Alternative Internship Pathways Feedback 2011


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Alternative Internship Pathways Feedback 2011

  1. 1. +MBA ConsultingCurriculum 2010-11:Continued Feedback Alternative Internship Pathways Presentation & panel J-P Martins Associate Director Consulting Careers February 2011
  2. 2. + Summary n  The event was excellently received n  100% of respondents would recommend the Alternative Internship Pathways event n  However, only 12 of 43 attendees submitted feedback surveys (28%) n  This is an annual event – a presentation and panel aimed at highlighting internship routes other than strategy consulting that can still lead to successful permanent applications in the autumn n  This year the event was held earlier than in previous years, in an attempt to head off despondency before it sets in amongst the first years n  Many of the attendees were still in recruitment processes with consulting firms at LBS n  In another change this year, I held the panel discussion first, before focusing on data from previous years n  The panel comprised 3 second year students that successfully applied to strategy consulting in the autumn having failed to secure a ‘milkround’ internship last Spring
  3. 3. + Quantitative survey data
  4. 4. + Alternative Internship Pathways: all respondents would recommend it strongly 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% The format and content of the session were 7 5 excellent The presenters and panellists were 8 4 engaging and informative The event was well organised - logistics 1 7 4 and venue were appropriate I would strongly recommend this event to 6 6 next years first year MBA students Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Strongly Response rate: 12/43 (28%)
  5. 5. + Comments
  6. 6. + Alternative Internship Pathways: What should we do differently? n  Nothing (x 4) n  Maybe add more students on the panel n  The event should be organised better n  A pre-survey of reasons for rejection will be useful n  Have up to date information to be able to compare it to current results n  More personal advices n  I don’t know how to implement this but advice sounds very generic – heard all that before. If there was any way to push the panelists to be more specific (at the expense of being less politically correct), I think people will appreciate that more n  A more extensive panel of students would be useful for a balanced perspective of experiences. I would have liked to have seen more of an explanation about the feasibility of approaching firms for permanent recruitment who you were unsuccessful with when applying for internship applications. It would be good to get a better understanding as to whether repeat approaches for the same firms are ever successful. There is rumour that this is easiest if you were dinged at or before a first round interview (unless specifically asked to reapply). Additionally, a high level timeline of recommended actions to take to approach permanent recruitment for consulting would be useful n  Perhaps the panel could be more structured, or less Q&A from students for the panel?
  7. 7. + Alternative Internship Pathways: What should we keep the same? n  Everything (x2) n  Definitely keep the numbers that paint an optimistic picture and the panel (x2) n  Bring 2nd year students to talk about their experiences (x2) n  The format of the session n  Keep a panel and statistics n  This was an incredibly helpful event. Hearing the 2nd years experience and your data were both especially helpful n  Presentation and panel both worth having
  8. 8. + Surprisingly, no other comments attached to quantitative questions Format and Content Presenter and Panellists n  No comments n  No comments Organisation – venue and logistics General n  No comments n  No comments