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Launching the z3 roadster


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Details on the promotions : Traditional Vs. Non- Traditional

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Launching the z3 roadster

  1. 1. Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) • Headquarters in Munich, Germany • Performance and luxury- The Ultimate Driving Machine • Heritage as a producer of roadsters • Goal is to the “best” not the “biggest”
  2. 2. Why the Z3 • Captured the essence of BMW brand • First mover against competitors like Porsche , Mercedes • Interest across segmets - Image conscious GenX ers - Men & Women in 40s going for first roadster - Nostalgic baby boomers
  3. 3. Why US • Falling market for motorcycles generated opportunity for substitute products for same psychographic segment • Need to grow into a global brand • Escape high cost environment of Germany • Target sales 100,000 in US mkt - Mark for major players in global mkt. place - Franchise extension to youth - Less corporate more fun • Sales in US needed attention (as per ex. 1)
  4. 4. BMW Marketing strategy • Psychographic segmentation=> Non Traditional marketing Demographic segmentation => Traditional marketing • Non traditonal fits in - To weave car into American Experience - Comes up in casual conversation - “leverage the buzz” to promote the brand - Cost effective for psychographic segmentation
  5. 5. Why a movie • Adds glamour to the product • Reaches out to hard-to-reach audience - Foreign viewers -Young people • Highly visible placement with celebrity endorsements – “ impact placement” – at an average of $40,000