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Fit Feedback

  1. 1. + Fit Interview Workshops J-P Martins Associate Director Consulting Careers November 2010 MBA Consulting Curriculum 2010-11: Continued Feedback
  2. 2. + Contents   Summary   New Consulting Careers event – the Fit Interview Workshop   1 hour interactive presentation (group of 20) on personal brand and fit interviews   90 minute 5 person breakouts with CS/consulting facilitators practising answers to fit questions   30 minute wrap up presentation on lessons, cover letters, and next steps   Quantitative survey results   Collected and processed within one working day of the event   Using Survey Monkey and Career Central’s email facility   Comments attached to quantitative survey questions, plus two qualitative questions   What should we do differently?   What should we keep the same?
  3. 3. + Summary   The event was excellently received   100% of respondents would recommend the Consulting Careers Fit Interview Workshop   Many excellent comments were made, highlighting (to me) that resourcing, DPO scheduling and communication are our challenges   As we knew, the main value comes from the practice in breakout groups, and students wanted much more of this.We could not accommodate more due to resource constraints   Clashes with other events kept many away (my inference) and forced others to make unreasonable choices   Some students remain unaware of the Consulting Curriculum and how the events fit together, and of the role of Consulting Careers team vs their own work in preparing for interviews   As with case interviews/problem solving, some students still want lots more examples and detail – I believe they are missing the point
  4. 4. + Quantitative survey data
  5. 5. + Fit Interview Workshop: all would recommend it strongly 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% The format and content of the workshop were excellent The presenters and facilitators were engaging and informative The event was well organised - logistics and venue were appropriate I would strongly recommend this event to next year's first year MBA students 1 0 1 0 25 18 16 17 9 17 18 18 Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Strongly Response rate: 35/67 (52%)
  6. 6. + Comments
  7. 7. + Comments: Fit Interview Workshop   Should be stronger emphasis on practice   Examples of different good answers would be really useful   Somehow the many 1-on-1 5 minute sessions did not go really well. I also missed clarity whether the response to the Tell Me About Yourself question should be more like a super-polished ‘bomb’ or more conversational, engaging, and humble presentation of oneself   The individual break outs had too many people. 1:3 ratio of facilitator and interviewer would have been better   Overall excellent, but last 30 minute session was unnecessary   General presentation and especially the break in sessions were priceless   Pretty redundant information, stuff we should know already   Short, informative and precise presentation. Really enjoyed the hands-on interview workshop!   Kim provided feedback in a very helping way   All presenters were excellent - insightful and extremely constructive   Gavin was an excellent presenter who combined relevant theory with useful practical insights Format and Content Presenter and Panellists
  8. 8. + Comments: Fit Interview Workshop (contd.)   It was very uncomfortable that many events happened the same day - Energy Conference, Asset Management Conference, and both Consulting and Industry fit interview sessions.Would be good to avoid such clashes in the future   It provided us valuable opportunities to practice, and to meet other students who are interested in getting into consulting   The experiences of real consultants were very helpful   The session was fantastic - definitely the best Career Services session I've attended so far (of the consulting and industry ones) Organisation – venue and logistics General
  9. 9. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we do differently?   More time for group work will be better   Preserve some more time for fit interview exercise   It would be great if more time could be allocated to the event, especially to the practice session. Probably an extra 30 minutes for this session would be enough   More time to practise   Slightly shorter start session and move to the break-out, which was very effective   …or alternatively spent more time practising the questions (as opposed to the presentation)   Consider extending the duration of the session. The content was extremely useful but it would have been good to offer additional time to address more than one fit question per person in the break-out interview groups   I realise resources are tight but always better if groups are smaller. Most value came from personal feedback from facilitator, so groups of 2 or 3 rather than 6 would give more opportunity for individuals to practise their answers to questions   …or alternatively spent more time practicing the questions (as opposed to the presentation)   Consider extending the duration of the session. The content was extremely useful but it would have been good to offer additional time to address more than one fit question per person in the break-out interview groups   More practice   More real examples   If possible, reduce the candidate, facilitator ratio   Smaller groups in breakout room to allow more questions per person   Smaller groups in the breakout sessions   If possible, reduce the candidate, facilitator ratio   The break-out sessions were exceptionally useful, but a little short.You could shorten the introductory lecture -- that would give you time to have longer break-outs   I would spend more time in the break-out rooms and less time in the lecture theatre.This would allow more time to practise interview questions Overwhelming view: More practice in smaller breakouts
  10. 10. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we do differently? (contd.)   You should either distribute more elaborated instructions for what we need to prepare - instructions were very general and preparation time limited - the result was that many people came underprepared. I think there was also a missing part in the workshop - we were taught all about personal branding, and then went to practice the answers we prepared prior to that. giving an hour to refine your answers according to what we heard, before practicing, would have been helpful   Also, to ensure preparation of students I would require to submit filled in forms with strengths, brand etc   It would be better if good examples for "Tell me about yourself" and competency questions could be provided before the workshop   Question bank to be shared before the session More/improved prework More example answers, demonstrations   Examples of different good answers   Demonstration of a good fit interview   Some good examples (both in written form and delivered by presenters) of Tell Me About Yourself would be very useful   A 15 minute mock interview can be shown   Maybe give more examples and more specific tips   In addition to providing feedback on our answers to mock interview questions, it would be helpful to provide sample answers that illustrate how best to approach and answer typical fit interview questions   Maybe adding some quick real examples for the points being discussed in the first session would help clarify the concepts and the thinking process required
  11. 11. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we do differently? (contd.)   …Secondly, it would be great to include more guidance re a framework for the C.A.R. / R.A.C. model - eg. the extent to which each of these points should be addressed in a concise, well- phrased answer and a suggested format for each.Thirdly, cover letters could be addressed in more detail. I understand that this is intended to be covered by Career Services without a sector focus in the new year, but it would be great to get a consulting-specific view point on this as the bar is often set higher for consulting cover letters than for say industry ones. Also, the timing of recruiting in January means that it would make more sense for cover letters to be addressed in more detail prior to the Christmas break   It would be really useful to identify (if there are any) different important aspects for each of the top tier firms   More concrete general information about each consulting firm   I would incorporate more specific advices on how to differentiate ourselves   More information about the different consulting firms other than Bain, BCG and McK   More concrete, tangible cover letter tips and more samples More detail Less detail   The content of the initial session was good but could have been condensed   The final 30 minute segment could have been cut entirely   Presentations have limited value given the general nature of the information provided
  12. 12. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we do differently? (contd.)   Overall very good   n/a   It´s ok   .   n/a   n/a   n/a   We should start concentrating more on cases   Fit preperation is good, but again, case interview could definitely be prioritized a little more -  Same respondent! Seven respondents wouldn’t change anything… …and one wanted a different workshop altogether
  13. 13. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we keep the same?   The 5:1 session was time very well spent   Practice part was great, and so the opening lecture   …and the practice session were very useful   Practice   Practice sessions were extremely helpful   Split groups into rooms   Keep the small group session on ‘tell me about yourself’ and competency-based interview questions   The break out to practice helps tremendously   Strongly recommend increasing the 'practice' parts interview questions   Breakout groups   Interactive/Group sessions   Interview practice!   The break-out sessions   Smaller groups were awesome   Small group break-out sessions with facilitators   Break-outs were good   Breakout sessions but fewer in each breakout   5:1 session   The breakout sessions were excellent   Break in sessions, Q&A   The practice questions (more of it)   Continue to invite MBA alumni at consultancies Breakout practice sessions definitely the most popular
  14. 14. + Fit Interview Workshop:What should we keep the same?   Pre-work   Content was good, and will be very useful come interview time   The pre-work sent out was concise and very relevant to the workshop itself.   It´s a good format   Everything else - great work guys   Overall it's good   Overall structure with practice in the middle was good   Structure, content   Pretty much all of it Prework is working well Overall, many like it Initial presentation also worked   The presentation with the exercises   Group lesson & quick exercises   Introduction