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AAHOA 2011 Year In Review


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This story, which appeared in the Dec. 2011 issue of AAHOA Lodging Business, showcases highlights of the association for 2011.

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AAHOA 2011 Year In Review

  1. 1. Year In ReviewEducation, Empowerment, EnlightenmentDuring a year to remember, 2011 saw AAHOA launch its own onlinetravel agency and eMarket, open new doors with lawmakers at alllevels of government and drive membership to 11,000 37
  2. 2. Year In Review January AAHOA Returns to India AAHOA, the OTAs and the C.K. Patel Appointed to U.S. Travel and Tourism Fight Over Occupancy Taxes Advisory Board38
  3. 3. Year In ReviewFebruary AAHOA Joins Coalition of Franchise AssociationsAAHOA and BP Oil Spill Claims Congress Repeals 1099 Requirement 39
  4. 4. Year In Review March AAHOA Tells Texas “Travel Matters” First D.C. Meeting Paves Way For Legislative SuccessWomen and Young Professionals Shine in Texas40
  5. 5. Year In ReviewApril On The Hill With AAHOAThe Challenge of Debt Restructuring 41
  6. 6. Year In Review Catching Up With The May Independent Analyst AAHOA Joins “Pool Safely” Campaign“AAHOA Educational Experience” Goes Live June Hemant Patel Takes Charge Getting Up To Code AAHOA, the NLRB and EFCA42
  7. 7. Year In ReviewThe 2011 AAHOA Annual Convention & Trade Show June 15-18, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada 43
  8. 8. Year In Review July AAHOA Opposes Proposed “Fitted Sheets Law” BirchStreet and the AAHOA eMarket Board Approves Charitable Fund44
  9. 9. Year In ReviewAugust A Special Interview with Mike LevenChairman, Vice Chairman Participate in Job Discussions 45
  10. 10. Year In Review September Off The Menu, At The Table AAHOA Raises Funds for U.S. Senate Candidate46
  11. 11. Year In ReviewOctober AAHOA’s Online Reservation System Goes LiveAAHOA Turns Out for NAIRA EventAAHOA LifetimeMember Named to Prestigious Board 47
  12. 12. Year In Review November Chairman Reflects On First 100 Days Another D.C. Visit Nets Key Endorsement AAHOA Women Host National Conference48