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Why Ex Boyfriends Come Back Months After A Breakup


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A simple list of ten typical reasons why guys come back after months after a breakup. Some reasons are obvious, and others aren't.

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Why Ex Boyfriends Come Back Months After A Breakup

  1. 1. MARCH 20, 2019 10 Reasons Guys Come Back MONTHS After A Breakup A list by James Nelmondo |
  2. 2. ABOUT THE LIST INTRODUCTION This list features 10 typical reasons an ex boyfriend breaks months of radio silence based on my experience of following the personal stories of hundreds of people over at my relationship blog. Use these as food for thought, not as absolute truths. James Nelmondo | 2019
  3. 3. MOST COMMON REASONS 1 . T H E I R T H E I R R E B O U N D R E L A T I O N S H I P F A I L E D A few months means long enough to have realized their new adventure was just mascara to hide the emotional bruise caused by your breakup. 2 . T H E Y M I S S T H E S E X They might not regret breaking up, but that doesn't mean they don't miss your chemistry between the sheets. 3 . T H E Y F E E L G U I L T Y Now that their emotions have calmed, they might feel guilty about how they treated you during the breakup. James Nelmondo | 2019
  4. 4. They miss your friendship. 4. You spent years building a history together. It's an investment that, regardless of the relationship not working, can seem like a waste to throw away. Or maybe they just like you.
  5. 5. 5. THEY NEED A FAVOR Maybe you're the perfect person to help, or maybe they think you can't say no (hah). James Nelmondo | 2019
  6. 6. HEY, REMEMBER ME? 6 . T H E G R A S S W A S N ' T G R E E N E R Their new life without you wasn't quite as golden and fresh as they imagined. 7 . L O O K I N G F O R R E V E N G E If they can't stay in your life as a partner they may refuse to let go. Bad press is better than no press. 8 . T H E Y W A N T S O M E T H I N G B A C K And it isn't always their heart they're looking for. 9 . T H E Y N E E D T O T A L K Your history together makes you someone they can relate to at a deeper level.
  7. 7. James Nelmondo | 2019 Not the most statistically likely of outcomes, but it does happen. Sometimes the mind games and insecurity can mask the simplest of all answers. 10. THEY WANT YOU BACK
  8. 8. More relationship stuff: Visit me at my blog and get free relationship advice! James Nelmondo | 2019 In depth: Why Guys Come Back Months After Breaking Up