JSB Market Research: Process Analyzer Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020


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The report includes the detailed value chain analysis of the process analyzer industry. It also provides the Porters Five Forces Analysis with description of each of its forces and their respective impact on the market.

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JSB Market Research: Process Analyzer Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

  1. 1. Process Analyzer Market by Segments (Gas Analyzers, Liquid Analyzers) , Types (Electrochemical, Infrared, Paramagnetic, Zirconia, MOS, Laser, Catalytic, PID, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Titro, and TOC) & Geography - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020
  2. 2. Summary  The process analyzer is an instrument for determining, the chemical composition of substances involved in a chemical process directly, or for measuring the physical parameters of components identified in the composition. The industry has been in existence for several years and it comprises of analytical chemistry, process chemistry, multivariate data analysis, and so on. The need for analyzers is generated by the need of monitoring, measuring and analyzing of the sample or the process. The market size for the process analyzer industry was $3.3 billion in 2013, which is expected to grow moderately in the coming years. Some of the major players in the global market are Siemens AG (Germany), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Emerson Process Management (U.S.), Thermo Fisher Scientific (U.S.), and Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan), among others. The need for a mechanism to enable early detection of the presence of hazardous chemicals in air or water as well as addressing the concerns of emission control and energy conservation have resulted in increase in the demand for the market. Some of the other drivers for the process analyzer are the requirement for extremely low-level trace component measurement, water and wastewater treatment, and growth of industries like oil, gas, petrochemicals, and cement and glass. Some of the restraints for this industry could be the high initial costs, restricted growth in developed counties, and fragmented market with too many specialist suppliers which may inhibit the market growth. • View full details click here: http://www.jsbmarketresearch.com/electronics/r-Process-Analyzer-Market-by-Segments-Types-Geography-Global-Trends
  3. 3. Summary • The report covers the market by products, applications, and geography. It provides a detailed analysis of the current market scenario and the estimation till 2020. The requirements for extremely low level trace component measurement are driving the market. The market is reaching a point of saturation in the developed countries but is expecting an increasing demand from the developing nations due to increasing need for emission control. The report describes the value chain for the process analyzer market by considering all the major stakeholders in the market and their role analysis. The report also provides a detailed scrutiny of the market using the Porters five forces analysis. All the five major factors in this market have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. North America currently leads the market share of the market as this region has the maximum adoption. APAC is the emerging market that has the highest growth rate amongst all the geographic regions. It is estimated that the APAC market will increase at a CAGR of 8% from 2014 to 2020. This report profiles several companies that are active in this market. The report provides a competitive landscape of the players, covering their key growth strategies. • For more information visit: http://www.jsbmarketresearch.com/electronics/r-Process-Analyzer-Market-by-Segments-Types-Geography-Global-Trends-Fo
  4. 4. Scope of the report This research report categorizes the Process Analyzer Market on the basis of different products, applications, and geographical analysis; and also forecasts the revenues and analyzes the trends in the market. On the basis of products The basic heads under this include gas analyzers and liquid analyzers with their sub- categories. On the basis of applications Some of the major application areas of the industries such as chemical/petrochemical, power/utility, water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, pulp and paper, mining, and cement and glass industries.
  5. 5. Process Analyzer Market By Application Introduction Chemical/Petro chemical Semiconductor Processing Pharmaceutical Power/Utility Water & Wastewater Treatment
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