Untangling The Social Media Web


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Untangling The Social Media Web

  1. 1. Untangling the Social Media Web Joan Murphy May 20, 2009
  2. 2. What is Web 2.0? The idea of using the world wide web at it’s best— as an instant interactive communication forum. • Web sites • Web services • One way • Participation/Collaboration communication • Page views/screen • Interactive facilities scraping • Retrieve Information • Sharing information • Control over standards • Trust participants
  3. 3. Social Media includes: To make Web 2.0 work, new platforms, dubbed Social Media, were created. Web-based communities Hosted services Applications Social networking sites Video Sharing sites Blogs Wikis Folksonomies
  4. 4. File Sharing www.google.com www.box.net Uses: Share, edit, access and collaborate on files both within your company and with external partners. In addition you can create and organize multiple folders, or synchronize them to a hand-held. Great for transaction management or inhouse file sharing
  5. 5. Bookmark/Aggregator www.del.icio.us.com www.technorati.com www.digg.com www.stumbleupon.com Uses: Bookmark web pages, articles, blogs, forums that you want to find again, and “tag” for better organization. Some also collect sites and have ratings by other viewers.
  6. 6. Visual Sharing www.youtube.com www.flickr.com www.slideshare.com Uses: Share photographs, videos or presentations with others. Post virtual tours, photos of properties or presentation material. In addition, post instructional or marketing videos.
  7. 7. Blogs/Microblogs www.blogger.com www.twitter.com www.activerain.com Uses: Set yourself up as an expert in your area, and in the industry. Write and share pertinent articles with consumers/others in the industry. Use Twitter to send links or add short comments.
  8. 8. Social Networks www.facebook.com www.linkedin.com www.mylife.com Uses: Network with other realtors. Keep in the flow with people you know; post listings, photographs, videos of properties; post resource information such as articles and updates.
  9. 9. Benefits Connect with prospects Build relationships Gain leads through connections Build a sense of community
  10. 10. Benefits Extend the Reach of your Business Build Credibility and Trust A Recognized Expert/Source of Knowledge Free PR that can save you thousands Generate sales
  11. 11. Use the POST Method People: Assess your customers’ social activities and understand if they even participate in social media. Objectives: Decide what you want to accomplish. Strategy: Plan for how your relationship with customers can change. Technology: Decide which social media technologies to use (Networking, blogs, twitter, etc)
  12. 12. What do you need? Content that is: Interesting and helpful Information you want to share Something that might engage the reader
  13. 13. Join & Use Facebook Keep in touch with people you know/Meet new Categorize your “friends” Join relevant groups Provide articles and updates Use your page as a resource for information Links, videos, notes Put your listings on your page www.postlets.com Use events for Open House Invitations Add appropriate humor/warm fuzzies
  14. 14. Setting Up Facebook Use Discretion (this is business) Remember, this is a business site Create an appropriate profile for business This becomes part of your reputation and personal brand Be selective on what shows on your wall Full disclosure is not best Add photos to enhance your page Successful move photos Join relevant groups and networks Use privacy controls Use E-mail notification controls
  15. 15. Business Oriented Networking Profile: Online version of your resume Public profile is “Googleable” Easy way to investigate credentials and affiliations (Yours and others) Join relevant groups; very active on LinkedIn Great place for recommendations to be posted Add content, such as listing presentations
  16. 16. twitter You can either answer the Q [What are you doing?] or just state whatever it is you want everyone to know. 70-20-10 70: provide resources & value for others 20: chit chat, friendly comment 10: promote yourself
  17. 17. Don’t get carried away! No more than one hour a day Set up feeds/newsletters Post them to sites www.tinyurl.com Comment on blogs Spend time on Facebook Activity stemmed from visits
  18. 18. Thank you for attending! For more information, additional questions or training opportunities, please contact: Joan Murphy Jmurphy@starckrealtors.com 847-485-2355 And be my friend on Facebook!