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Relational Frame Theory (RFT)


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Relational Frame Theory (RFT) explains how human beings utilize and frequently suffer because of how we interact with our minds. This presentation is part of a graduate course taught at NYU.

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Relational Frame Theory (RFT)

  1. 1. Basis for ACT & Other Therapies J. Ryan Fuller *
  2. 2. * *Noam Chomsky challenges Skinner *Behaviorism *Born 1922 *Died 1957…
  3. 3. * *Behaviorism resurrected? *Who is the savior? *RFT
  4. 4. * *Human behavior is governed by more than operant and classical conditioning *Relational frames can dominate over our direct learning *Therefore we can learn without direct experience
  5. 5. * *Zoology 101
  6. 6. * *Coordination *Temporal/Causal *Comparative/Evaluative *Deictic Perspective *Spatial
  7. 7. * “Cute” derived derived
  8. 8. * *Jeopardy question: if the title of this slide were the answer, What is the question? *Which animals can communicate? *Which animals have language?
  9. 9. * *30% of the adult population who will suffer with a diagnosable psychological disorder this year *Major depression ranks 4th in terms of size, cost, and debilitation of disease, and is growing *50% of people will seriously consider suicide *10% of people will attempt suicide
  10. 10. * *Dania, Fla. June 16 (AP)-A six-year-old girl was killed today when she stepped in front of a train, [after] telling siblings that she “wanted to be with her mother.” The authorities said that her mother had a terminal illness. (New York Times 1993)
  11. 11. * *Global Warming *Depression *Black Hole *……
  12. 12. * *To be or not to be *Or how to be….
  13. 13. * *What is pain? *What is suffering?
  14. 14. * *What is it?