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An Amazing Retreat


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An inside look at a terrace-level remodel, complete with media room, entertainment room, and playroom.

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An Amazing Retreat

  1. 1. An Amazing Retreat
  2. 2. Note:The repetitive use of structural columns becomes an architectural feature.The placement of theTV suspended between two columns creates a dramatic design. The before picture shows the solid wall that outlined the futureGuest Bedroom in the original plan.We wanted the room with the most windows to be a public space.We made this room the Media Room. A view of the Media Room toward the Entertainment Room
  3. 3. A Guest Bedroom becomes a Media Room. Note:This picture shows off the hardwood floors, which are 4” planks of white oak over plywood. It would certainly have been easier to install carpet or tile on the slab floor, but we wanted wood in this project to add warmth to theTerrace Level.
  4. 4. A unique semi- circular bar with a brushed pewter countertop elevated to 42” AFF. Note: the pewter develops a natural patina as it is used, which makes upkeep very easy.The natural stone quartzite countertop is just below, at 36”AFF. It provides 11.5’ of working space. The before picture illustrates that the existing framing was open into what was originally planned to be the Entertainment Room. Instead, we created a Guest Suite in that space.
  5. 5. Wood is a dominant feature in this project. We wanted to use different types of wood in this project. The task was how to combine them and still have a cohesive design.We accomplished that using pecan bar cabinets, a mahoganyWine Cellar, a walnut bar base, and white oak flooring. Our client’s family owns a farm inWestVirginia. She wanted wood from the farm to live in her home. Her father sent wood samples and we decided that walnut fit best. He milled the wood in various sizes for the curved base. Note:The picture shows that we installed the narrowest piece in the center. On either side of the center, each piece of walnut gradually gets wider.
  6. 6. This photo of the Entertainment Room gives an overall view of the new stair, theWine Cellar, the bar, and the art side of the suspended wall. Note:The curved wall at the bottom of the stairs creates a path that flows into the Entertainment space. The colonnade reinforces our column theme.
  7. 7. This stair leads one from a very traditional upstairs to a more transitional space with industrial design influences. The stair has glass and metal features instead of balusters and a simple, yet bold curved handrail. Note:The glass rests in a slot on the top of the stringer.The top glass panel is inserted into metal slots in the ceiling and the side wall.The metal pieces add structure and reinforce the industrial look.
  8. 8. Before During The original “hall” is now open, however, the lighting playfully reminds one that, in fact, this is still a path. Note:The thicker & wider treads add a design element. The before picture shows wing walls that created a hallway.The during picture shows those walls replaced with structural columns. The existing stairway was changed for both comfort and design.
  9. 9. The Playroom is a stimulating space for the young, but can be easily adapted to teenagers. For example, the multi-colored carpet tiles are laid over our new hardwood floor. Note:The before picture shows existing ductwork to upstairs that threatened to sabotage our trey ceiling.We added another level of soffitt and extended it until it was centered.The two elevated spaces gave us an opportunity to play with lighting.
  10. 10. The Nanny/Guest Bathroom was finished in tones of grey and charcoal, from the vanity to the shower and the accent band of glass tile. Note: Because of budget considerations, we decided to keep the frameless glass a standard size. However, we did not want a sheetrock header with a small piece of tile trim. Instead, we built a wall in line with the curb and covered it with tile.The result is another bold feature that we really like.
  11. 11. Note:The before picture shows a bicycle in the closet under the existing stair.The original Storage Room is behind the closet where one can see the old wine rack.This is where theWine Cellar was installed.The back of the closet was extended into the new Mechanical Room. A view of the Wine Cellar from the bar.
  12. 12. Note:The "DuringConstruction" picture above shows the stair stringer before the soffitt was built around it.We had just built the matching soffitt on the right to cover the ductwork. The mahogany Wine Cellar fits uniquely under the new stairway.
  13. 13. The Dutch Door The colonnade ends at this fun door, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Note:The hardware was designed to allow our clients to open the door to view their child at play and yet feel secure in his safety.