equifax identity theft protection and 3 in 1 credit monitoring. (See the enclosed brochure for specifics or visit our website at www.awaredirect.com) Generate revenue sharing while protecting your Association members. AWARETM will offer this vital license protection service and other benefits to your members at a discount of up to 10% on any plan. In addition, your Association can earn revenue sharing of up to 20% annually for every one of your members that join. (Please see the attached chart for potential revenue sharing TM generation for your Association) Whether your Association wishes to promote AWARE Memberships as a TM standalone product or as part of your Association benefits package, AWARE can craft and customize sales structures that meet your Association objectives. www.awaredirect.com
  2. 2. PO ENTIAL POTENTIAL OT REVENUE SHARING How much Revenue Sharing can your Association generate from a relationship with AWARETM? www.awaredirect.com
  3. 3. F Q1 AQ A FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How can AWARE help your Association Members? TM Most licensed professionals do not know that their professional liability, malpractice, or errors and omission insurance does not cover them against complaints filed with disciplinary agencies that are responsible for regulating the conduct of licensed professionals. Additionally, the guidelines for filing a complaint with a state review board or licensing authority are often vague making it relatively easy for a complaint about a professional’s conduct to be made. Anyone can file a complaint against a professional who is licensed by a state, federal or local authority. Even if a lawsuit claiming negligence or malfeasance hasn’t been filed, a complaint against a licensed professional can be made to a licensing authority at anytime, for any reason and regardless if it’s legitimate or contrived. However, as an AWARETM License Protection Member, your Association members have the support they need to help defend their professional license in the event a complaint is filed against them. What type of relationship would your Association have with AWARE ? TM AWARETM offers to Associations a Marketing Partnership Agreement (MPA) which is intended to benefit both the Association and its individual members. The basic concept behind the MPA is for AWARETM to provide incentives to the Association to market AWARETM License Protection Plans to its members while also providing a discount to the individual members who join AWARETM through their professional association. Through the MPA AWARETM offers to partnering Associations a Revenue Sharing Program through which an Association could earn as much as 20% of the gross AWARETM Membership fees paid by the Association’s members. In addition to the Revenue Sharing, the MPA would guarantee the individual Association members a discount of up to 10% on the License Protection Plan of their choice. What is the minimum Revenue Sharing your Association can earn? The minimum amount is 2% based on the following requirements: 1. Signing a Marketing Partnership Agreement 2. Creating cooperative website links The Revenue Sharing would be calculated on the basis of the number of Association members who become AWARETM Members during a designated calendar year. The MPA offers the Association the agreed upon Revenue Sharing for every Association member who joins AWARETM and for each year that said professional renews his or her AWARETM Membership. How can your Association increase its Revenue Sharing from 2% to 20%? An Association can achieve a higher Revenue Sharing percentage through the enrollment in AWARETM of a greater portion of its membership base as outlined in the following table. www.awaredirect.com
  4. 4. F Q2 AQ A The AWARETM Marketing Team is available to help you create ways to maximize your participation. How is the plan discount for your Association members determined? The discount on the License Protection Plans for your Association members is negotiated as part of the MPA and is dependent upon the size and scope of your Association’s membership as well as your Association’s marketing plan. How is AWARE different from what is offered to a licensed professional who TM is covered by their errors & omission or professional liability policy? Most traditional insurance carriers do not protect a licensed professional from actions initiated against that licensed professional by a licensing board, disciplinary committee or other regulator or authority which have the power to revoke or suspend a professional license. Some insurance coverage may only provide very limited protection and these policies usually have sizable deductibles. Typically, traditional insurance carriers will not pay any travel expenses or fines and/or restitution which might be imposed through the adjudication of a claim. Most often the cost of defending ones professional license is the individual’s responsibility. If your Association member decides to join AWARE how will the agreed upon TM Revenue Sharing be accounted for by your Association? The Revenue Sharing will be computed on a monthly basis and determined by the number of Association members who joined AWARETM during that month and at what Membership level they joined. When Association members join AWARETM through our website, they will be required to identify the professional association of which they are a member. AWARETM will provide to the Association a monthly list of all Association members who joined AWARETM and at what Plan level they joined. www.awaredirect.com
  5. 5. F Q3 AQ A How will your Association members get their discount? At the time of the completed enrollment, the member simply identifies the Association s/he is affiliated with and the discount is automatically applied to the AWARETM membership fees when payment is processed. How often will your Association receive its Revenue Sharing payments? Associations will receive their Revenue Sharing payments on a monthly basis. Such payments will be calculated based on the Revenue Sharing percentage applicable to the percentage of the Association members enrolled in AWARETM. Payments will be accompanied by a statement detailing enrollment levels of Association members during that month. As a further benefit of our Revenue Sharing plan, AWARETM will apply retroactively the highest Revenue Sharing percentage based upon the total number of enrolled members who have joined AWARETM as of the anniversary date of your MPA. By way of illustration, if 6% of your Association’s members have joined AWARETM within six months of entering into a MPA, your Association will be entitled to a Revenue Sharing percentage of 10%. If however, by the anniversary date of your MPA, 17% of your members have joined AWARETM, your Revenue Sharing percentage will climb to 20% for all members who joined in that twelve month period. How long will your Association and your members be entitled to the Revenue Sharing structure and License Protection Plan discount? The Revenue Sharing and License Protection Plan discount negotiated by the Association will continue indefinitely as long as the MPA is in effect. For each year an AWARETM Membership is renewed, the Revenue Sharing will be paid to the Association and the discount will be applied to the individual member’s Plan. Will your Association members be screened for membership eligibility? The mission of AWARETM is to provide career and license protection services for all licensed professionals. While the legal services coverage of an AWARETM Membership does not cover administrative actions commenced prior to a licensed professional becoming a Member, an applicant would not be rejected based upon prior complaints or disciplinary actions. What liability will your Association have for the services and benefits being offered by AWARE ? TM The Association will be held harmless by AWARETM and the third party service providers such as the law firms that comprise the AWARETM legal network, Equifax and ValueOptions. www.awaredirect.com
  6. 6. F Q4 AQ A Can your Association track click-through or referrals from its website? The information technology staff of AWARETM is committed to working with the Association in implementing web-based tracking technology to effectively monitor traffic and referral flow. In addition, at the time of enrollment, AWARETM captures the Association to which members belong. Can your Association market or sell AWARE memberships as part of other TM Association benefit plans? AWARETM can craft and customize sales structures that meet the objectives of a particular association’s business plan. www.awaredirect.com