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I Would Do Anything For A Like But I Won't Do That


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In a world where anyone can be a publisher, you have to fight for the most valuable asset of all, people's attention. Every day it gets more difficult to stand out, but every day you have an opportunity to stand out.
When it comes to Social media don’t forget the social part of it. No one cares about you until you care about them. Engage, interact, retweet, like, and share. Help others and eventually they will help you.
People only go online for two reasons, to solve a problem or to entertain themselves, nothing else. Remember this when you’re publishing on your website and sending email.
I would do anything for a like, but I won’t do that.
What do we share?
The absolutely, positively, without a doubt best things about our school are:__________.
We could interact with ___________________ on Twitter, ___________________ too, as well as ___________________. A good list to follow would be ___________________ and ___________________ would be a great hash tag to search.
On Twitter we could do a really cool ___________________ contest to give away __________________ to our friends.
We could do a really cool ___________________ contest to give away __________________ to our fans. Remember, Facebook only allows 10-12% of your fans to see your posts, bump up liberally. We could start a weekly __________________ to engage people on our page.
People would really want to see ___________________ at our school, as well as ___________________ and ___________________.
We could do a really cool ___________________ contest to give away __________________ to our friends.
People want to follow us on social media because _________________________.

Don’t tell people to like your institution, give people reason to like it.
Don’t tell people to follow you online, give people a reason to like you online.
Don’t tell people to share something, give people a reason to share what you are doing.

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I Would Do Anything For A Like But I Won't Do That

  1. I would do anything for a like but I won’t do thatSocial Media for Post-secondary institutions
  2. Who is it?
  3. A game-changing company that reinvented communication. It invented the spell checker, grammar checker, and laptop word-processor In 1989 they earned $500 million in revenue
  4. “Many people believe that the typewriter and word-processor business is a buggy-whip industry, which is far from true. There is still a strong market for our products in the United States and the world.”  
  5. let’s start a business
  6. you don’t need to go to a bank for financing
  7. you don’t need an expensive credit card terminal
  8. you don’t need to hire people
  9. you don’t need a building or pay for an entire office
  10. now lets celebrate!
  11. we don’t need a taxi
  12. we don’t need to stay at a hotel
  13. we don’t have to go to a restaurant
  14. The Movie industry has been disrupted  
  15. The fashion industry has been disrupted
  16. The education industry has been disrupted  
  17. The dating industry has been disrupted  
  18. our world has been disrupted
  19. 80,000 text messages
  20. 35,000,000 missed phones calls
  21. the pope’s inauguration
  23. Capture event hashtags using Storify  
  24. Sticks don’t work anymore Try Carrots
  25. A campaign to try and reduce drug use did the opposite. Don’t tell people what to do.
  26. I Would Do Anything For a Like But I won’t Do That
  27. People only go online for two reasons; to solve a problem or to entertain themselves.
  28. Quit telling people to share what you create. Create something people want to share.  
  29. Youtube What could you share?  
  30. Twitter How will you engage with people?  
  31. Who would be smart to talkto on Twitter?  
  32. What hashtags should you be searching?  
  33. Facebook What reason to people have to like you?  
  34. The secret to Facebook? Allow people to waste time on your page.  
  35. What kind of contest would you run? What can you give away?  
  36. Instagram What reason do people have to follow you?  
  37. What’s the best part of your school that you could take a picture of?  
  38. What kind of contest could you run on Instagram?  
  39. Our school will be known for ________________  
  40. universities-instagram/ and-their-quest-for-the-perfect-social-media- campaign/
  41. Twitter : @jephmaystruck Instagram: @Stratlab