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No One Pokes Anymore!

How Social Media has changed and what you need to do about it. It isn't just about Facebook and Twitter now, no no, Snapchat and Instagram have the mindshare of the younger generation.
Be different. Have fun. Care about others. Do something impossible. Start something.

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No One Pokes Anymore!

  1. 1. no one pokes anymorehow social media has changed & what you can do about it
  2. 2. the pope’s inauguration
  3. 3. the 
 has changed
  4. 4. social media 
 has changed
  5. 5. stop telling people to share your things and start posting things people want to share
  6. 6. social 
 (an oxymoron)
  7. 7. tactic why measureable champion deadline
  8. 8. tactic why measureable champion deadline Facebook Audience Interactions per post You! Jan1,2016
  9. 9. you have to be willing to try new things
  10. 10. what’s
  11. 11. do
  12. 12. Using in a presentation to the senior leadership team at Conexus
  13. 13. people have 
  14. 14. say yes
  15. 15. start
  16. 16.