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JP Patten Visual

  1. 1. Thinking out of thebox?<br />(CC)<br />
  2. 2. whatdefines abox?<br />(CC)<br />
  3. 3. whatbox?<br />The Lesson<br />1981 was spent shipboard in the Dominican Republic as a paramedic and diver. Operation Saona searched for Spanish galleons laden with treasure.<br />We found likely suspects, but pulled up stakes when “conventional wisdom” (the Box) dictated that the presence of cut limestone - used for ballast - eliminated the likelihood of treasure.<br />This was wrong.<br />We skipped over numerous wrecks that probably had some measure of valuables.<br />At twenty, I learned the devastating effect of an assumption.<br />(CC)<br />
  4. 4. whatbox?<br />Diagnostic Archives<br />1987 was filled with potential. Working in the cardiac cath lab opened a world of possibilities. It was a new arena – with little or no automation.<br />Diagnostic Archives intended to replace 35mm film with discs for procedural image archival – against myriad objections from the Box.<br />It worked. Our efforts were published by the Cleveland Clinic.<br />Our product was a hit - we sold in the millions - eventually landing a contract with Philips Medical Systems.<br />Our team of talented engineers wanted more; although the Box disagreed, we set out to add EKG, documentation and other data points.<br />(CC)<br />
  5. 5. whatbox?<br />Cortet<br />Philips was wary of our out-of-the-Box endeavor and would not sell our more robust product line.<br />We changed our name to Cortet to reflect our added capabilities and were rewarded with numerous accolades from the VA and other luminaries.<br />Our efforts culminated in a massive order from St. Luke’s Episcopal in Houston – Texas Heart!<br />Our installation went so smoothly that the Heart published our accomplishments in the Journal Of Cardiovascular Management.<br />Ironically, Philips eventually purchased one of our competitors…<br />(CC)<br />
  6. 6. whatbox?<br />HUGR Systems<br />Cortet was sold in 1997 and HUGR Systems was born. Owning large Diesel engines exposed another remarkable opportunity – biodiesel.<br />Diesel engines were initially designed to run on vegetable oil.<br />Over the past thirty years many have attempted to introduce biodiesel to America – but it remains largely unfamiliar.<br />HUGR intended to offer low cost applications that would integrate biodiesel as an alternative fuel. Instead of school buses and the family sedan (the Box), lawnmowers seemed a more effective point of introduction.<br />(CC)<br />
  7. 7. whatbox?<br />HUGR Systems<br />The accolades poured in:<br />Lee Iacocca visited to compliment our strategy for consumer participation – not change borne by government.<br />“Barred Owl” from the US Sierra Club<br />Acknowledgment and evaluation by the University of Florida Gator Nest<br />“Citizen Diplomat” from the Department of State<br />“Davis Award” from the State of Florida<br />President Bush received a mower for his ranch in Crawford, Texas<br />(CC)<br />
  8. 8. whatbox?<br />Product Summary<br />1987 Designed and developed computer assisted image archival for the cardiac cath lab.<br />1993 Expanded the image archival to include hemodynamic and procedural data. Of note was SmartChart, a remarkably simple, efficient and accurate method for acquiring and archiving procedural data. The data was stored in a SQL warehouse permitting simple and robust reporting.<br />1999 Created and patented the means for EPA certification of biodiesel small equipment and methods to manufacture specialized engines.<br />(CC)<br />
  9. 9. whatbox?<br />Testimonals<br />“JP’s tireless efforts in lobbying helped ensure the approval of our product through the maze of government bureaucracy…His efforts secured our acceptance as the vendor of choice for the most prestigious catheterization hospital in the country. He personally oversaw the incorporation of the next generation product into that institution – an extended amount of time due to the side-by-side development with that organization. His imagination helped fuel improvements to the product…<br />JP’s capability of presenting information in an easy to understand and comfortable manner always impressed me. His experience and personality helped the customer understand information quickly…”<br />Lewis Lobel<br />Director of Engineering<br />Camtronics/Vericis<br />(CC)<br />
  10. 10. whatbox?<br />Testimonals<br />“With your touch screen technology, automatic “drop-down” menus, automatic cardiac output, and pressure/valve calculations, we were able to increase our caseload from 900 cases per year to 1200 with increased staff efficiency and reduced menial tasks.”<br />P. Robert Myers, Ph.D., M.D. F.A.C.C.<br />Director Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory<br />Harry S. Truman V.A.<br />(CC)<br />
  11. 11. whatbox?<br />Next<br />My forte is bridging customers with engineering talent. <br />Many times profitable products are born from the need to implement vehicles that fulfill customers’ needs. <br />Recognizing the need for and designing these tools has been quite rewarding. <br />Mission<br />“We will create products and services of sufficient quality so that benefit passes from our customers to theirs.”<br />JP Patten<br /><br />321 299 8948<br />(CC)<br />