AAHOA Lodging Business Officer Letter


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Each of the five officers for AAHOA have their own letter appear in each issue of the magazine. Seen here is the Secretary\'s Letter from May 2012 reflecting a typical design of these letters.

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AAHOA Lodging Business Officer Letter

  1. 1. From The Secretary Keeping a Watchful Eye on Key Legislative Issues AAHOA monitoring developments on increasing access to capital, fair franchising legislation in California and a recent court ruling against the NLRB its notice requirement that would California. As of this late-April writ- effectively silence employers during a ing, the debate surrounds “The Level union organizing drive. Playing Field for Small Businesses Regarding increased access to Act of 2012” (AB 2305). As a strong capital and making sure small busi- supporter of this bill, AAHOA has ness owners in need can receive been at the forefront when it comes reasonable financing solutions, to supporting this bill and rallying we still acknowledge that this is a members in California to similarly major problem for business owners show their support. atel Pratik P everywhere. Since March’s Capitol On April 17, 2012, the Califor- Secretary Hill Legislative Summit, legisla- nia Assembly Judiciary Committee tors and government agencies still passed AB 2305 after more than 150 have not made much progress in this AAHOA members showed up to sup- area. We continue to stress the need port the bill. The bill now heads to I n last month’s issue, I addressed to modernize SBA loan programs as the Business Professions & Consumer growing concerns about ADA we move out of the financial crisis Protection Committee for a vote on pool lift requirements and how and to create more flexibility for loan April 24, 2012. The fate of the bill in the proposed Pool Safe Act (H.R. the committee will of course already 4256) would be a tremendous help to many hotel owners throughout We ask every be decided by the time you are read- ing this issue. Regardless of whether the country who are struggling to reach ADA compliance by the May 15 member to please or not it passes, AB 2305 has already had a ripple effect throughout the keep an eye out for deadline. This is obviously a hot topic country, and other states are con- when it comes to AAHOA’s legisla- sidering introducing their own fair franchising bills. member advisories tive priorities and the things we are working hard to address on behalf of Finally, but not least important, a our members. U.S. District Court in South Carolina However, with that said, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top that will instruct has ruled that the NLRB exceeded its authority in making the requirement of the progress of so many legisla- tive topics as they unfold – especially any member in the first place. The requirement compliance deadline, most recently considering all of the issues AAHOA tries to stay involved with on Capitol participation extended through April 30, 2012, has been indefinitely suspended. Never- requests if needed Hill as well as at the state and local theless, the District Court’s analysis levels. I would like to provide just a left the posting requirement in place, brief update on three other topics that but invalidated the NLRB’s ability to also carry a tremendous amount of enforce the rule. importance as they continue to un- eligibility criteria – specifically with AAHOA will continue to monitor fold: increasing access to capital, fair the 504 Loan Refinancing Program these and other legislative develop- franchising legislation in California that expires in September and the ments as they unfold. We ask every that could impact the entire country 7(a) Loan Program that needs to be member to please keep an eye out for and the recent U.S. District Court updated following the financial crisis. member advisories that will instruct judgment against the National Labor The battle over fair franchising any member participation requests if Relations Board (NLRB) regarding legislation is really heating up in needed.16 AAHOA Lodging Business MAY 2012