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Gramos Presentation1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Gramos Presentation1

  2. 2. <ul><li>We carry everything you need for your next big presentation. </li></ul>GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products Gramos Multimedia is a specialist in the communication business, providing audio visual presentation solution for Churches, Schools, Industries and Government Sectors.
  3. 3. GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products 1. Training: we train business executives and churches on the art of professional electronic presentation. Also we guide them on how to make sure that they are not only heard but appear to their audience emotion-power in presentation product 2. Consultancy : We consult for organization and individual wishing to set up training centers and churches who like to have such equipment to enhance a better communication to its members during services 3. Technical Support : We give after sale technical support in the area of repairs and servicing to out clients. 4. Installation: We handle all installations of multimedia equipments and this is done professionally . 5. Free Demo: A free demo can be arranged between us and our clients at a convenient time. 6. Rentage of multimedia equipment. Our Service
  4. 4. 1.Multimedia Projectors Sanyo An extensive range of LCD projectors to suit all types of professional and personal use GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products Our Products
  5. 5. Ceiling Mounts and Security Boxes There are complete range of ceiling mounts and a wall mounted boom arm Available as separate components with various length poles or as a complete 1m kit, and all catering for cable management Security boxes can be added any time GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  6. 6. 2.LCD & Plasma Mounts We also have range of quality wall and ceiling mounts for plasma and LCD screens VESA standard mounts include slim-line, tilting, and single or double arm wall brackets. A full swivel and tilt ceiling mount is also available Our mounts come in slim-line, tilting, and single or double arm brackets and will fit virtually any non VESA flat screen GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  7. 7. 3a.Projection screens We distribute a high quality range of screens to suit every purpose Tripod, pull up and table top screens for presenting on the move Manual wall screens provide an economic solution for education or smaller businesses Electric screens provide a more stylish option for board rooms and larger corporate customers Screens are available as square format or video and widescreen formats to suit those home cinema requirements GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  8. 8. 3b.Electric Screens Rollfix 80/100 Electric Screens Specially designed for use with suspended ceilings Supplied with a radio frequency remote Can also be wall or ceiling mounted with universal wall brackets (supplied separately) Screen comes in two parts: outer protective casing for easy integration into ceiling and inner for final fitting GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  9. 9. 3c.M&W Screens MovieSMART Screens This range is made up of several elements in both electric and manual screens. The housing is made from chromated aluminium giving a scratch resistant surface. Movielux Mobil 4:3 The scissor mechanism ensures perfect screen flatness Can be wall or ceiling mounted with the mounting brackets included. The mounting brackets have been specifically developed, giving variable attachment points, allowing the brackets to be positioned onto the wall and the screen to be adjusted until it is positioned correctly. Weight 14kg Four castors and two carry handles allow easy transport The screen is integrated into a solid, well designed aluminium case Easy setup - just pull the screen out of the case in two simple steps GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  10. 10. 4.Cable Kits & Accessories Our cable kits include a metal housing with removable face plate Populated with VGA, Audio, composite video and USB gender changers which form bulkheads Supplied with 1 x VGA, 2 x 3.5mm mini jack and 1 x phono cable in 10 or 15m lengths Can be fully populated to give 2 x PC and Audio, Composite and S-Video, USB and Auxiliary Additional accessories are available GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products
  11. 11. 5.Flipchart Easels We distribute a range of flipcharts to suit your needs Budget flipcharts for when cost is paramount Higher quality flipcharts with innovations such as the ability to be laid flat during preparation GRAMOS MULTIMEDIA -Power in Presentation Products