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Finding your mustache - Presented to the Canadian Public Relations Professionals of Saskatchewan


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The technological world keeps on changing. We're quick to blame Facebook and Twitter for the disruption. But it's hardly their fault. Finding your mustache is your journey through finding what true influence actually is. What true power actually is and unde

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Finding your mustache - Presented to the Canadian Public Relations Professionals of Saskatchewan

  1. 1. Finding your ! mustache! by jeph maystruck  
  2. 2. let’s start a ! business
  3. 3. we don’t need to go to a bank for financing
  4. 4. we don’t need an expensive credit card terminal
  5. 5. you don’t need to hire people
  6. 6. you don’t need a building or pay for an entire office
  7. 7. now lets celebrate!
  8. 8. we don’t need a taxi
  9. 9. we don’t need to stay at a hotel
  10. 10. we don’t have to go to a restaurant
  11. 11. our world has changed
  12. 12. what happened?
  13. 13. we’re getting smarter
  14. 14. the flynn effect
  15. 15. what happened to the media?
  16. 16. the pope’s inauguration
  17. 17. do you believe ! everything see on ! tv?
  18. 18. what is the most ! powerful form of! marketing?
  19. 19. word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing. ! it’s just easier now
  20. 20. there are only two types of businesses! the cost leader or the differentiator
  21. 21. what’s your mustache?
  22. 22. In 2003 – 30 people in Australia In 2011 – Canada was the largest contributing nation In 2012 – 1.1 million mustaches & $146 million raised
  23. 23. proving “fun” is core part of a successful strategy.
  24. 24. never say no to panda.
  25. 25. one person caring can change an entire company
  26. 26. people only go on the! internet for two reasons, to either! solve a problem or to be entertained. ! nothing else.
  27. 27. true leadership is the willingness to fail and the courage to admit it
  28. 28. don’t be afraid if some people don’t like your idea.
  29. 29. go do something impossible
  30. 30. e-mail:! website:! twitter: @jephmaystruck!