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Iptv2011 soa fims


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Presentation on the EBU-AMWA FIMS project made during the IP&TV World Forum on IP Workflows

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Iptv2011 soa fims

  1. 1. EBU TECHNICAL SOA-FIMS: why? IP&TV 2011, IP WORKFLOWS London, 23 March 2011 Jean-Pierre Evain, EBU
  2. 2. The result of several years of Sherpa workTechnological accelerator: tapeless file based productionActivities since 2007 EBU Common Process (ECI CP) and Networked Production (NP) projects AMWA Media Services Architecture Group (MSAG) Conferences, seminars (AMWA, EBU, IBC, NAB) on asset management and SOAObjectives Educate, raise awareness on the opportunities of new production architectures Make new concept of service based infrastructure understood at enterprise level Identify specific needs and requirements: interview broadcasters, MAM providers, vendors Share best practices and tools across different production units (news, drama, etc.) Harmonise /standardise solutions for interoperability with the industry Promote market adoption -> propose a win-win scenario for users and providersEBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  3. 3. Lessons learntThe audio-visual landscape is changing  More delivery platforms (broadcast, broadband, hybrid, mobile), more competition  Consumption habits and viewer expectations are evolvingThe business needs: agility, visibility & productivity  Need for rationalisation and be present on a variety of platforms  Adapt content to the specific needs (usability, availability, etc.)  Control production costs (“produce once, publish many ?”), share resourcesThe technical challenge : ‘start small, think big!’  Adapt to business needs and rationalise platform independent production  Combine the best of breed of available tools from different providers, get what you need  Maximise reuse of well defined common resources by similar ‘roles’ having similar ‘needs’ across different production units  Support ‘modularity’, ‘scalability’ for maintenance & upgrade vs. customisation  Modularise functions for more ‘agile’ workflow orchestration -> ‘plug & play’EBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  4. 4. File-based production: orchestrated processesSpecific media requirements:High-bandwidth real-time stream handling, non linear process capability, multi-resolutionmulti-compression cross-media file based production, redundancy, disaster recoverymanagement, user oriented collaborative environments, distributed (cloud) architectures,etc.EBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  5. 5. A methodological and technical answer: SOA The SOA proposal:  Combine heterogeneous functional tools through services with a common interface  legacy and new equipment / tools from different manufacturers,  software platforms, asset management tools  in-house developments  A better management of metadata collected through well defined interfaces and contributing to each broadcaster’s data model  Modularity and scalability, a toolbox of tools exposed as ‘services’  Flexible workflow management through ‘service’ invocation possibly across production units, particularly adapted to non-linear file-based production  Easier maintenance and higher ability to upgrading (the 1.x vs. 2.0 dilemma) SOA has been designed for file-based production SOA offers a framework for standardisation and interoperability SOA is a prerequisite for selecting a Media Asset Management (MAM) solutionEBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  6. 6. When: already there! How is ‘EBU AMWA FIMS’ ! FIMS is a “Framework for Interoperable Media Services” launched on 08/12/2009  Co-chaired by: Giorgio Dimino, RAI and John Footen  Co-managed by: Bard Gilmer, AMWA and Jean-Pierre Evain, EBU  Membership is open (FIMS participants do not have to be an EBU or AMWA member)  All information is public:  The licensing regime is ‘compensation free’ Members (subject to signing the Participation Agreement)  Amberfin, Avid, Cinegy, Chime Media, Cube Technology, Digimetrics, Harmonic, Harris, IBM, Limecraft, MBC,, Metaglue, Omneon, Oracle, PMG, Portability, Radiant Grid, RedBee Media, Snell, Sony, Tixel, Vidispine  BBC, CBC, IRT, RAI, EBU -> JOIN THE SOA FIMS USER GROUP on! Status  Several submissions to the RfT  A first draft specification under the leadership of IBM and Sony (see wiki)  A plan for a preliminary demonstration at NAB 2011, Booth 3134EBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  7. 7. Overview of the EBU/AMWA FIMS Phase 1’s scope Web service directory, registration, discovery and access Restful and In scope WSDL Linking to SOA Interoperability, efficiency (MXF)EBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  8. 8. Next ? Metadata is the lifeblood of SOA + + What’s on the radar?  EBU Class Conceptual Data Model (CCDM)  EBUCore (already partly in FIMS)  Semantic Web technologies, linked dataEBU TECHNICAL - your reference in media technology and innovation
  9. 9. EBU TECHNICAL Thank you