What Not-for-Profit Needs to Know About The Marketing Revolution


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  • 54 canned beverages at Safeway. This one is different.
  • From 2007-2010, has tripled the amount of money raised for prostate Cancer worldwide to an impressive $72 Million in 2010.
  • Canned laugher and Billy Graham
  • Canned laugher and Billy Graham
  • Today, Residential youth services is the 3rd option on the 1st page of Google and community services for troubled youth Regina is 5th in an organic search. We also have current and former youth on our Facebook page talking about their favorite Ranch memories where anyone from the general public can read comments. i.e. What did Kara miss the most? Man I miss my horse! Prince Albert had a good arena with good staff to help teach people how to ride. When I first tried I was so stubborn and so was my horse and then after months of me working with her we finally clicked
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  • What Not-for-Profit Needs to Know About The Marketing Revolution

    1. 1. what you need to know about the marketing revolution presented by: jephmaystruck
    2. 2. join therevolution
    3. 3. what happened?the future of marketingmuch ado about not-for- profit
    4. 4. what happened?
    5. 5. 1. we have to ignore a lot more2. we’re getting smarter
    6. 6. by the time they are 3 years old, american children recognize an average of100 brand logos -dr. allenkanner, child psychologist at the wright institute in berkley, california.
    7. 7. the flynn effect
    8. 8. what’s the most powerful form of marketing?
    9. 9. word-of-mouthis still the most powerful form of marketing. its just easier now.
    10. 10. social mediadoesn’t change anything but allow communicateus tofaster
    11. 11. people only go on the internet for two reasons, to eithersolve a problem orto be entertained. nothing else.
    12. 12. what’s the twitter? (bring the keg to the party)
    13. 13. the future of marketing issocial objects
    14. 14. interesting facts about donations
    15. 15. 70% of people donatemoney because of social pressure30% donate because of alutrism
    16. 16. you must createsocial proof
    17. 17. if you’re serious about raising money, offer people a prize.-john list professor of economics, university of chicago
    18. 18. German researcher Armin Falk shows that a bigger gift amplifies the reciprocity effect.
    19. 19. Falk’s study involved mailing 10,000 requests for charitable donations, divided into three groups.One group received only the letter requesting the donation,one group received the letter plus a free postcard and envelope (the small gift)The last group received a package containing four postcards and envelopes (the large gift).
    20. 20. The small gift boosted donation totals by 17 percent. The recipients of the large gift, though, were even more generous: they donated 75 percent more than the no-gift group.This experiment is significant in a couple of ways….
    21. 21. First, it tested reciprocity in the real world, not in an academic setting.Second, it demonstrated that the reciprocity effect is proportional to the perceived size of the gift or favor, even when the variations are relatively minor. -brainfluence by roger dooley
    22. 22. what should your online presence look like?
    23. 23. you have to measure (Google Analytics measures what people Google to get to your site, what pages they go to on your site and where else peoplecome to your website from other than search engines.)
    24. 24. what should you do now?
    25. 25. say yes
    26. 26. @jephmaystruckjephmaystruck@gmail.com strategylab.ca jephmaystruck.com