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Time Management


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Published in: Business, Technology

Time Management

  1. 1. 10+ Tips on Organization and Time Management
  2. 2. What We Know You Have All The Time You’re Ever Going To Get. You Have The Same Amount Of Time As Everyone Else. You’ll Always Do What You Value The Most.
  3. 3. Three Keys We’ll Explore Plan Analyze Your time What is necessary (80/20) Group activities Prioritize Put in the Big Rocks first Pass it on What can you delegate or automate?
  4. 4. Start with Where You Are Log activities for one week Time Wasters Busy Work Work vs. Personal Value Time Client Time Your personal clock
  5. 5. Identify Time Stealers Doing Other people’s work Small Talk in Office Paperwork Indecision Incoming Calls E-Mail Drive Time Internet Time
  6. 6. Get Organized Five Boxes/Files To DO To DELEGATE To FILE To READ To TRASH
  7. 7. Get Organized Keep Frequently-Used Items Handy Use a Step-file Don't keep business cards Enter them in a contact manager database, then throw out the card. Put all your receipts in an envelope. Sort through them regularly Create an Auto-Office
  8. 8. Plan Your Work/Work Your Plan Organize Activities into 4 categories “A” – Business/Income producing Listing/showing/buyer appointments “B” – Business support Market Analysis/preview homes “C” – Business Improvement Meetings/classes “D” – Non Business
  9. 9. Time Tips Your Planner is Your Bible Electronic or Paper Everything is in it Schedule a planning session Once a week—for the week Each evening for the next day Work on your Highest Priority Task During Your Peak Performance Time Schedule time for your tasks
  10. 10. Time Tips Go to the Office Write it Down Spiral notebook Create a “talk” file Conference Planner Create a short-task list 5 minutes or less for “wait” time
  11. 11. Time Tips Throw away previous drafts They serve no purpose If you can find it online, throw out the printed piece Past articles are archived online Keep business cards in your auto Keep things to read with you for wait times
  12. 12. Time Tips Use voicemail productively Have a set “phone time” Leave that time on your voicemail Leave yourself a voicemail Add frequent numbers to your phone Use speed dials
  13. 13. Efficient E-mail Do an hour’s worth of work before you check your E-mail. Check your E-mail on a schedule Don’t print E-mail unless it’s absolutely necessary Use an E-mail client (software)
  14. 14. Use Technology Learn to use software better More features of a program Tab key Highlighted information/Ready to go Subfolders Automate
  15. 15. Reward Yourself