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5 hot pick photographers of 2014


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A large number of people are making a career in photography. The Top known professionals in the field are Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Bob Krist, Richard Bernabe etc

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5 hot pick photographers of 2014

  1. 1. A large number of people are making a career out of photography. If you are also planning to make a name in the field, you should idolise the best in the trade.
  2. 2. Yann loves to live among natural beauty. Photography came to him naturally. Besides being an animal lover and campaigner, he is also a photojournalist
  3. 3. The photographer is noted for his photographs of people who he encounters on his journey around the world. He has bagged many prestigious awards for his work
  4. 4. This photographer took a break from her job but accidentally she discovered a new way of life for herself. She has been in the profession for around the 8 years now. Her website has become a collection of captivating images taken in different landscapes
  5. 5. Jeff is known for his out of the world photography. No doubt he is also the winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year. His photographs capturing the Californian landscape is truly mesmerising
  6. 6. Richard Bernabe
  7. 7. Richard specialises in nature and wildlife photography. He has images from the remotest part of North America in his collection of photographs. He conducts workshops for budding photographers around the world. Besides natural photography, you can also make a career in studio photography. You need to have good understanding of different types of photography lighting techniques to excel in the field.