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Social Group Work Tratment


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social group work
social group work treatment
social group work process

Published in: Education
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Social Group Work Tratment

  2. 2.  Social group work is a professional service which aims to work generally with the normal people to develop and strengthen their abilities to establish and maintain positive relationships with others.  Treatment in group work means management of group situation and problems with a view to satisfy the group needs and achieve satisfying group participation and growth.
  3. 3.  To relieve tensions and anxieties in the patients  To help patients resolve some of their conflicts  To assist patients in arriving at a clearer understanding of some of the reasons for their trouble  To enable patients to depend upon their personal resources in substituting methods of behavior which are satisfying and acceptable for those which have been chiefly defensive
  4. 4. Group workers success depends on the degree of rapport he has built with group members. in general the following methods are used in social group work 1. Empathy, Warm, and Genuineness 2. Self-disclosure 3. Disclosure of Confronting Behavior 4. Investigation 5. Support 6. Cognitive Restructuring 7. Role Playing 8. Partialization