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Massive Sales Opportunity: Corporate Gift Giving Programs

  1. Corporate Gifting Set Up and Strategies 2020-2021
  2. Corporate gifting provides an excellent opportunity for you to work with your customer on company solutions, messaging, and values. It can provide the unique ability to add and contribute to the overall morale of the company. Well thought out planning will allow you to touch different sides of your customers business and create the opportunity to take a deep dive into the company’s culture. This is your time to let your creativity shine and solidify your partnership for future business by putting your solutions-based reach in full display. Create a bigger a platform with your customer through this process so you can establish your business for the years to come. 2 Overview: Create opportunities through Corporate Gifting
  3. 3 Ke y Po i n t s t o Est ab l i sh Corporate Gifting Program Define the programs timeline and have back up options • Be upfront about current industry timelines; decorators, inventory, etc. Map it out • COVID- Shipping Challenges we face nationwide Timeline Get an overall scope of the demographics of the company • Introduce the “emotion” you are trying to express; i.e. Scope of the “Thank You” • Mission Statements • Pivoting into new business strategy Goals & Messaging Establish the potential spend up front so you can plan accordingly from day one • Who are your players: Senior Management; Human Resources; Regional Managers • Work with your supplier to sample key employees to validate Budget Take a deep dive into the culture of the company • Establish the geography and seasons you will be catering to for the company • Are their specific products needed to make it a uniform approach; co- branding Scope of Product Choices
  4. Timelines 4 O ff e r i n g So l u t i o n s Corporate Gifting Programs • Consider offering a New Year’s program if you see challenges ahead • Replace Trade Show cancellations with a gifting opportunities to keep morale up • Consider a broader approach and pitch a quarterly plan of gifting to create continuity • Focus on product launches and initiatives that have pushed into 2021 • Motivational plans focusing on health and growth Messaging • Establishing the persona of the Company; Look at Lifestyle outside of work • Capitalizing on New Culture; “All hands-on Deck” , “Sustainability” • Revisit the Company’s Mission Statement and plan to re-engage the employees • Packaging- the joy of opening it; make it about them not the company; create a gift that they want to use and wear after work; unique decoration techniques to make the product sustainable Budget • Be prepared and have ideas already set up for each budget range you are seeing as fit from past dealings • Introduce a wide range of bundles that are priced out already • Do your research on the company ahead of time to bring up areas of additional contributions • Have a resume of successes stories; be prepared to share the potential emotional ROI
  5. Bundles 5 O ff e r i n g So l u t i o n s Product • Excellent way to start paving the “idea creation” road; show what is out there and can be done; getting more items for a set spend may be the perfect fit for the company • Start with the basics and build up; it may play itself into other programs down the road • Examples shown in slides Co- Branded Uniform • Here lies an opportunity to build employee trust through Retail Brands • Trusted brands that match the persona of the company for uniform and brands to live outside of work with • Selling Categories include Branded Outerwear, Branded bags, Branded Apparel Uniqueness • Here you are looking to match up the culture of the company • Introduce new apparel trends through matching the items to the company colors • A product that defines the employee • Unique pieces like our New Exclusive Brand Quickflip, Exclusive Oakley Bag Line, Exclusive adidas offering; i.e Training T’s and Hoodies • Examples Shown in slides
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