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Lakeside Living Room Remodel


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The homeowners wished to remodel their family room to take advantage of their lakeside view and address structural deficiencies. Their family room was not designed for an expansive view with a shed roof. We created this view by designing a gable roof and installing large windows. Before renovating, both the floors and ceiling sagged dangerously. We restructured the floor and rectified the framing when we built the gable roof.
We designed a clean, modern room that features both the lakeside view and a striking fireplace. The effect is stunning. Sometimes less is more, that is certainly true with this room.

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Lakeside Living Room Remodel

  3. 3. BEFORE & AFTER Because this home is picturesquely overlooking a lake, it was clear that we needed maximum use of glass to take advantage of the view. To achieve this, we removed the framing of the shed roof and replaced it with a gable roof facing the lake. This created the opportunity to install operable windows with dramatic fixed glass. The difference is truly striking! Originally, the shed roof sloped down to a height of less than 8’ on the lake side. The six original narrow casement windows both disrupted the view and blocked the light. Note how dark the room is. We installed these large windows that emphasize the new gable roof. This was both a structural and aesthetically pleasing solution that increased the value of the home.
  4. 4. BEFORE & AFTER The mock ceiling beams were not structural, and along with the paneling, had an obvious fake look. The cornice above the windows even lowered the window wall more. The stained maple trim and hardwood floors add warmth and complement the view of the lake.
  5. 5. BEFORE & AFTER The overall traffic flow in the room has been greatly improved. Old-fashioned paneling and bookcases were stripped from walls, which now have a clean, modern look. We love the new view from the windows facing the kitchen! Note: the walls originally appeared busy and short due to the paneling and bookcases.
  6. 6. FEATURES: LIGHTING & MAPLE TRIM Originally, there was a large, heavy chandelier in the middle of the room that provided inadequate lighting and aggravated the structural issues. The room now has an interesting modern chandelier, sconces, and recessed cans. Original chandelier Note: maple trim milled on site.
  7. 7. OBSTACLES Kept wall above fireplace simple to emphasize fireplace and mantle details The original ceiling sagged due to inadequate lumber sizing and species selection. With the services of a professional engineer, we built a new roof design, and provided proper structural support to the flooring.
  8. 8. OBSTACLES We restructured the floor system. Note the additional floor joists. The original carpeted floor sagged and had obvious dips. In fact, prior to this renovation, our engineer recommended that our clients not host any large parties in this room; he felt the existing framing exceeded its span capacity.
  9. 9. OBSTACLES One of the main challenges came from renovating while the family was still occupying the home. Our biggest concerns were with safety and guarding the home from the elements once we removed the roof. This room is on the second level and therefore major structural work needed to be transferred below and to solid footings. We also had to navigate around the difficulty of restructuring the floor while a finished room lay beyond. The homeowners informed us that the old HVAC system was always inadequate for the room and needed to be replaced. The volume of the new room certainly necessitated more advanced considerations for comfort in the room. However, when the floor joists were added we lost the ability to have unobstructed duct passage. We had to reconsider ductwork entirely.
  10. 10. AESTHETIC ENHANCEMENTS By raising the original side walls of the room, and still remaining in the original footprint of the home and the room, we were able to create a beautiful vaulted ceiling and showcase a magnificent view of the lake.
  11. 11. SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP The original, old-fashioned, stonework fireplace looked as if it had been glued onto the wall.
  12. 12. The wall above the fireplace has been kept simple and clean to better showcase the hearth and marble fireplace box. This natural gas, linear direct vent fireplace offers 42,000 BTUs of heat, is remotely controlled for ease of operation, and includes a glass media set, as well as rock and driftwood.