Promotion Mix


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An analysis of promotion strategies done by big brands presented by our JRE students.

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Promotion Mix

  1. 1. Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates PROMOTION MIX by Marketing Team 4 Kshitij Dixit, Pavel Bawa, Priya Garg, Priya Pandey, Stuti Jain
  2. 2. Powerpoint Templates Page 2 IFB Industries • IFB industries launched a Microwave Oven under the name ‘Electron’. •Objective : To establish utility of the oven in daily cooking for end consumers •Promotion Strategies : •Personal Selling •Door to Door campaigns •Direct Mailers
  3. 3. Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Lifespring Stores Promotion Strategies : •Events Marketing/Festive Marketing (Pull Strategy) •Free Gifts & Discounts (free beauty treatments, meals & special gift items, scratch n win promo, lucky draw) •Generating Walk-ins into the store from above.
  4. 4. Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Madura Garments Promotion Strategies : • Setting up of « Ice Touch Kiosks » outside its showrooms in major metros •Participative Advertising •Human Displays (Refrigerator walking with a message) •Use of Technology as a communication strategy
  5. 5. Powerpoint Templates Page 5 McDonald’s Customized Product for Indian Market: • Launched a delicious fudge with a cool mint topping in association with Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. for a month. • Successful combos continuing to be dished out at the restaurants.
  6. 6. Powerpoint Templates Page 6 • Tie-Ups with Disney Movies for toys as well as restaurant themes •Happy Meals included Toys featuring Monster inc. characters •Happy Meal Box with an ID Card to enter Monstropolis which had a scheme to reward kids with Cadbury Chokis as per the Scream-O-Meter’s readings
  7. 7. Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Edox Distribution Strategies : • Selective Distribution •Distribution by West End Watch Company •A-Grade retail outlets and jewellers •30-40 outlets in India including Chennai and Mumbai •Competitive Strategy to be present in all locations wherever Swatch was to offer a choice.
  8. 8. Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Edox Promotion Strategies : • Lighthouse, Mumbai based advertising agency •Print Media •Events for marketing itself •Celebrity Brand Ambassdors to push the product.
  9. 9. Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Bausch & Lomb India Ltd. Promotion Strategies : • Entered India with its US born Brand Ray-Ban •Widening of Range •POP displays •Later on FM radio
  10. 10. Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Coca-Cola India & BMIL Promotion Strategies : • Strategy of cross-brand promotions via symbiotic relationships •Promotion Scheme: Free Bottles of Shock free with every 750ml bottle of « Bacardi Limon » •Rewarding the existing customers by drawing more into the fold (strategy by increasing the market share) •BMIL positioned as a brand that creates excitement •Brand targetted at Youth & hence launched in various cities with promotion and fashion shows
  11. 11. Powerpoint Templates Page 11
  12. 12. Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Coke & Pepsi War ! Promotion Strategies : • PR campaigns to increase more & more brand awareness & visibility following the path of ITC.
  13. 13. Powerpoint Templates Page 13
  14. 14. Powerpoint Templates Page 14