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Why HR Sucks & What To Do About It

Presented May 18th, 2016 at #DisruptHR in Regina, SK.

HR Sucks
Organizational charts suck
Company hierarchy sucks
The traditional hr part of the business model sucks
No one loves dealing with peoples problems, so hr is the hardest department in a company

It doesn't have to suck
You can do it differently
You don't have to be traditional at all
Break the rules
Don't have a company hierarchy
What if every is equal?
What it we got paid for what we do not what title we hold?
Use the Virgin Model of company hierarchy
Use policy with caution
Have a strong set of values and stick to them
Be more flexible with your people
Be friends with your staff
Have mental health days
Don't start so early
Don't have a limit on holidays
Talk about culture or no one else will.

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Why HR Sucks & What To Do About It

  1. 1. HR SucksAnd what to do about it
  2. 2. The traditional business model sucks
  3. 3. HR policy sucks Can we talk about
  4. 4. People>policy
  5. 5. Pay people for what they do, not the title they hold.
  6. 6. Be the change you want to see in your hr department
  7. 7. (inspiration served weekly)