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Cutlery Organizers Are Useless!


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Presented in Regina and Saskatoon June 2018 for the Government of Saskatchewan Managers Forum.
Don't follow recipes.
Continuously be learning.
Try small experiments.
Creating change is all about tiny "nudges".
Anyone can be innovative.
Innovation starts in the kitchen. You can be innovative in the smallest parts of your life. If you practice being innovative you'll by habit be innovative at work. It's a mindset, an attitude and a clear idea on how to behave. Trying new things, risking failure, being able to admit when you're wrong, and trying again and again to remind yourself that failure is a major part of success.

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Cutlery Organizers Are Useless!

  1. 1. Cutlery Organizers Are Useless!(Why Innovation Starts In The Kitchen)
  2. 2. It’s never been easier to start a business, it’s also never been easier to go out of business.
  3. 3. Innovation is rarely easy
  4. 4. The Innovator’s Dilemma
  5. 5. Innovation in the Kitchen
  6. 6. What is 1% of all Google Search on the Internet?
  7. 7. Nothing amazing is made by following a recipe perfectly…
  8. 8. Innovation in Communication
  9. 9. Innovation in Education
  10. 10. A child driven education
  11. 11. Innovation in Business
  12. 12. We don’t need factory workers anymore.
  13. 13. Princess Paysalot(payables manager) Viceroy of Toy(head of toys) Supreme Sorceress of Syntax(copywriting team lead) Professor Profit(CFO) Grand Poo Bah(CEO)
  14. 14. Innovation in Human Resources
  15. 15. Innovation in Government
  16. 16. Why isn’t organ donation opt out?
  17. 17. Innovation in Growing a Company
  18. 18. Innovation in Your Life
  19. 19. Anyone can be innovative
  20. 20. You just need to practice.
  21. 21. Throw Out Your Cutlery Organizer!
  22. 22. Try something new! Whether you’re in the Kitchen, Education, Communication, Business, or Government
  23. 23. The only thing holding your back is that stupid little voice in the back of your head saying you can’t.
  24. 24. fin @StratLab @JephMaystruck Clumsy-Vegetarian