Everything you've heard about social media is wrong


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A presentation about branding in 2013. It's not about social media, it's not about impressions, it's about making a connection. It's about delighting a customer, it's about acquiring feedback as much as possible. It's about actually caring about a customer.

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  • In 2007, the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, a nonprofit created by Congress in response to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil disaster,20 offered $20,000 to the first person who could figure out how to get the oil from that spill out of the bottom of the ocean where it had been sitting for eighteen years. Simply pumping it up did not work because when it got to the surface, the Alaskan air solidified the mix of oil and water, making it impossible to pump off the barges.21 But Davis knew that cement wouldn’t harden so long as you keep vibrating it. Perhaps if the oil were kept stirred up on the barge, it wouldn’t harden either, problem solved.
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  • 54 canned beverages at Safeway. This one is different.
  • Everything you've heard about social media is wrong

    1. 1. everything you heard aboutsocial media iswrongby: jephmaystruck
    2. 2. brand: a widely held setof believes and expectations ofwhat you deliver and how youdeliver it, validated by customerexperiences
    3. 3. there’s no such thing as aneutral brandimpression
    4. 4. what happened?
    5. 5. we’re gettingsmarter
    6. 6. what happened to themedia?
    7. 7. join therevolution
    8. 8. do you believeeverything see ontv?
    9. 9. what is the mostpowerful form ofmarketing?
    10. 10. word of mouth is still the mostpowerful form of marketing.it’s justeasier now.
    11. 11. meet themorgensons
    12. 12. 35 hidden cameras17 microphones15 hidden crew members
    13. 13. “the results proved beyond any doubtwhatsoever that marketers, advertisers,and big business have nothing at allcompared to theinfluence we consumershave on one another.”-martin lindstrom
    14. 14. the future of marketing:social objects
    15. 15. people only go on theinternet for two reasons, to eithersolve aproblem or to beentertained.nothing else.
    16. 16. to make anythingremarkableyou may have to pisssome people off.
    17. 17. @jephmaystruckstrategylab.cajephmaystruck.com