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From Basement to Delightful Terrace Level


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Our clients requested an entertainment area that was relaxing with the atmosphere of a Cape Cod vacation. We were able to give our clients their desires for a TV area, a bar, a playroom, an exercise room, a full bath and a guest bedroom.

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From Basement to Delightful Terrace Level

  2. 2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Our clients requested an entertainment area that was relaxing with the atmosphere of a Cape Cod vacation. Our firm designed architectural details that were compatible with the clients nautical theme, but would still look great with any craftsman style. We were able to give our clients their desires for a TV area, a bar, a playroom, an exercise room, a full bath and a guest bedroom. We removed the original interior framing, and created a floor plan with these objectives in mind: • Open the main entertaining space to the outside by adding beautiful windows. • Create a bar by opening a room that was located adjacent to the stair/entertainment space. • Redesign the stairs and their walls so that the stairs would not exit into a secondary room; but instead, allow them to flow into the main entertaining room. • Create a flow pattern that would allow one to enter the Bath and Guest Bedroom without having to travel through other rooms as the existing plan required. • Relocate walls to open up the floor plan to make the traffic pattern user-friendly and to create a dynamic entertaining space. The floor plan flows nicely now and the two sets of interior French doors create a feeling of openness.
  3. 3. FINISHES USED We love the textures in this space. They play off each other and convey an especially warm feeling. The stone fireplace is real stone cut into a ledge detail with mitered corners. It is enhanced by the mantle and channel rustic cedar siding above. We wanted the warmth and detailing of wooden ceilings, but not another wood grain. We painted the tongue & groove pine and beams bright white.
  4. 4. The new exterior door and adjacent windows along with interior French doors were designed to have larger panes of glass to create a more open and bolder look. GLASS WINDOW PANES RECLAIMED WOOD MANTLE The fireplace mantle is made from a beam of reclaimed wood handpicked by our client from a vintage lumber store. The aged quality of the mantel gives a wonderful texture and character to the space. PROJECT DETAILS
  5. 5. WINDOWS
  6. 6. WINDOWS & DOORS The existing wall of the main entertainment space was restructured to allow for the addition of windows and a new door. What was once a dark, uninviting space is now bathed in sunlight. The room is welcoming and seems to be even larger as it brings in the outdoors.
  7. 7. LIGHTING & FLOORING Our firm was excited to transition to small LED recessed cans in the entertaining rooms of this home. We were able to cut the number of recessed cans in half, have a smaller profile in our wooden ceilings, and retain the lighting levels that we would have had with more and larger recessed cans. The main flooring is beautiful and functional. It is a wood grain porcelain tile that is very durable, while fooling the eye to believe that it is hardwood. Visitors are always amazed by this stylish look.
  8. 8. STAIRS The stair was removed from the point of the first original landing. It was replaced with new framing and a open stair design that exits into the entertaining space. Structural and decorative columns were worked into the design of the stair in order to remove the original walls that surrounded the space.
  9. 9. STAIRS The stair was changed from one of those stairs hidden behind doors to one that has become a feature of the space. We opened it to our new room, flared it at the bottom, and created a small art ledge where the stair flares. Two decorative columns wrap steel columns with new footings to support the LVL’s and floor system above.
  10. 10. BAR
  11. 11. PROJECT DETAILS PECAN BAR TOP PECAN BAR CABINETS The entertainment bar top is pecan with a dark finish. We pulled together the spaces by using cedar, as featured at the fireplace, for the corbels and paneling. The inset cabinet doors fit the craftsman style of the terrace-level and the antique mirror creates a subtle reflection and pizzazz.
  12. 12. BAR These pecan cabinets are already dramatic , but the glass pendants and antique mirror add an element of glitz. The work areas have quartz countertops, along with a wine cooler, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and a sink. The hutch cabinet offers additional storage . Note that the bar was originally a separate room.
  13. 13. BEDROOM
  14. 14. BEDROOM Although this room remains structurally similar to its original shape, it was dramatically changed by rearranging one architectural element. The closet shown in the “before” pictures below was moved so that upon viewing into the room, one does not see the side wall of a closet. This small alteration became very significant. It opens the room to a panorama view as one steps inside the doorway. Two new closets were added on another wall.
  15. 15. BATHROOM The Bathroom is now easily accessible from all areas of the home. There is no more need to pass through other rooms to get to a bath. Therefore, it serves as a Powder room as well as a full Bath for guests. The tile flooring flows seamlessly through the main entertaining spaces, hallway and into the Bath. This creates an important continuity throughout the project. Features of the Bathroom include quartz countertops with a little sparkle, and burnished nickel accessories, such as the light fixture and mirror frame. These compliment the countertop’s subtle glitz.
  16. 16. BATHROOM Our clients decided on a understated wall tile to coordinate with the wood grain tile floor. The penny tile stripe highlights the colors of the tile floor and adds a touch of fun. The niches became a design element in addition to a functional space.
  17. 17. PLAYROOM
  18. 18. PLAYROOM What fun this room is! We changed the space in significant ways, but then in other ways, we left it alone. It is still in the same location with the same windows, but it no longer contains the stairs. It is now a destination space. The Playroom is entered by glass French doors from the main entertaining space. Parents can still see the children, yet, the noise and toys are contained. Children love their own space, too, with a chalkboard, TV, and plenty of romping room. Note that the tile carpet pads coordinate with the toy storage and the wall colors. Our clients’ selections make this a must visit room!
  19. 19. PLAYROOM THE HIDE-AWAY NOOK A secret nook to play and read was created under the stairs when we opened the stair into the Entertainment room. The doll sized door, light fixture, and carpet makes this an inviting space for children. This small hall, also, leads to a unfinished laundry room and storage.
  21. 21. Glass pocket doors open up this Exercise room into the Playroom. The children are close, but, again they are separate. The opening allows these spaces to adjust to the changes of a growing family. Perhaps, one day they will expand the Exercise room, or add a pool table & games in the Playroom. POCKET DOORS DOOR AND WINDOW TRIM Trim details were intentionally designed to be simpler than the molding on the main upstairs level. We relaxed the formality, and emphasized a bold craftsman feel in the detailing PROJECT DETAILS
  22. 22. EXERCISE ROOM The goal was to place the Exercise room in a space that could later change function. We located it adjacent to the playroom with the idea of flexibility for a growing family. The double glass pocket doors can later open the spaces to each other for activities, such as, poker, pool or games. The Exercise room has a standard door to the hall, and a closet, if one ever wants to convert it to a bedroom. A mirrored wall and a TV compliment this room.
  23. 23. CHALLENGES - STAIRS The stair was ugly, steep, and entered into a secondary room. Obviously, we could not change the upstairs location of the stair, so we pulled out the lower half of the stair at the landing and redesigned the bottom section of the stair. We removed the walls around the front and sides and located new walls behind it. Once we solved the architectural issue of the walls , we then had to concentrate on the code issues presented by our desire to make it flair and turn at the bottom. After meeting with our local inspector, we were able to get approval for another landing to make this turn. The stair is now a fun feature. It was worth the effort!
  24. 24. CHALLENGES – SLAB PLUMBING & LIFT STATIONS It is always inconvenient, messy , and expensive to cut a slab to provide drain lines for plumbing. But this job was an even bigger challenge. The previous builder located the lift station in the main entertaining room not far from the door to the outside. We had to relocate this lift station and figure out how we could have a bath on one end of the home and a bar sink on the other end. The way the original drains were run gave us no other option but provide for two lift stations. We installed one in a hall closet near the bath and one in the mechanical room for the bar sink. We had to locate original drain lines and design a new drain system.
  25. 25. CHALLENGES - FIREPLACE BEFORE DURING The fireplace needed to vent. We had several restrictions regarding the vent location, such as, the height below the deck outside and the ductwork inside. We found an acceptable path by designing a cabinet with a paneled header to hide the vent.
  26. 26. We hope you enjoyed your tour! Note the opening to the future wine cellar.