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Why Networking Sucks, and how to make it awesome!


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Presented in Saskatoon April 5th for the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists. An amazing crowd, a wonderful evening, and I got to meet some amazing people after.

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Why Networking Sucks, and how to make it awesome!

  1. 1. Why Networking Sucks(And how you can make it awesome!)
  2. 2. Networking doesn’t suck, your attitude does!
  3. 3. “Ways to stay employed in the future!”
  4. 4. I went to a “networking seminar” in University
  5. 5. -Wear a suit -Don’t drink -Only speak when spoken to -Get/give out business cards
  6. 6. -Wear a suit -Don’t drink?!?-Only speak when spoken to -Get/give out business cards
  7. 7. How do you meet new people?
  8. 8. Trivia!
  9. 9. What app, with only 13 employees sold to Facebook for $1 Billion dollars?
  10. 10. Instagram
  11. 11. What’s changed?
  12. 12. Always hiring but sorry we don’t accept resumes
  13. 13. Myths About Networking
  14. 14. “Be Interesting!”
  15. 15. Be Interesting Interested!
  16. 16. “Give your business card out as soon as you possibly can!”
  17. 17. “Make sure to talk as much as you can!”
  18. 18. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. -Steven Covey
  19. 19. SHUT UP!
  20. 20. The Liking Principle
  21. 21. How are you growing your tribe?
  22. 22. Social Media? Email? A Call? Lunch? Frozen Yogurt? A gift in the mail?
  23. 23. It’s easy to send a generic Christmas card to people each year, but that doesn’t build loyalty. Actually caring does.
  24. 24. It’s bigger than you.
  25. 25. Change doesn’t just happen, people create change.
  26. 26. Networking Making new friends
  27. 27. @StratLab