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SAR Powerpoint Presentation


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A presentation I created for Humber College describing 3 of my core competencies.

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SAR Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. MKPD 517-01 - Marketing Management Presentation Workshop John Whelly, 820-501-401 3 Competencies: (1) Leadership Skills (2) Communication Skills (3) Teamwork Skills
  2. 2. - I was part of the OrientationWeek Committee at St. FrancisXavier University for three (3)years.- During my senior year, Ibecame an Executive Leader ofthe Orientation Crew 2010, orO-Crew for short.- This meant that I was incharge of organizing andmaintaining the focus level of30-40 students during FroshWeek at St. FX. Illustrative Situation 1 (“S”)
  3. 3. Along with my Executivepartners, I wasresponsible for:- Taking attendance at allevents- Setting an agenda for theday- Discussing goals to be metfor certain events- Observing work performedby my group of studentsduring events- Meeting with individualsto point out strengthsand/or weaknesses ofperformance Actions Taken 1 (“A”)
  4. 4. By the end of the week, myresults showed:- A positive attitudetowards me from mygroups of students-- Effective and efficientrunning of events duringOrientation Week-- Improvement ofperformance by theOrientation Crew generalstudents Results Achieved 1 (“R”)
  5. 5. Competency # 2: Communication Skills
  6. 6. - During the summer of2010, I worked for anindustrial plastics companycalled J.J. Downs.- While working there, Istarted as part of thewarehouse team, makingsure inventory levels wereappropriate and organized.- However, I eventuallybecame part of thecustomer service team, inorder to try and helpimprove the efficiency ofthe sales department. Illustrative Situation 2 (“S”)
  7. 7. During my time in customerservice:- I was responsible fortaking and filling orders,whether they were at thecounter or through anemail.- I was called upon tocontact certain clientsregarding things such aspick-up availability, deliverydates, and (rarely) placingan order.- I also still maintained myrole on the warehouse teamwhile working as a customerservice representative.-. Actions Taken 2 (“A”)
  8. 8. -By the time my job ended:- I learned how to listenclosely to customer needsand help the achieve theirdesired results.- I developed newrelationships with loyalcustomers, which allowedfor a more personal level ofcommunication.- I learned how to balancemultiple levels ofresponsibility in differentdepartments. Results Achieved 2 (“R”)
  10. 10. --I attended the HumberBusiness School (Lakeshorecampus) during the 2011-2012 school year.--During this time, I wasinvolved in many groupprojects and assignmentsthat were required of thevarious courses.-- Classes included: DirectMarketing, MarketingLeadership, MarketingFundamentals, andProfessional Selling. ILLUSTRATIVE SITUATION 3 (“S”)
  11. 11. While working in these variousgroups, the projects included:- Develop a business plan withina group, discussing things suchas a marketing plan, financials,and operations management.--Create a marketing campaignfor a product, new or old; workedin a team to discover strengthsand weaknesses, external andinternal threats, and developingthe plan itself.--Create a direct marketing piecefor a real client to distribute inthe GTA area; worked in a teamsetting to discuss and plan asuccessful campaign. ACTIONS TAKEN 3 (“A”)
  12. 12. By working in these teamsettings:- Improved communicationskills by discussing variousideas with other people andreasoning with teammates ifa disagreement occurred.--Worked with differentpeople on different teams;allowed for new connectionsand interpersonalrelationships.--Developed new ideas andthought processes byworking with different typesof people. RESULTS ACHIEVED 3 (“R”)