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Crescendo Wealth Brochure

  1. 1. OUR ADVANTAGEAt Crecendo Wealth Advisors, we regard investmentmanagement as both an art and a science.
  2. 2. Table of contents 2 MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Cresendo Wealth Advisors. 3 ABOUT US Who We Are. What We Do. How We Can Help. 4 OUR V ISION Mission & Values that guide us to guide you. 6 A FOCUS ON REL ATIONSHIPS & GOALS Listen & Learn. It’s how we bring the most to our clients. 8 INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AS AN ART AND SCIENCE Building a strategy that makes sense. 10 OUR COMPETITI VE ADVANTAGE What makes Cresendo Wealth Advisors different? 13 CONTACT & LOCATIONS
  3. 3. Welcome messagefrom our founder T CresCendo wealth advisors. The major financial hank you for wanting to learn more about institutions have lost their way. Proprietary trading, high frequency trading against clients and providing investment ideas with inherent conflicts of interests have become the standard at the major investment banks and wire house firms. Investors are increas- ingly seeking truly objective advice with a real global perspective. Since the most recent market meltdown seismic changes in the financial markets have highlighted the need for objective, ethical advice from credentialed investment professionals as opposed to merely salesmen. Crescendo Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm dedicated to providing clients with independent investment advice with a real global perspective. I chose to walk away from the old business model at traditional large wire house and broker dealer firms which I believe have strayed away from their mission of helping their clients reach their long term financial goals. The investment banks’ increasing reliance on making risky investments to boost their own profits and share prices highlighted the need for me to spread my wings and start an independent platform that was more aligned with my philosophy of objective advice matched with a long term perspective on investing. Our process begins with an in depth questionnaire to get to know you on a deeper level, we then seek global solutions that transcend time zones to reap the best investment oppor- tunities for our clients. As a privately held firm we answer only to our clients and seek to avoid the inherent conflict of interest that exists within the larger brokerage firms that provide investment advice charging clients varying commissions depending upon the specific investment product. Crescendo Wealth Advisors representatives are not commis- sion based salesmen but annual “wrap” fee based advisors that manage your account on a discretionary basis based on the client’s risk tolerance. Therefore our clients experience every day the benefits of receiving investment ideas from an advisor that operates as a fiduciary as opposed to paying a broker commissions for a transaction. The result is invest- ment advice from an advisor that is traditionally motivated by more long term objectives. So whether youre looking for investment strategies, retirement income, funding for your childs education, or estate or tax planning strategies, well work with you on your terms. My vision was to create a global platform for investors to gain access to both insightful, objective advice matched with investment solutions that grow with time. Wealth is built in increasing measure with time. I call it the Crescendo effect. Jean-Robert (J.R.) Latortue AAMS®, AWMA® Founder/Sr. Managing Director2/3
  4. 4. ABOUT USC rescendo Wealth advisors specializes in establishing very close relationships with our clients. The world is shrinking and inves-tors are looking to have their investments managed on a global basiswith a global perspective. Having partners with offices throughoutthe globe means bringing the investment opportunities to our clientswherever they may be. Crescendo Wealth Advisors investment solu-tions bridge time zones and transcend national boundaries bringingthe investor closer to markets around the globe. Crescendo WealthAdvisors investment advisor representatives build customized solu-tions for our clients. They work closely with the client to under-stand their objectives and then strive to exceed their expectations.The most important distinguishing characteristic of Crescendo WealthAdvisors is our independence which positions us to be solely focused onour clients and finding global solutions for their needs. Our clients arelooking for an independent firm that can offer a global perspective andpresence without conflicts of interests. As an independent firm witha truly global perspective we are able to be closer to our clients andcloser to the investment opportunities.
  5. 5. OUR VISION. MISSION & VALUES. Our vision is to become a customer’s first choice provider of objective, quality financial solutions to global investors while delivering superb service and value in all markets in which we operate. OUR MISSION OUR VALUES • CREATE, develop & retain our • The belief that financial secu- client customer base globally. rity and stewardship should be attainable by all and not solely • PROVIDE attractive, sustainable reserved for the privileged. returns to the clients that we serve despite market conditions. • Fairness & ethical behavior. • BUILD excellent relationships • The positive use of diversity and with our research and investment a full acceptance of others. management partners. • Our dedication to independence, • BE the investment advisory firm openness & transparency. employer of choice for qual- ity financial professionals that • A dedication to customer service. adhere to our principles. • Build lasting and enduring part- • CREATE new opportunities nerships with our clients who use through entrepreneurial energy our services as an extension of that inspire others. their own resources. • CONTRIBUTE positively and act in • Recognition of excellence and the a way that benefits the communi- professional development of all ties that we serve. our representatives.4/5
  6. 6. STRATEGIC ASSET ALLOCATION. The first step in helping you meet your financial goals.
  7. 7. OUR ADVISORS FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIPS Crescendo Wealth Advisors provides a disciplined process that identifies your unique investment goals, and estab- lishes a personalized investment plan to meet them. We employ a defined process for each critical step in the investment management cycle includ- ing goal setting, risk/return profiling, asset allocation modeling, investment manager selection, ongoing monitoring and comprehensive reporting. B efore they present ideas, Crescendo Wealth Advisors representatives listen. Your advisor representative will work with you to analyze your needs, goals and investment challenges. Using our unique questionnaire and risk profiling meth- odology we gain a true understanding of your goals and needs. Once your represen- tative has a full understanding of your financial picture he or she begins to construct a customized portfolio solution that addresses your unique needs. We then create a road map to reaching your goals in a real tangible way. We believe that investing our clients’ assets requires character and integrity beyond reproach. Hard work, discipline, integrity and a commitment to teamwork are the core character traits at Crescendo Wealth Advisors.6/7
  8. 8. UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT’S GOAL“How much money do I need to income in my portfolio other than these common questions and it ishave saved up by my retirement low interest bank CDs?” “Should up to us to take the time to get todate in tomorrow’s dollars to I be looking at alternative know them and make sense outsustain the same lifestyle that asset classes (precious metals, of the financial products avail-I have today?” “What invest- futures, etc.) other than stocks able. We take the time to under-ment solutions and how should and bonds as part of my overall stand your financial require-my investments be allocated retirement strategy? If so what ments along with your personalin order to reach my intended percentage of my retirement and professional goals.goal?” “Are the current options portfolio should I have invest- What are your basic invest-in my company sponsored 401k ed in alternative assets?” “Are ment objectives? What are youradequate to mirror the global mutual funds really the best personal preferences withtrends?” “Should I be investing choice in helping me reach my respect to risk taking and themore in international markets?” financial goals?” “I need greater expected returns? Only after analyzing your requirement our “What sort of return should I expect representative will then work on my investments or attempt to with you and together help receive in order to reach my goal?” define an investment strategy that is tailored to your specif-“Am I properly diversified in my diversification, complete trans- ic situation. Our investmentcurrent investment account, or parency and the ability to access approach does not begin witham I taking way too much risk?” my money swiftly in my portfolio. numbers or pie charts but with“I want to generate more income What are my best options?” a real assessment of your needsand the current interest rate These days the vast array of and we deliver our solutions inenvironment is not helping, what financial products and instru- a plain English tangible formatare my options to generate more ments available to investors are without the intimidating financial enough to make any investor jargon or gimmicks. confused. At Crescendo Wealth our clients often come to us with
  9. 9. TREATING INVESTING AS BOTH AN ART AND A SCIENCE The rule of thumb is that the overall risk of a portfolio is reduced as the number different securities held in different classes in a given market are increased. B uilding the roadmap to reach asset allocation plays more of a major your financial goals requires a role in determining whether or not you delicate balance of asset allocation and reach your goals as opposed to securi- careful consultation. After determining ty selection. It is less about picking the the client’s risk tolerance the next step right stock or bond idea or gimmick but of our process is to build the appropriate more about the actual spread of the risk strategy based on your needs. Research across asset classes and the weighting indicates that over 90% of an investment of asset classes in accordance to market portfolio is attributed to the asset allo- conditions that help deliver tangible cation model. This means that the actual results.8/9
  10. 10. EXECUTING AND PUTTING THESTRATEGY INTO ACTION After determining the asset allocation strategy, we then use the strategy as a roadmap and the final step is the careful selection and combination of the appro- priate investment products to implement your portfo- lio. Crescendo Wealth Advisors offers many invest- ment solutions and innovative products available to you through your advisor representative. Your investment advisor representative will provide you with the most suitable investment strategy to achieve your financial objectives. The client and the advisor representa- tive will then enter into an annual fee arrangement in accordance with our fee schedule which is available on our website at forms.htm. The advisor representative will then place the investment selections through our clearing firm* into the clients account.REBALANCE AND MONITORYOUR PORTFOLIO Your portfolio will be monitored to allow it to remain on track and achieve the investment goals and objec- tives that you reviewed with your financial advisor. The market conditions and the level of contributions to your account and other factors can cause the allo- cation of your assets to move outside the parameters set for your portfolio. When this happens, we rebal- ance your portfolio to bring allocations back into the desired range. Since our advisors are not commis- sioned salesmen but rather their compensation is based on the value of the clients’ portfolio the advice tends to be driven towards by more long term objec- tives with efforts to avoid volatility.
  11. 11. WHAT MAKES CRESCENDO WEALTH ADVISORS DIFFERENT? INDEPENDENCE O ur independence allows us to retain our objectivity and allows us to answer solely to the clients that we serve. Our clients are looking for an independent firm that can offer a global perspective and presence without conflicts of interests. Clients are able to purchase securities at net asset value without the fees typically paid out to the larger banks and financial firms as an incentive to their advisors for pushing specific products. Analysts at the larger banks and broker dealers routinely recommend stocks of companies that maintain investment banking relationships with the same underlying bank thereby maintaining a conflict of interest with the client. Crescendo Wealth Advisors does not sell any proprietary products, we use only third party research and we do not recommend any securities from inventory. We provide investment advice solely on an agency basis and we do not trade against clients.10/11
  12. 12. FEE BASED ADVISOR MODEL VS. COMMISSION BASED BROKERSA stockbroker gets paid for the activity in your account. He or she recommends you to buy orsell a specific stock or other security and gets paid for that transaction. The more activity in youraccount the more commissions he or she is compensated. In fact the broker gets paid whether ornot the investment recommendation works out or not. This relationship has an inherent conflict ofinterest and over time this relationship is destined to have a negative impact on the overall returnof the underlying investment portfolio. Commission based advisors are incentivized/motivatedto resort to market timing and may sell securities too early to generate a commission. Researchalso indicates that there is a direct negative correlation between the fees and commissions paidand the overall net return on your investment. These commissions and fees can often be a deter-mining factor on whether or not you actually reach your financial goal. Our representatives atCrescendo Wealth Advisors are fee based advisors. An advisor that is compensated on an annualfee basis model has greater incentive to provide you with investment solutions that are morealigned with your long term objectives and can make adjustments to market conditions withoutcharging you various commissions for a transaction. Why?Our clients initially enter into an annual management fee contract with the representative. Therepresentative’s compensation is then directly tied to the account value of the underlying portfo-lio. An advisor that is compensated on an annual fee basis model has greater incentive to provideyou with investment solutions that are more aligned with your objectives because he or she hassome skin in the game. This is different than a broker dealer model in which the compensation isbased on transactional activity. It is a more collaborative effort. Traditionally the asset manage-ment model has been reserved for larger institutional clients. We believe that this model should beavailable to all clients regardless of their financial resources. At Crescendo Wealth Advisors ourfee based model is our only model and is available from day one. Our investment advisory contractis found on our website at FOCUSA long-term approach- We seek investments opportunities with a long term outlook for our clients.Our fee based advisor compensation model also allows us to attract clients and financial profes-sionals that have more long term perspectives on investing. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVEWe believe that the world is shrinking and investors should maintain a global perspective withtheir investments. Our unique global perspective drawn from our diverse team of profession-als and global partners allow us to seek investment solutions that transcend time zones andbring those opportunities closer to the client. We encourage investors to limit their own countrybias and seek opportunities drawing from many of the emerging markets outside of the UnitedStates as part of their overall investment strategy.
  13. 13. RESEARCH We use independent research through Morningstar, Russell Investments, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and other third party research firms in order to provide our clients with an objective investment thesis. TRANSPARENCY Crescendo Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm and in order to eliminate potential conflicts of interests between advice and custody arrangements, Crescendo Wealth Advisors does not act as a custodian for your assets. Instead we have created enhanced rela- tionships with major independent custodians*. We serve as introducing advisors therefore keeping the investment funds in the hands of a third party answerable only to the client. The client is always only a computer click or a phone call away from their money. All checks and funds are to be made payable to the clearing firm. Crescendo Wealth Advisors does not hold any cash, securities or commodities for clients. Visit our website for more information about our clearing relationship. PRODUCTS Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, Bonds (including non-dollar, Corporate, Municipal bonds), Structured products, Precious Metals (Gold & Silver), Fixed & Variable annuities.12/13
  14. 14. * Crescendo Wealth Advisors currently uses Persh-ing (BNY Mellon) for clearing and execution services.Pershing LLC is a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, the nation’soldest continuously operating bank, and one of theworld’s leading providers of securities services. Persh-ing has $988.8 billion in assets held in custody. Ourcustodial firm Shareholder Services Group and Persh- Visit us: www.crescendowealth.coming are both members of SIPC. As such our client’saccounts are protected up to a maximum of $500,000 Follow us: client, including up to $100,000 in cash balances.Pershing (BNY Mellon) also has additional coverage Like us on Facebook:in the amount of $24.5 million in securities per client an aggregate limit of $100 million. This coverage isprovided by Lloyd’s of London. SIPC protection covers Mailing Address:more than one account in which you have an interest New York: 100 Park Avenue Suite 1600,provided you are acting in different capacities for New York, NY 10017.each account. (For instance, coverage would apply onan individual account and also a joint account with a Pennsylvania: 1839 Manton Street suitespouse.) SIPC does not protect against a decline in 100, Philadelphia, PA value of securities in your brokerage account.We reserve the right to change our custodial and Call us: 888.542.2101subsequent clearing firms.