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Emtm 561 final presentation emc-joe raimondo 21 may10


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Emtm 561 final presentation emc-joe raimondo 21 may10

  1. 1. EMTM 561—Professor Gilmont May 21, 2010 Presented by: Joe Raimondo
  2. 2. EMC Corporation—The Opportunity 45
  3. 3. Role of R&D EMC maintains its market leadership by focusing first on • EMC is the only major storage company to build its own technology leadership. products 'from A to Z‘ To maintain its technical • EMC Does not rely on R&D/product development superiority, EMC has adopted a traditional approach to R&D partners like LSI or OEM partners like Hitachi. spending, targeting 12 percent of revenue as a benchmark. In addition to greatly expanding its global R&D footprint, EMC targets • EMC recently released its V-Max next-generation Symmetrix strategic acquisitions to add to its technical capabilities. architecture for supporting virtual data centers. • V-Max resulted from extensive internal development effort • EMC’s cloud computing coalition and partnership with Cisco and VMWare has placed EMC’s R&D effort at the heart of expanding this effort. • SAP’s private cloud storage to run on EMC’s Vblock
  4. 4. Culture/Style EMC pursues blended strategy of centralized R&D investment • Platform-based product strategy leads to emphasis on coordination with distributed accountability among its 16 global incremental approaches R&D sites. • New platform models take years to develop and evolve In addition to greatly expanding its through internal development and acquisition global R&D footprint, EMC targets strategic acquisitions to add to its technical capabilities. • End-to-end development strategy puts extra pressure on R&D Simultaneous “loose-tight” management of R&D centers allowing substantial local autonomy • Big company vs. entrepreneurial approaches – maintain while maintaining enterprise perspective and span of control. creative tension • EMC’s acquisitions have provided it with development resources in new technologies and markets
  5. 5. Integration with Corporate Strategy EMC has two CTOs – one with a purely technology portfolio and one • CTO reports to EVP for Corporate Strategy who serves as a “CTO for marketing.” Technology and market • Also Global CTO for Marketing report development are intimately entwined. EMC also depends on an extensive • EMC's broad portfolio of hardware and software generally network of partnerships and relationships. Its technical relies on different management interfaces and processes organization must be suitably flexible to provide resources • Coordinating R&D and acquisition strategy is challenging; EMC’s CTO organization also participates closely in evaluation of product portfolio still has issues with integration potential acquisitions as well as integration of technical resources • Risk of NIH syndrome post-acquisition. • Acquisitions have overlapped with home-grown Coordination between internal technologies development and acquisition is a challenge.
  6. 6. Effectiveness of R&D Technology EMC’s has developed the capability to consistently roll out new • The long-term future of the company depends on product generations of technology. and platform innovation in the face of massive potential In addition, it has a track record or integrating new technologies into growth in its core areas. legacy platforms . • EMC raising research and development spending in 2010 will be up 20 percent. • Shows executive-level trust and sponsorship for R&D • Technology leadership team has developed and executed a plan for expanding the market impact of investments in new product development.
  7. 7. Unique Strengths and Weaknesses EMC’s close coordination between technology and market • EMC’s adopts best practices from industry leaders, development results • Borrows IBM’s world-renowned R&D operation EMC has established a track record • Partners with Cisco, well-known for acquisition of successful integration of acquisitions. integration EMC’s large legacy installed base is a substantial attractor for R&D management; drawing resources • Coordination of efforts in complex ecosystem (partners, into markets that are susceptible to rapid declining and collapse. standards, implementers, academic) • Product integration is sometimes faulted by customers • Premium pricing strategy can be threatened by competition • Loss of premium pricing could threaten R&D
  8. 8. Conclusions EMC’s Third-generation R&D approach serves it well in its • Demonstrable close coordination of R&D and corporate strategy strategic imperative to be a technology leader. (CTO reporting to EVP for Strategy) • Demonstrable close coordination of R&D and marketing • Blended strategy of centralized-decentralized development • Technology management constantly resolving “buy vs. build” decision when evaluating investments
  9. 9. Dominant Competitive Position VMWare RSA Strong Clarion Symmetrix Celerra Favorable Docume ntum CLARiiON Data Domain Vplex Mozy Iomega Ionix Atmos Tenable Weak Base Key Pacing Competitive Impact