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Nonprofit Plans Book / Proposal


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Plans book and marketing strategy proposal for a nonprofit organization.

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Nonprofit Plans Book / Proposal

  1. 1. southeastern YOUTH & FAMILY Integrated Marketing Campaign Focusing The Power Within
  2. 2. southeastern YOUTH & FAMILY Small room : Big ideaS NovemBer 3, 2008 Focusing The Power Within
  3. 3. executive summary For more than 35 years, growth. By creating a more focused, Focusing the Power Within Southeastern Youth and Family has consistent brand image, and provided structure and stability incorporating the new image into for at-risk youth in the Milwaukee a strategic marketing plan, we plan area. This long heritage is a to increase awareness and positive testament to the hard work and perception of Southeastern within dedication of its staff and donors. and outside of the organization. It By those who are familiar with it, is our contention that this change Southeastern is highly respected in perception will increase donors for both its educational system and both in number and in quantity its group home program. Despite donated as well as numbers in terms Southeastern’s long and respected of volunteers. heritage, its current brand image offers enormous opportunity for SUCCESS
  4. 4. Through primary research gathered positive outcomes. This message In the coming pages, you’ll be taken from Southeastern staff and will be communicated publicly as through our research, rational, current donors we’ve determined “Focusing the Power Within.” In updated brand identity, and plan that Southeastern’s current order to maximize Southeastern’s for execution. We’ve included brand is lacking in both focus and return on investment, we’ve a timeline and budget to assist awareness. Based on recurring performed secondary research to Southeastern in this exciting comments made in staff focus determine which individuals and transition, as well as supplemental groups and donor surveys, we’ve corporations are the most efficient material to support the information devised a new brand identity that targets in terms of donations, as contained in this book. It has been addresses these issues utilizing well as which individuals are most our distinct pleasure to be a part of an updated look and message likely to volunteer time. We’ve then Southeastern’s ongoing dedication focus. In addition, we’ve devised taken these targets and devised a to improving the lives of at-risk a marketing plan that implements number of strategies and tactics to youth, and it is our sincerest hope this new identity with the goal most effectively reach them. that the information contained in of increased positive awareness. these pages will assist in taking this The new identity is based on the outstanding organization to new notion that Southeastern provides levels of success. structure and stability that channels the energy of its students toward 2 3
  5. 5. situation analysis Milwaukee area agencies continue to choose Southeastern because of its positive, long-term dedication to improving the lives of Milwaukee’s at-risk youth. Southeastern Youth and Family According to Education Week responds to this growing need for iNduStry/market aNalySiS magazine, Wisconsin’s overall specialized care and frequently finds high school graduation rate is 85 both its school and group treatment percent, the third highest in the homes at maximum capacity. country. In Milwaukee, however, However, as the need continues to the graduation rate is 53 percent. grow, Southeastern has the ability Many of Milwaukee’s at-risk youth to expand its services and facilities come from difficult home situations, to meet the needs of Milwaukee’s including divorced or single parents, population of at-risk youth. With parents in prison, or homes where additional financial resources, there is emotional or physical government sponsored aid and abuse. Other youth have alcohol and in-kind donations, Southeastern drug addictions or require special can increase its school and group physical or mental health care. home numbers. OPTIMISM
  6. 6. Youth and Family depends on a core offered by the organization are the Southeastern Youth and Family’s group of volunteers to help maintain mentoring/tutoring program and Three major competitors in ClieNt aNalySiS Competitive aNalySiS mission focuses on providing the buildings and assist with family counseling. The educational southeastern Wisconsin are Lad structure and stability that programs. Predominantly, African- center is offered to middle school Lake, St. Charles Youth and Family channels the energy of its youth American residents of the local students, sixth to eighth grade who Services, and Walker’s Point Youth toward positive outcomes. community near Southeastern are are referred to Southeastern by and Family. Lad Lake is the largest Southeastern assists young most likely to volunteer their time the Milwaukee Public Schools for of the overall competitors, assisting children, at-risk adolescents and with this organization. behavioral problems in integrated over 1700 students and troubled their families develop the life classrooms. For this service, youth each year. They operate on skills necessary for becoming curriculums are slightly modified to about $11 million dollars annually. Since 1973, over 5,000 children fit individual student needs. There mature and productive members There is a large gap between this CoNSumer aNalySiS have been referred to Southeastern are assessments to decide how of Milwaukee’s community. organization and its number two Youth and Family’s alternative each student learns best, and what Southeastern is currently running competitor. St. Charles works with middle school and group treatment personal barriers (behavioral and three primary programs including 42 students and youths every year homes. They are referred through psychological) they may have in the the Southeastern Education Center, and operates on a much smaller, a variety of different avenues academic settings. which can teach up to 85 middle tighter budget. Walker’s Point including social services, the justice school students, three group The other main service offered by works with over 650 students a system, and the Milwaukee Public treatment homes for adolescents Southeastern is the group home year in several different programs. School system. Although there are age 12-17, and the Circle of Friends program. These group homes are for It is complicated to understand many similar organizations in the daycare, which provides state troubled boys ages 12 thru 17 that the competition among all of Milwaukee area agencies continue licensed quality child care and need stable living environments. these programs due to the way to choose Southeastern because of preschool programming These boys work towards gaining in which clients arrive at each its positive, long-term dedication to for children. responsible lifestyle skills that will service center. Southeastern uses improving the lives of Milwaukee’s Southeastern excels at providing move them towards positive futures. referrals from MPS. St. Charles is at-risk youth. high-quality care and support for Having the financial support and centrally located in Waukesha and hundreds of at-risk youth each volunteer coordination to tweak and works with that school district for year. However, it currently lacks a There are three main types of better equip the programs would referrals. Lad Lake takes in youths ServiCe aNalySiS cohesive marketing strategy with services offered by Southeastern greatly enhance the overall success based on recommendations from which to distinguish itself from Youth and Family. Their two primary of each individual service. community outreach organizations. the dozens of other organizations services include an education A more detailed comparison of with similar missions that currently center and residential group these individual institutions can be operate in the area. Southeastern homes. Other smaller services found in the Appendix under the Secondary Research Report. 6 7
  7. 7. research There is a sense of excitement, pride, and achievement for the work that Southeastern does. A wide variety of secondary The primary research for SeCoNdary reSearCH primary reSearCH research examined funding Southeastern Youth and Family issues such as corporate giving, compiled opinion surveys and fundraising strategies, and focus groups from donors, faculty, philanthropic foundations as well board members and students. The as preliminary market research inquiries analyzed the current including competing organizations, perceptions of the organization volunteer and donor profiles. from both within and without. Since Southeastern is both an Research revealed that, while those educational organization as well associated with Southeastern as an organization that works with do not necessarily have a feeing at-risk youth, our research shows of unity or excitement about the that it is eligible to take advantage brand image, there is a sense of of many different types of funding excitement, pride, and achievement opportunities. Southeastern is for the work that Southeastern does. uniquely qualified to apply for Suggestions for improvement from PASSION a wide variety of federal grants, the faculty focus groups showed a private grants, and corporate need for a reenergized brand that philanthropy programs that offer invigorates and excites everyone thousands of dollars of funding each that participates with Southeastern. year to non-profit organizations. The donors showed that though the economy has taken a hit in the past few months, their willingness to donate is heavily based on what the organization does for the community.
  8. 8. consumer profiles Larry is attracted to emotional and compelling material. himself. Larry decides to make Larry is our target Southeastern subsequent donations based on doNor donor, a 40 year-old Caucasian man his experiences with the charity/ from Brookfield who is married non-profit. Larry is attracted to with kids. He works in finance, emotional and compelling material makes $90,000 a year, and likes to that combines raw real-life imagery donate to organizations he feels with inspiring and poignant success a connection to and has previous stories. In his free time, Larry is experience with. Larry has had involved with his church and enjoys limited exposure to inner-city coaching his kid’s athletic teams. life but understands the need for He watches Sports Center, Jim social improvements within these Cramer’s Mad Money, The Office, communities. Larry typically and Sopranos. He reads the sports finds out about charities and non- and financial sections of the daily profits through friends and family paper, Newsweek, and Men’s Heath. and decides to donate based on He listens to talk and sports radio. additional internet research he does DESIRE
  9. 9. and poignant success stories. In moderate to upscale neighborhoods Willie is our target Southeastern his free time, Wille is involved with Thompson Publishing is our target and average a family income of voluNteer Corporate profile volunteer, a 35 year-old African- his church and enjoys following corporate donor. Thompson $100,000 per year. The atmosphere American man from north-central local athletic teams. He watches Publishing is a 10 year-old company at Thompson Publishing is business Milwaukee who is married with primetime television sitcoms, the with 80 employees. Employees casual. The company is led by CEO kids. He works as a security officer news, and sporting events. He reads are college-educated and work in John Jacob. Jacob wants Thompson at Miller Brewing, makes $35,000 a the local community newspaper. a variety of entry level to upper Publishing to be an active member year, and likes to volunteer his time He listens to urban news-talk radio management positions. Thompson in the community. Jacob is willing to organizations he feels improve and WJMR. Publishing prides itself on paying to donate to organizations that he his community. Willie typically finds wages and offering benefits that feels are worthy of funding and out about volunteer opportunities surpass the national average for provide unique services to the through word-of-mouth and his other organizations in the field. Last community. Thompson Publishing church. Willie decides to donate year, net income was $120 million. also encourages their employees to his time based on both his comfort Thompson Publishing donated volunteer in the community. In fact, level and the impact he feels he $500,000 to local non-profits. Most Jacob has considered offering 10 is making with the organization. employees at Thompson Publishing hours of paid volunteering time per Willie is attracted to emotional and drive to work from the surrounding year per employee. compelling material that combines suburbs. The average commute time raw real-life imagery with inspiring is 27 minutes each way. They live in 12 13
  10. 10. campaign objective and strategies Create a compelling, mission-driven brand image that encourages oBjeCtive increased charitable support and volunteerism. Unify the Southeastern Youth and Strategy1 Family brand to reflect the positive characteristics of the kids. Strategy2 Increase brand awareness and recall. GOAL: 25 percent increase in donations GOAL: Double the amount of volunteers fpo SUCCESS Something inspirational goes here
  11. 11. brand identity Brand Focus A Product: Offers both an educational center and group homes BraNd aS: A Person: An Energetic, goal-oriented guide ¶ An Organization: Professional and well-established ¶ southeastern A Symbol: Sun, Power, Bright Colors ¶ ¶ ¶ Demographic: Caucasian, homeowners, over 25 years Core uSer: YOUTH & FAMILY of age with a household income of $75,000 or more ¶ Desire: To feel personally connected to positive change; to be recognized for their contributions Empowerment Core valueS Optimism ¶ Passion ¶ Success ¶ STABILITY Dedication ¶ Strength ¶ ¶ Quality Service/Staff fuNCtioNal BeNefitS Range of Services ¶ Stability ¶ Structure (curriculum/program) ¶ Accessibility (referrals/connections) ¶ ¶ 16
  12. 12. Excitement emotioNal BeNefitS creative campaign Accomplishment ¶ Desire ¶ Connect brand identity to the energy Hope ¶ oBjeCtive of the kids. Compassion ¶ ¶ Strategy1 Create consistent visual identity “Channeling energy into positive outcomes”. Core ideNtity Strategy2 Create consistent brand voice Southeastern provides structure and stability that channels the value propoSitioN energy of its students toward positive outcomes. “Focusing the Power Within” BraNd poSitioN 18 STRENGTH
  13. 13. letterHead weB page southeastern YOUTH & FAMILY southeastern March 10, 2009 YOUTH & FAMILY Ryan Hartman Rock Bottom Brewery contact us | site map 740 N. Plankinton Ave Milwaukee, WI 53203 home | about us | our kids | our programs | support us | news & events Dear Ryan, Southeastern Youth & Family will host Painting a Bright Future at the Milwaukee Public Market’s Focusing the Power Within Palm Garden on March 26. To introduce our new look, guests will enjoy cocktails, appetizers When Kyle enrolled in Southeastern Education Center at age 13, he struggled with disciplin- and artwork by Southeastern students and local artists. We will also feature an elaborate silent ary issues and had a dif�icult time controlling his anger. A short time later, he’s begun transi- auction made possible by generous supporters throughout the community. tioning to Milwaukee Public School and has already set his sights on receiving a higher education – with a very speci�ic college in mind. Each year, Southeastern Youth & Family continues to provide structure and stability that channels the energy of its students toward positive outcomes. “I want to go to Harvard,” Kyle says earnestly, speaking with enthusiasm about his eagerness to study law and learn Japanese – an interest he’s had since discovering an af�inity for the Please help make our event a success by donating an item or gift certificate for our raffle. culture’s heritage and honor. And thanks to Southeastern, Kyle understands the responsibil- The item can be sent to my attention at the address below. All contributions to Southeastern ity required of him if he’s going to achieve his goals. Youth and Family Services, Inc. are deductible for income tax purposes to the maximum extent by law. Southeastern Youth and Family Services, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. “Ever since I’ve been at Southeastern, I’ve had to take on a lot of responsibility,” Kyle says. Financial statements of Southeastern Youth and Family Services, Inc. are available to prospective BuSiNeSS Card His mother – who commutes 150 miles to and from work each day – feels comfortable contributors upon request. Should you have any questions or require additional information leaving it up to Kyle to get up and ready for school every morning, taking care of the family regarding this event or Southeastern Youth & Family, please contact me. dogs, and watching over the house while she’s away. “I guess by testing me with responsibili- ties, the staff at Southeastern really helped prepare me for the real life responsibilities I deal Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. “I want to go to with now.” Having come so far, Kyle is still able to look back on his time at Southeastern and pinpoint Cordially, Harvard” that watershed moment in his improvement. “It was when the teachers started trusting me and the students started respecting me. All because I started controlling my anger. Right at southeastern that moment, I felt the best I have in 15 years.” YOUTH & FAMILY Carol McLain Development Director Southeastern provides structure and stability that channels the energy of its students toward positive outcomes. Southeastern strives to accomplish to assist young children, carol mclain, cfre at-risk adolescents and their families to develop life skills that enable them DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR to mature and become productive members of our community by: Employing quality, professional staff; Providing a caring and safe environment; Promoting physical, emotional and social stability; Focusing The Power Within Tailoring programs to meet individual needs; Maximizing effectiveness through successful collaborations. 8008 West Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53222 • P 414.464.1800 ext. 22 • F 414.464.1804 • Focusing The Power Within 8008 West Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53222 P 414.464.1800 ext. 22 • F 414.464.1804 20 21
  14. 14. INDIVIDUAL BRIEF The objective is to revitalize Southeastern Youth & Family’s brand image in We want current, past and potential donors to be aware of and excited wHat do we waNt to aCCompliSH? wHat do we waNt tHem to tHiNk? order to increase charitable support and volunteerism. about the Southeastern brand, and to view Southeastern as a positive, well-structured organization. We want them to feel the energy of the students who attend Southeastern and to understand that Southeastern In order to increase charitable support, we are speaking to individuals is the catalyst for that energy. We want them to see how powerful their wHo are we talkiNg to? with a high propensity to donate money to charitable organizations, contributions to Southeastern can be in improving the lives of its students. specifically individuals within our target markets: Caucasian, non-Hispanic We want volunteers to see how Southeastern can positively channel homeowners, over 25 years of age with a household income of $75,000 or the energy of these kids, and to feel secure within the confines of more. In regards to increasing volunteerism, we are speaking to primarily the organization. African-American community members who are more likely to donate their time than their money. Southeastern is able to transform youths and place them on a path to wHy SHould tHey tHiNk tHiS? personal and career success. Southeastern provides quality services Based on the primary research, current and past donors of Southeastern that have proven successful in the past. We will use raw and real-life wHat do tHey tHiNk Now? are typically either unaware of or confused about the overarching image personalized imagery to show the often heart-wrenching reality that these of Southeastern. They recognize Southeastern as doing good in the kids face in their everyday lives. We will also use inspiring personal success community, but are apprehensive about Southeastern’s clientele. They stories to show the power that Southeastern has to transform these see Southeastern as just another dumping ground for troubled youth. kids’ lives. They have little faith that these types of organizations can truly make a lasting difference in the community. Southeastern kids have an incredible energy that, when channeled properly, wHat iS our meSSage? can help change their lives and their community for the better. 22 23
  15. 15. CORPORATE BRIEF The objective is to introduce Southeastern Youth & Family to prospective We want to instill an image that will serve two purposes. The first is to wHat do we waNt to aCCompliSH? wHat do we waNt tHem to tHiNk? corporate donors and reintroduce the organization to previous donors to immediately recognize Southeastern as a necessary organization worthy increase donor support. of donations. The second being to educate corporations about what Southeastern does for the youth in the community. Given this image, we then want them to think of Southeastern when the topic of troubled youth We are speaking to corporations with the financial resources to donate is discussed, and to funnel dollars to Southeastern when donation decisions wHo are we talkiNg to? money to non-profit organizations. This includes companies that have a are made. strong history of donating as well as others that offer goods or services closely related to education, leadership and/or empowering youth. The primary focus will be on companies in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties Southeastern is able to transform youths and place them on a path to wHy SHould tHey tHiNk tHiS? and the metro Milwaukee area. personal and career success. Southeastern provides quality services that have proven successful in the past. We will use raw and real-life personalized imagery to show the often heart-wrenching reality that these The majority of potential corporate donors fall into two groups. The first kids face in their everyday lives. We will also use inspiring personal success wHat do tHey tHiNk Now? group is corporations that are unaware of Southeastern. Based on the stories to show the power that Southeastern has to transform these kids’ primary research, current and past donors of Southeastern are typically lives. either unaware of or confused about the overarching image of Southeastern. They recognize Southeastern as doing good in the community, but are apprehensive about Southeastern’s clientele. They Southeastern kids have an incredible energy that, when channeled properly, wHat iS our meSSage? see Southeastern as just another dumping ground for troubled youth. can help change their lives and their community for the better. They have little faith that these types of organizations can truly make a lasting difference in the community. The second group is corporations that are aware of Southeastern but are not familiar with their services. 24 25
  16. 16. internal campaign oBjeCtive Make staff brand champions Strategy1 Energize staff around brand Strategy2 Reinforce and sustain brand identity among staff DEDICATION
  17. 17. Throughout the year: ¶ Date: February 13, 2009 ¶ Dates: Once a quarter One Day-Fun Day wHat’S New aNd exCitiNg at SoutHeaSterN! ¶ Description: Southeastern Education Center will host a one-day ¶ Description: This is an internal newsletter sent to all employees event for all employees in the organization. This event will that details Employee of the Quarter, events that are coming introduce the new branding efforts to the entire organization and up at the individual sites, and other exciting internal discussions. allow for a smooth integration of the brand for the New Year. This ¶ Budget $0 event includes guest speakers, icebreaker activities, and discussions that engage different communities of employees (e.g. house employees and teaching faculty). ¶ Description: The department heads of each site will meet State of SoutHeaSterN ¶ Budget: $450 once a quarter and then email once a month to discuss three topics: 1. What’s new at the site? (Principal talks about past month’s art show) 2. New Brand tactic for the quarter (Remember to where your organization polo shirt on Friday) 3. What’s coming up? (House coordinator mentions Unity Open House next week) ¶ Budget $0 • This entire event is conducted by email and brief twenty-minute meetings every 3 months. ¶ Description: Signs to replace the current signs at the school i Saw tHe SigN! location and the corporate office to promote the new branding efforts and make the brand visible to the public. ¶ Budget $500 28 29
  18. 18. direct marketing campaign Increase response rates against oBjeCtive target audiences Manage and maintain database of Strategy1 current and past donors and volunteers Develop guidelines and schedule of Strategy2 distribution of marketing materials HOPE
  19. 19. ¶ Update current donor information and contribution history direCt marketiNg CampaigN public relations campaign ¶ Obtain lists of potential donors and corporate grant opportunities ¶ Create templates; Solicitation letters, thank you letters, volunteer communications, newsletters, contribution envelopes, etc. oBjeCtive1 Create positive local media interest ¶ Develop list of appropriate direct market outputs: Create community involvement to oBjeCtive2 • Media kit – To be enclosed in a Southeastern folder; to be increase awareness and support sent to businesses/individuals with a high potential to donate, media and anyone who inquires about Southeastern Youth Develop relationship with local & Family; to include: cover letter, one-sheeter, current press Strategy1 media outlets release, company profile, annual report, DVD with photos/ artwork/video; visual representation of donation dollars at Execute relevant community Strategy2 work, business card outreach events • Self-mailer – Information brochure/donation solicitation • Monthly e-newsletter – To be distributed to staff, volunteers, Strategy3 Create newsworthy story pitches donors, parents/guardians (when available); monthly profile of an exceptional student or staff member; discuss on-going and upcoming events;“Refer a friend” program will advocate Southeastern community to forward the newsletters to friends and family with the propensity to donate and/or volunteer ¶ Create distribution schedule based on both Southeastern events and calendar events/holidays; include periodic mailings of misc. POWER euphemra items in distribution schedule (magnets, Southeastern post-it notes, artwork calendars, caps, etc.) 32
  20. 20. ¶ Establish a Southeastern Youth & Family spokesperson ¶ Date: August 29 or 30, 2009 puBliC relatioNS CampaigN auguSt: fieldiNg tHe dreamS of SoutHeaSterN for all media inquires ¶ Description: Donors, group home kids, and staff members will ¶ Research appropriate media contacts and establish interaction gather at Miller Park to have a fun-filled afternoon of tailgating ¶ Develop local community partnerships and baseball. This event allows donors to build relationships with each other and Southeastern kids, further strengthening ¶ Reach out to community for event donations the connection with Southeastern Youth & Family. Dave Sobelman ¶ Execute relevant community outreach events; will man the grill and provide a tangible example of Alert media of events as detailed in supplement Southeastern’s success. ¶ Budget $1750 ¶ Date: March 26, 2009 marCH: paiNtiNg a BrigHt future ¶ Description: Southeastern Youth & Family will host a happy ¶ Date: November 6, 2009 NovemBer: faCeS of our future BreakfaSt hour event to introduce the new brand identity to new and ¶ Budget $2000 existing donors. Held in the Milwaukee Public Market’s Palm Garden, donors will bid on artwork by Southeastern students and local artists. ¶ Budget: $2000 ¶ Date: June 13, 2009 juNe: BikeS for a Better Summer ¶ Description: One day bike give-away event that allows for bike recipients, donors, and community members to gather to kickoff the summer. Held at the Southeastern Education Center, participants can tour the school and learn about what Southeastern has to offer. ¶ Budget: $900 34 35
  21. 21. Throughout the year: ¶ Dates: TBD foCuSiNg your future Career media campaign ¶ Description: Board and community members will speak to Southeastern kids about his/her career. Speakers will enlighten the students about the multitude of career opportunities available Increase recall and frequency of oBjeCtive if they channel their energy and strive for excellence in their message among target audience school work. Tips for success will be offered and students can seek advice from speakers. Utilize locally relevant media sources to ¶ Budget $600 Strategy increase coverage of potential donor base ¶ Description: Community members and corporations will “adopt” ¶ Work with local ad agency to secure placement in the Milwaukee adopt a ClaSSroom or group Home a classroom/group home for the year. Donors will have a Journal-Sentinel’s “Partners for Humanity” program. Program personal connection to the organization and build a relationship involves sponsor ad agency providing free ad design to with the kids in their adopted location. Southeastern Youth & Family and securing a one-time (1x) free ad ¶ Budget $710 placement with the Journal-Sentinel. ¶ Solicit local TV and radio stations for complimentary Public Service Announcement’s promoting the Southeastern Youth & Family cause • Preferred radio station formats: News/Talk, Contemporary Hit Radio, Classic Rock, Public Radio ¶ Secure paid sponsorships on public radio stations in Milwaukee (WHAD 90.7, WUWM 89.7) SUCCESS • Utilize morning and afternoon drive time sponsorships to capture largest audience around promotion of key fundraising events (Painting a Bright Future, Bikes for a Better Summer, Faces of Our Future Breakfast) • May also consider sponsorships in eclectic programming on Saturday and Sunday mornings • 10-15 spots at $1,500-2,000 per week ($4,500-$6,000 total) 36
  22. 22. event timeline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
  23. 23. budget list of supplemental materials !"#$%"&'( )*+,-- copy style guide !"#$%#& !"## design style guide '%($)*+,-&$. !$"# internal manual !.%//+.01*"2.1 !%"# public relations/promotions manual 3"1)4+,56&$1&1 !&'(## ./%$0#(1&%2$#/"3 )4+,-- 3&7"%+8".9+3%":&29+;&<1:&..&2 !%'$## 3"1)4+,56&$1&1 !&'&## 567'/0(8$'&#/9": );<+--- =2&%>/%1. !)'### ;&<+,-&$.1 !%'*## 3"1)4+,56&$1&1 !*'+## 1$=/& )>+--- ?(@:")+A%7"B+!6B$1B21*"61 !%'### 1/:0$''&"$96: );;+--- ,5.&2$%:+?2"$."$# !,'### C$.&2$+ !*'### !"#$% &'()((( 40 41
  24. 24. small room : big ideas Andrea Voves Kyle Krueger Garth Cramer Jennifer Meness Nikki Rogan Brianne Schwantes Alyssa Wilson Kristen Buettner Kevin Myszewski NovemBer 2008