Table Of Contents Nov. 2011 AAHOA Lodging Business


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Table Of Contents Nov. 2011 AAHOA Lodging Business

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2011 Volume 10, Issue 11 On The Cover 37 Leading Together, NOVEMBER 2011 Taking Action: AAHOA VOLUME 10, ISSUE 11 Chairman Hemant Patel looks back on his first 100 days and The Advocate previews the association’s Hemant Patel On His exciting future Vision For A More Political AssociationLeading Together, Taking Action: p.37 Features 43 PLUS: Special Bringing It All Back Diwali Coverage Home: A celebration of Diwali and its significance to people all over the world 45 PLUS: Current AAHOA Officers reflect on what Diwali means to them 68 Let’s Get The Picture: Leading cable and satellite providers explain the market and how hoteliers can bring HD to their properties Notes From The RoadBringing It All Back Home: p.43 49 Good Times in the Gulf: Many prominent elected officials greet AAHOA for the association’s first Regional in Little Rock while members raise funds for the AAHOA PAC 51 Ready For Prime Time: In the heart of Silicon Valley, AAHOA and the California Hotel & Lodging Association had much to be proud of during the North Pacific Regional 53 California Dreaming: The South Pacific Regional attracted hundreds of attendees with informative Educational Seminars, a large Trade Show and a Business Meeting featuring compelling guest speakers with positive messagesBlooming In The Garden State: p.55 55 Blooming In The Garden State: While learning techniques to grow their businesses, AAHOA members also picked up tips for staying healthy physically and mentally during the Mid East Regional 58 Building The Foundation For the Future: AAHOA continues educating members on new initiatives designed to save everyone money, presenting strategies for avoiding financial headaches and pushing many legislative priorities at all levels of government 61 A View From the Top: Lodging gurus grapple with uncertainty during annual Lodging Conference in PhoenixA View From the Top: p.61 65 Texas Holds ‘Em: More than 100 AAHOA members flocked to Houston for an exciting Southeast Texas Regional, where membership has explodedNOVEMBER 2011 AAHOA Lodging Business 3
  2. 2. Asian Media & Marketing Group Garavi Gujarat Publications USA Inc 2020 Beaver Ruin Rd., Norcross GA 30071-3710 T: 770.263.7728 | F: 770.263.8617 NOVEMBER 2011 Volume 10, Issue 11 Editor-in-ChiefNOVEMBER 2011 Volume 10, Issue 10 Ramniklal Solanki CBE Managing Editor Kalpesh R. Solanki Executive Editor Shailesh R. Solanki Associate Publisher Scott Wilson 770.246.0572 Assistant Editor Jonathan Springston 770 263 7728 Sales Manager Nirmal Puri, 770.263.7728 Digital Media Aditya Solanki Art DepartmentMobile Convenience: p.34 Kamlesh Patel Office ManagerGuest Columns Syed Quadri 770 263 7728 syed.quadri@amgusa.biz32 Building For Success: New ADA standards will enhance safety and overall usability while enablingmore guests to enjoy the full range of hotel amenities Finance Manager Kamal Desai Circulation Manager Saurin Shah saurin.shah@amg.biz34 Mobile Convenience: Changing the way hotels conduct business and attract guests through smartphone technology Editorial and Advertising office: Asian Media & Marketing Group Garavi Gujarat Publications USA Inc 2020 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, GA 30071From AAHOA Tel: 770.263.7728 • Fax: 770.263.8617 For advertising, please e-mail: albsales@amgusa.biz20 For editorial submissions, e-mail: Board of Directors Bios: AAHOA spotlights 10 Regional Directors from across the country United Kingdom: Asian Media & Marketing Group24 Garavi Gujarat House, 1 Silex St., London SE1 0DW, UK AAHOA Advocacy in Action: New episodes Tel: 44 207 928 1234 Fax: 44 207 261 0055 of “AAHOA Educational Experience;” AAHOAraises funds for Senate candidate; delay on Fitted Sheets India: AMG Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.legislation and much more Commerce House II, Sayta Marg, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 T: 079 65499233 • E: india@amg.biz28 The 2011 AAHOA Progress Report: In this month’s installment, InterContinental Hotels Group sharestheir accomplishments and priorities moving forward ISSN 1539381X AAHOA Lodging Business is published monthly by Garavi Gujarat Publications USA Inc / Asian Media & Marketing Group. 2020 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, GA 30071 © Garavi Gujarat Publications (USA) Inc 2011Each Month in ID Statement: Periodicals Postage paid@ Norcross, GA and additional mailing officesAAHOA Lodging Business Permit No. 3958 US.Postmaster, please send address changes to: AAHOA Lodging Business, 2020 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, GA 3007137106 Chairman’s Letter No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher.8 Vice Chairman’s Letter AAHOA Lodging Business is the registered trademark of Asian American Hotel Owners Association.10 Treasurer’s Letter Subscription rates: Subscription rates: USA one year $60; two years $110. Outside USA one year $100 (surface mail). Single copies $10 (USA) Single copies $15(Outside USA).12 Secretary’s Letter The information and opinions contained in AAHOA Lodging Business are solely those of the author14 President’s Letter and are not intended to reflect, and do not reflect, the thoughts and opinions of AAHOA, its Board16 Editor’s Letter of Directors, staff, members, representatives, agents or any persons working or acting on AAHOA’s behalf. Nothing contained herein is intended to provide legal, financial , business, or other advice, or18 AAHOA Board of Directors to serve as a recommendation or endorsement of any kind. Neither AAHOA, its Board of Directors, staff, members, representatives, agents or those acting on its behalf assume any responsibility for the72 AAHOA Calendar accuracy, legality, content, or any other aspect of the materials contained herein.73 AAHOA Membership Applications The opinions expressed by the authors and contributors to AAHOA Lodging Business are not necessarily those of the editors or publishers. AAHOA Lodging Business does not verify information or claims of79 Founding Members advertisements in this magazine. Asian Media & Marketing Group USA Inc does not take any responsi- bility for losses or damages incurred by readers from information or claims stated in all advertisements.81 News & NotesNOVEMBER 2011 AAHOA Lodging Business 5