Spreading the word about reddy talkers!


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A marketing plan presented to the members of Reddy Talkers Toastmasters Club by J.Pemberton

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  • With some many club in an area and the poor economy how?
  • Publicizing the upcoming events. Wearing Reddy Talkers name badges at events, and having membership information available
  • Spreading the word about reddy talkers!

    1. 1. Spreading the Word about Reddy Talkers! Presented by: Jonnetta Pemberton, VP of Public Relations
    2. 2. What is Toastmasters International?A non-profit organization that focuses on the development of public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in local clubs.Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,000 clubs that make up our global network of meeting locations
    3. 3. Toastmasters International Toastmasters International includes: 14 Regions Over 85 Districts 13,000 clubs More than 270,000 members
    4. 4. Toastmasters Membership Profile Gender:Female: 52% Male:48% Annual Income:$85,000-$99,000 Age:69%: Between the 35- 49 Education:82% have a college degree.36% have an advanced degree.
    5. 5. Toastmasters Employment
    6. 6. Purpose of Brand Refresh  Increase club membership  Increase brand awareness across cultures, generations and professions  Appeal to a younger demographic without alienating existing member base
    8. 8. District 37 Toastmasters District 37 comprises the entire state of North Carolina and over 175 clubs
    9. 9. Toastmasters Clubs inGreensboro AreaClubs: 20 open 10 prerequisites 30 clubs total There are 30 clubs in a 30 mile radius
    10. 10. Demographics ComparisonName Gender Avg. Age Avg. Income EducationToastmasters Female-52% 35-49 years $85,000- 82% -CollegeInternational Male-48% $99,000 Degree 36%- Advance DegreeGuilford Co. Female-50% 42.2 years $37,646 32.2% Male-50% Bachelors degree or higherAlamance Co. Female- 51% 39 years $43,647 23.0% Male- 48% Bachelors degree or higher
    11. 11. Local ToastmastersHow do we attract more new members?
    12. 12. Spreading the Word about Reddy Talkers!
    13. 13. Reddy Talkers Toastmasters Club  Charted in 2010  Vibrant, fun, group of people interested in assisting each other achieve their leadership and communication goals  Regular Meetings Every 1st, 3rd and now 5th Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm 1501 Yanceyville Street American Red Cross Building Greensboro, NC 27405
    14. 14. Reddy Talkers ToastmastersCan assist with: Decreasing your fear of public speaking Learning how to organize and conduct a meeting Organizing and present information more skillfully through a series of prepared speeches Thinking more quickly through one- to two- minute impromptu speeches Integrating constructive criticism into your prepared speeches Developing leadership skills
    15. 15. Reddy Talkers S.W.O.T. Analysis
    16. 16. When you Promote Reddy Talkers, They Will Come!
    17. 17. Potential Reddy Talkers MembersExisting members of other clubsFormer MembersGeneral Public( Business Professionals,Government, Education, other)
    18. 18. Target Job Market Employers
    19. 19. Promoting Reddy Talkers
    20. 20. Promoting Reddy Talkers
    21. 21. Maximizing Social Media Efforts  Displaying a more personal image on the website.  Adding club history and Awards.  Inviting our groups and contacts to Reddy Talkers meetings and events.  Proudly listing membership in Reddy Talkers and linking the website.  Inviting our groups and contacts to Reddy Talkers meetings and events.  Creating and posting speeches.
    22. 22. Maximizing Promotional Efforts Increasing our presences in area businesses and offices Sending Holiday Cards to area businesses, previous members, and visitors
    23. 23. Maximizing Open Houses  Invite local government officials or candidates, company executives or HR representatives to speak.  Offer Interview Skills workshops
    24. 24. Maximizing Publicity The key to successful publicity for Reddy Talkers will be continuous presence.
    25. 25. How much will this cost Reddy Talkers?
    26. 26. Cost to Reddy Talkers
    27. 27. Cost to Reddy Talkers
    28. 28. Welcome to Reddy Talkers!
    29. 29. From Guest to Member  Make the benefits of membership clear  Make it a point to welcome all visitors, and provide a guest resource to explain the meetings  Follow-up with an club evaluation
    30. 30. Let’s Spread the Word for Reddy Talkers! Please visit: http://reddytalkers.toastmastersclubs.org/ Meetings:Every 1st, 3rd and now 5th Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm 1501 Yanceyville Street American Red Cross Building Greensboro, NC 27405
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