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Presentation for the Londno Atlassian user group in February 2012.

Covers a brief intro to JIRA 5 new release, software development getting more social.

Also mentioning JIRA under the hood improvements to make it easier for developers to start with their own plugin development and have a stable platform for future develpment.

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JIRA 5 collaborative platform

  1. 1. 5A collaborative platform for software development
  2. 2. Collaborative Software development
  3. 3. Not just a bug trackerPowerfulworkflowengine
  4. 4. Track anything in JIRA
  5. 5. Greenhopper: Agile PM
  6. 6. Bonfire: Exploratory Testing
  7. 7. So much more to explore... plugins.atlassian.com
  8. 8. Plugin details
  9. 9. Learning JIRA
  10. 10. What’s new? Social Application DevelopmentCollaboration Integration Platform
  11. 11. Connecting People Mention any user to pull them into the conversation Share issues with those who need to know
  12. 12. Connecting ApplicationsRemote Issue Links Connect to any application witha web address using JSON
  13. 13. Link JIRA to...
  14. 14. Integrations
  15. 15. Staying ConnectedActivity Streams By issue, project, or person Interact directly stream Customize for your dashboards or RSS readerAdd remote activity fromany applicationApply Filters to get justwhat you want
  16. 16. Your own views of Issues Select the fields you want JIRA remembers the way you work
  17. 17. Lets get (a little) technical
  18. 18. JIRA as a PlatformJIRA 5 Stable Java APIAtlassian SDK separate from JIRA Core libraryForwards compatible with any 5.x version18,000 potential customers and growing
  19. 19. Your Development Platform• JIRA 5 REST API • Search using JQL • Simple issue creation / updates • Remote issue linkingdeveloper.atlassian.com
  20. 20. Developer resources• Atlassian SDK • Atlassin build scripts• Developers.atlassian.com • Tutorials•
  21. 21. AtlasCamp Europe Tutorials Workshops Pairing Socialising Drinking from very large glasses of beer !!
  22. 22. Atlassian London Unitewww.atlassaian.com/unite
  23. 23. Youre up to date... Social Application DevelopmentCollaboration Integration Platform
  24. 24. Try JIRA 5 today– make yourself a happy Nerd ! atlassian.com/jira5