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We're all Gutenberg and it's Our Turn to Create History


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Presented at the Hill School of Business #POEBootcamp (Prince's Operation Entrepreneur) August 25th, 2017 in Regina.
The title "We're all Gutenberg and it's Our Turn to Create History" was to capture the essence of what has changed in our world over the past 10 years. Life as we knew is has been forever changed.
Collabs, Lottery Tickets, and Moonshots. Really the message was partnerships, generosity and big hairy audacious goals. You need to work with others no matter what stage you're at. If you aren't generous, someone else in your industry will be and take your customers. Finally a company that has a defined purpose will always beat out a company that just competes on merit alone.
The message of care more, think different and help people. It takes a community to raise a company, you need to raise your community up so it can support your company.

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We're all Gutenberg and it's Our Turn to Create History

  1. 1. Everyone is Gutenberg and it’s our turn to create history
  2. 2. In the 1950s, what was the average life span of a Fortune 500 company?
  3. 3. 75 years Today?
  4. 4. Who is it?
  5. 5. A game-changing company that reinvented communication. It invented the spell checker, grammar checker, and laptop word-processor. In 1989 they earned $500 million in revenue.
  6. 6. “Sell things people want to buy.” -Derek Sivers
  7. 7. Some jobs literally don’t exist anymore
  8. 8. “The only goal of a corporation should be to maximize shareholder profit.” -Milton Friedman
  9. 9. “The only goal of a corporation should be to maximize shareholder profit.” -Milton Friedman
  10. 10. “The companies that learn the fastest will win.” -Eric Ries
  11. 11. Collabs, Lottery Tickets & Moonshots!
  12. 12. Collabs (Collaboration) def’n: to work with others on a common goal
  13. 13. 2 Brains > 1 Brains
  14. 14. How can people join your tribe?
  15. 15. Collaborating Helps you get more done Helps you create things you could have never imagined by yourself.
  16. 16. Lottery Ticketsdef’n: what’s your generosity strategy?
  17. 17. Don’t be cheap! (that’s the opposite of generous)
  18. 18. Why will people care?
  19. 19. reciprocity
  20. 20. Moonshots def’n: a big hairy audacious goal
  21. 21. Create history.
  22. 22. Anything is possible.
  23. 23. Punching up a weight class.
  24. 24. do the right thing
  25. 25. Use the Innovators Dilemma/Tesla strategy…
  26. 26. Solve your future problems today!
  27. 27. Stop listening to what you’re told!
  28. 28. Read lots. Stop watching the news. Listen to Podcasts. Workout. Meditate. Love. Be a part of something bigger than you. Eat last.
  29. 29. Work with others. Be generous. Have a dream.
  30. 30.