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April 2013 Newsletter

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April 2013 Newsletter

  1. 1. Dear Friends and Family April 2013 This will be the first of our quarterly report/feedback from the Chavuma Mission Field. The past months have been a maelstrom of activity as we trans located from Cape Town ( South Africa) to Chavuma in the North-west Province of Zambia. It has been said that when we step out in faith we need to think BIG as we serve a BIG GOD, who has BIG plans which He wants to achieve in and through us. Plans that supersede our abilities where we need to rely totally on Him for the successful completion of the plan. Chavuma is remote, tucked away in the North-west corner of Zambia against the mighty Zambezi River to its west and, the Angolan border to its north. For decades CMML (Christian Missions in Many Lands) have been labouring here with the focus of Evangelizing the Luvale Peoples, Translating the Bible into the indigenous language, establishing a Hospital and School, thus catering for both spirit, soul and body. Robert Young (uncle Bob) is the senior Missionary here and has spent the past 60 years ministering in and around Chavuma. There are other Missionaries who have over the years served faithfully alongside ensuring that God be Glorified in the work. There is Alice White (54 years service), Martha Logan, the founding Missionary Wallace Logan’s granddaughter (30 years service), Margie Young uncle Bob’s Daughter (30 years service), Ayumi and Tamako, two Japanese Missionaries (10 and 6 years service) and then there is Beth Young, uncle Bob’s second wife (His first wife lies buried here in Chavuma having succumbed to Cerebral Malaria). It is alongside these humble legends that our Lord has placed me and my family. The Vision as confirmed by Uncle Bob and his elders is that by faith my family and I will focus on the;  Training and Equipping of the youth to take the Gospel and to GO and make Disciples as commanded in Math 28 and Mark 16.  To Evangelize the Luvale and Lozi peoples in a radius of 200km assist in the existing works at the mission station as required/requested both practical and spiritual.  1. To Improve and Develop the Campsite Land. 2. Introduce game such as Giraffe, Zebra and indigenous Antelope.
  2. 2. Having travelled up from Cape Town by road and being met by William and Bob (brothers from our fellowship in Cape town) who flew in to drive our second vehicle (the MOG) from Johannesburg, my family and I arrived to a tumultuous welcome by the resident missionaries. William and Bob remained in Chavuma for a couple of days assisting where required and ensuring an ‘easing in’ of our family to the surrounding challenges. We thank God for these men and the Salem Full Gospel Church Fellowship under the Pastoral office of Paul vd Merwe who prayed and released us to the mission here in Chavuma. Having completed their task I transported William and Bob to Lusaka from where they flew out back to South Africa. The following day I proceeded to Johannesburg to source a replacement vehicle for my pick up. Thanks to Kevin, Debby and their family I was blessed to receive a 4x4 Toyota Fortuner which is a step up in comfort from the faithful Toyota pick up and in Kevin’s words; “you have the MOG for the heavy work...Lesley and Sarah needs to drive in more style and comfort.” During my stay in Johannesburg my niece, Natasha owner of ‘Blu Trea’ Bed & Breakfast accommodation hosted me. What awesome accommodation and hospitality! If you are looking to stay over in Johannesburg and want tranquillity and great hospitality then ‘Blu Trea’ is the place. Visit their website— email— or contact her on +27 82 856 6402. Enjoyable and valuable time was also spent with my son Joshua and daughter-in-law Irma, catching up with friends, an old Army buddy John de Menezes as well as family I had not seen in over 40 years. During my stay in Johannesburg, Lesley and Sarah were facing the elements. Lightning storms almost on a daily basis would blow the transformers resulting in generators needed to supply electricity. ‘Unknown’ sicknesses attacked the body resulting in horrible skin manifestations, joint pains and weariness. Yet the girls stood fast and overcame. I finally departed from Johannesburg with a packed trailer and fond memories. On arrival in Chavuma I was introduced to Sombo, Lesley’s house maid, Kalenda my servant and right-hand help as well as Jeremiah the local ‘professional’ clothes ironer. Lesley with Sombo Kalenda Jeremiah Building and Maintenance Projects At the Riverside land we are developing facilities to cater for the vision. Our first initiative is to get the ‘Bush Camp’ established which will consist of Ablution, Hall/Dining area, Kitchen, Sleeping Shelters and tent sites. This site to accommodate up to 30 people. Second would be the larger Camp site with Bungalows, Kitchen/Dining area, Ablution and Hall catering for up to 120 people. During the above stages it is our intension to build our home and workshop.
  3. 3. Bush Camp Site Kalenda and I started clearing undergrowth and proceeded to erect a shower facility, Kitchen area as well as the toilet. We were under pressure as our first visitors were expected within a fortnight. From dawn to dusk we laboured having our task somewhat completed the day before arrival. Shower Area Shower Area Kitchen Area to the right Visitors Louw and team from Cape Town arrived with Annel, Louw’s wife staying at the mission station with Lesley and Sarah while the men camped . It was a real privilege and pleasure to have this team arrive, assist and support us in the field. We thank God for their faithfulness. The ceiling fans brought up were installed in the Book Room while the other more tantalizing goods have been devoured. Before depar- ture the team put on an awesome braai for all the resident missionaries. Dale and Iris, owners of Dale’s Black Angus and Driftwood Café in Cape Town arrived shortly after Louw and teams departure. Dale has his entire adult life been involved with the catering and restaurant business having successfully owned nine of his own establishments. Iris his wife is a talented lady in both pottery and art. Besides the personal and valued friendship of this visit Dale gave three days of culinary training to staff at the two local lodges while Iris painted the Gospel Story on the walls of the children’s ward at the Mission Hospital. Before departure Dale put on an awesome braai for all the resident missionaries. It seems the completion of a visiting team will be accompanied by a braai. Typical South African.
  4. 4. Ministry I have the privilege of discipling three young men at the moment with the focus that these young men will work alongside me as my lieutenants in preparation for the envisioned training centre. I will also continue to serve at the military base on the border. On Easter Sunday I was invited to preach at one of the local churches. Davey, Evangelist and friend of mine who also assists me from time to time as my interpreter facilitated. Besides the awesome harmonious singing we witnessed the baptism of new believers as they testified with Christ’s suffering death and victorious resurrection. I have also had the privilege of preaching at the Chapel here at the Mission Station. Walking to nearest stream Nearest Stream Baptism for Baptism Family News Lesley and Sarah have settled into life in the field. Sombo (Lesley’s help) who does not speak a word of English is slowly understanding Lesley’s broken Luvali/English mix, so we could have a Luvali speaking Lesley soon. Lesley also celebrated her 50th Birthday. The evening was an ‘Italian’ evening with El Divo music, Pizzas and great fellowship with invited guests. Sarah is catching onto the local language pretty well. She is also becoming quite a good chef and baker which is very pleasing to her dad :) She is excelling in her home schooling and is already busy studying Grade 12 Biology. Sarah also celebrated her 16th Birthday in Lusaka. She sometimes spends time with her dad, fishing, gem stone hunting and camping. The domestic animals (3 Cats, 2 Dogs and 1 Cockatiel) have also settled in well. Diesel (dog) was bitten by some insect just the other evening. Unstable and frothing at the mouth he wobbled into the house which caused Lesley to panic. Those who know Lesley well also know that her animals are very dear to her. The result was that we had to get one of the missionary nurses in to give Diesel a jab of Cortisone and Anti Histamine and within two days Diesel was back to his old self. Curley, the other dog is very old and is also wobbling around, we do not see her lasting too many moons :(
  5. 5. General Information and Pics Visitors For all visitor it is important to note that the shortest distance to Lusaka from Chavuma is just on a thou- sand (1000km) kilometers. The cost of fuel is R15 p/litre. For cost to collect and return in fuel alone is R 8000.00 While we value and encourage our friends and family to visit it would be appreciated that when required to be collected in Lusaka or Livingstone that the cost be taken into consideration. Needs  Prayer  Building Material such as Cement, Bricks, Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry goods are needed for the development of facilities.  Gospel and Discipleship Materials for Evangelism  Staff - Folk who are called in the field of: 1. Administration and Management (Hospital). 2. Mechanical/Electrical—Practical as well as management (Base maintenance) If you wish to support through Donation/Prayer or Volunteer Staff please contact us. Contact detail—Email: Pics We have been given a new sketch each day by our Creator God. Enjoy! Thank you! We look forward to your visit & feedback Always in His Service — John, Lesley and Sarah