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Just Try It! Cheat Codes on How to Differentiate


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Presented Sept 11 at the Conexus Emerging leaders conference.
We literally created a song for a video about a painting. It worked, it really worked!

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Just Try It! Cheat Codes on How to Differentiate

  1. 1. just try it!(cheat codes on how to differentiate)
  2. 2. “you can fit in or standout but you can’t do both.” -seth godin
  3. 3. “all the creativity books in the world aren’t going to help you if you aren’t willing to have lousy, lame, and dangerously bad ideas.” -seth Godin
  4. 4. creativity is taking two things that don’t belong together and putting them together.
  5. 5. like a cactus balloon!
  6. 6. anyone can learn to differentiate, just like practicing a sport, or playing a video game!!
  7. 7. stop looking for a formula start creating something!
  8. 8. this is a song about a painting in a video on a website
  9. 9. if you don’t feel dumb every day you probably aren’t doing much.
  10. 10. “the biggest thing about collaborating is completely removing your ego.” -kendrick lamar
  11. 11. create history
  12. 12. if
  13. 13. you never beat a video game on the first try
  14. 14. the future belongs to the creative class
  15. 15. everyone is born creative. everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarden.
  16. 16. just try it!
  17. 17. @jephmaystruck @stratlab special thanks to brandon wu