Allscripts MyWay (formerly Misys MyWay TM ): On Demand

    Simple, complete, affordable
    solution for smaller medical ...
Now there’s no reason

smaller practices can’t enjoy
the same technology
advantages as the l...
Practice Management —                                                                         On-Demand Solution — softwar...
‘‘I think MyWay is an
   accurate statement. It is
   constructed, from the initial
   build to the go-live date, to
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M25 My Way On Demand P Sv1 9 11 08


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Overview of the MyWay EHR Product

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M25 My Way On Demand P Sv1 9 11 08

  1. 1. Allscripts MyWay (formerly Misys MyWay TM ): On Demand Simple, complete, affordable solution for smaller medical practices Unique capabilities that Information technology is a powerful adaptive learning, customization on match the way you like enabler for healthcare providers that the fly, and a template-free workflow to work: can deliver advanced capabilities to that match the way providers practice boost clinical and business performance. medicine. Offline Synchronization: Be But, the cost and complexity associated productive anywhere, all the with deploying sophisticated solutions Complete: MyWay is a seamless inte- time, even without a network connection. Your offline changes are critical barriers. High start-up costs, grated solution designed to enhance and entries are automatically the ongoing expense and burden of the clinical, business, and financial per- synchronized to update records when you reconnect. (Available managing an IT infrastructure, and the formance of smaller practices. In one as a Allscripts MyWay Premium rigid complexity found in many soft- comprehensive package, you’ll find the offering.) ware applications all represent road- key application features and functions Adaptive Learning: The applica- blocks that limit adoption. necessary for Electronic Medical Records tion learns and adapts to each (EMR), Practice Management, and user’s patterns and preferences, making workflow and charting As a result, solo and small group Claims Management. faster and easier. practices often deny themselves the Intelligent Navigation: Automati- healthcare IT advantages and benefits Affordable: MyWay is offered as an cally displays relevant clinical enjoyed by their larger counterparts. on-demand application. In simple content based on presenting symptoms, even suggesting Clearly, there needs to be a better terms, you outsource the IT burden next logical entry options. way. Now there is: Allscripts MyWay associated with purchasing, operating, Move freely anywhere without enter/exit screens. (formerly Misys MyWay). and maintaining expensive infrastruc- Allscripts MyWay: Created to ture equipment. Instead, you get the Template-Free Charting: Be flexi- work the way you do ble and match your preferred applications and capabilities you need workflow. Go wherever you need through a predictable and manageable to in the application to docu- In a word, MyWay is different; and subscription service that matches ment multiple complaints or handle multiple patients easily. that difference is reinforced by three your budget. important attributes usually missing Easy Customization: Quickly change and customize screens from healthcare IT applications: simple, to match your preferences, and complete, affordable. allow each user in the practice to do the same. Simple: MyWay is intuitive, easy Software as a Service: A cost- effective way to focus on your to learn, and even easier practice instead of technology. to use. Created to work the Allscripts handles the technical details and delivers the applica- way you do, the software tions, services, and support you offers unique features like need with reliability and security.
  2. 2. ‘‘ Now there’s no reason ‘‘ smaller practices can’t enjoy the same technology advantages as the largest enterprise operation. MyWay … a comprehensive combination Clinical Charting: The adaptive learn- that’s “right sized” for smaller medical ing and intelligent navigation features practices, giving you new power and a of MyWay speed up the entire docu- new way to practice medicine your way. mentation process … the more you Perfect for Primary and use it, the more it learns your Urgent Care preferences and routines. You have complete control and flexibility to: In many medical specialties, you need build and save recurring findings and an extra measure of flexibility and adapt- prescriptions as repeatable order sets; ability to handle the variety of patient work with multiple symptoms or scenarios that make up a typical day. multiple patients at the same time; MyWay is up to the challenge; in fact, and access lab results, images, or it’s optimized for a growing list of notes. There are no templates to limit specialties that today includes: family your options or productivity. medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and urgent care. E-prescribing: Write, send, refill and track prescriptions simply and quickly. Within these environments, the You can easily access medication integrated capabilities of MyWay can histories, look up formularies, and make an amazing difference to the check for interactions to safeguard clinical, business, and financial perform- patients. ance of smaller practices. Full-Featured EMR — created Lab Orders and Results: Create panels your way of commonly ordered tests, or order multiple tests with just a single click. Raise your clinical productivity to new Incoming results are easy to track, and levels. With the innovative EMR capabili- notification messages with the results ties of MyWay, you can be more are automatically attached to patient efficient and more effective at delivering records. quality care; and, you can focus on patients without worrying about the Patient Follow-up: Automate routine underlying technology. communications and keep patients in the know by providing lab results, Patient History: Patient information health maintenance reminders, or and clinical details are instantly disease management recommenda- available at any time. By having all the tions that demonstrate support of information in electronic form and in Pay for Performance programs. one place, you eliminate the search for missing files and chasing down paper charts.
  3. 3. Practice Management — On-Demand Solution — software, made easier at your service And, as an integrated solution, MyWay ties that comprehensive patient profile Streamline your business operations to the clinical and accounting sides of Both on-demand and on-premise solu- and handle the difficult balancing act your business. tions offer application capabilities that of practice management with ease. contribute to medical practice success. MyWay gives you all the tools Accounting: Manage every charge, But for smaller practices, the on-demand needed for: transaction, referral, and change that approach is an attractive alternative with affects the financial side of your prac- notable advantages: Scheduling: Make your day productive tice. Posting charges and handling re- by allocating critical resources … physi- lated billing tasks are almost immediate Significantly lower capital expenses cians, nurses, exam rooms, equipment, based on the clinical coding and serv- for infrastructure equipment and time. With an intuitive interface, ices performed. You can save time by No requirement for on site server color-coding, overbooking protection, automating remittance postings, send- storage space location tracking, and information ing statements, and updating master Eliminating unpredictable or recurring access by everyone in the practice, files. Track each entry and account with costs for maintenance, upgrades and you’re in control. accuracy and security; a complete emergencies audit trail is automatically built to safe- No staff, salary or benefit costs for Patient Demographics: Build thorough guard your financial results. IT personnel Claims Management — records that capture all the key details, accelerating electronic filings and minimize data entry and errors. With a MyWay on-demand solution, and Demographic entries, insurance infor- Allscripts Healthcare as your application mation, and pictures scanned from Keeping a close watch on practice per- service provider, your technology and driver’s licenses or insurance cards are formance and profitability requires that equipment concerns are reduced to automatically added as discrete data. you pay extra attention to the revenue much simpler levels — just internet that comes from insurance company access, your local area network, and claims. Processing claims and receiving familiar tablets and PCs for practitioners prompt payments has never been easier. and staff. Allscripts takes care of all the MyWay uses Allscripts Payerpath (formerly server equipment and operational Misys Payerpath™) capabilities to support. enhance the basic Practice Management claims functions so you can: In return, you get a high availability data center as your host, offering tight secu- Scrub charges and edit or correct filings rity and service reliability delivered by in real time. IT professionals. For a small medical Generate clean, accurate claims the practice like yours, technology just got first time. simpler; and managing operating budg- Accelerate cash flow performance. ets is much easier with the predictable Monitor the status of each claim from costs of a subscription service. submission through reimbursement. Improve performance with reports that identify trends and recurring errors that lead to claim rejections and denials.
  4. 4. ‘‘I think MyWay is an accurate statement. It is constructed, from the initial build to the go-live date, to be the way you want it, so it is truly my way of doing medicine...Working with the system has been extremely easy...When I’m not in the office I can access patient information. [Patients] like Created to work the way you do that I have very ready access to their information, especially from home. They feel more comfortable that I’m giving them the best healthcare I can. ‘‘ Now there’s no reason smaller practices can’t enjoy the same technology advan- tages as the largest enterprise operation. One integrated approach delivering the features and functions necessary for EMR, practice management, and claims management. – Dr. Nicole Sheffield, One unified database that makes shar- pediatrician, Memphis, TN ing clinical and business information effortless for everyone in your practice. One solution that’s simple, complete, and affordable: MyWay. ALLSCRIPTS 222 Merchandise Mart, Suite 2024 Chicago, IL 60654 / 1.800.654.0889 Copyright © 2008 AllscriptsMisys Healthcare, Inc. M25_MyWayOnDemand_CSv1_09.11.08