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Latin Dance is a very popular dance style. There are many different types of Latin Dance. This power point explains a few of those dances.

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Latin Dance ppt

  2. 2. LATIN DANCE  Bomba  Salsa  Mambo  Rumba  Bachata  Samba  Merengue  Cha Cha Cha
  3. 3. LATIN DANCE  Latin dance has its roots in African dance and drum rhythms  As slaves were carried to various islands in the Caribbean their dance styles were blended with those of the local Indian and Spanish populations.  Latin dances developed out of the creation of new musical styles specific to the various islands and mixed cultures of its inhabitants
  4. 4. BOMBA  Celebrated marriages and baptisms, and rebellions planned  West Africans who worked the suger plantations along the coast of Puerto Rico  Taino Indians were the native inhabitant of the island before Columbus landed
  5. 5. BOMBA Dancers took turns challenging the drums, creating a dialog with their movements that the solo drummer answered. It is said that women bomba dancers would typically dance with their skirt raised, showing their slips, to ridicule the attire worn by plantation ladies. *click the picture for examples of this music and dance style.
  6. 6. SALSA  The closest derivative of Salsa comes from the Cuban Son music. It is a blend of Spanish music and African rhythms.  Political deterioration because of Fidel Castro caused flight from Cuba, which brought the dance and music style to Puerto Rico, Columbia, Miami, and New York. Each location changed the dance and music.  New York musicians added Jazz rhythms which changed the sound and dancers added dance moves from swing dance during periods of musical improvisation.  Dominican interactions with African Americans and R&B gave birth to Reggaeton.  For a more extensive history of Salsa view the following link. A History Of Salsa
  7. 7. SALSA  Was first used to encompass a collection of Latin dances that were of Cuban decent  Salsa has become one dance that encompasses many cultural influences  Click on the picture to view various styles of Salsa and Cuban Son dancing
  8. 8. MERENGUE  Merengue began in the 19th century in the Dominican Republic. It first featured stringed instruments, but German traders introduced islanders to the accordion, and that instrument's distinctive sound became synonymous with the dance. It began in the lower classes, although a more formalized style of the dance was later developed for ballroom dance purposes. Former dictator Rafael Trujillo named Merengue the official dance of the Dominican Republic.
  9. 9. MERENGUE  Walking steps and side steps (chasse) are the basic components of Merengue.  Merengue dates prior to the mid-1800’s. It was imported into the New York Latin dance clubs in the early 1940’s. An old legend says the dance got its characteristic drag of the right foot out of respect to an old war hero who returned home with a badly wounded leg.  The Latin musician Juan Luis Guerra is credited with popularizing the easy-to-follow 1-2-3-4, 5-6-7-8 beat.  Merengue is a fun and easy dance made up of simple steps. Primarily a non progressive dance, it can also travel counter clockwise around the floor. Noted for its Cuban motion, Merengue is also characterized by its “marching” feeling.  Click on the image to see examples of the dance style.
  10. 10. BACHATA  The Bachata is another dance whose history is more aptly described by the history of the music from which it takes its name. Bachata is a style of guitar music played in the Dominican Republic. The first song in the genre was recorded in 1961 by José Manuel Calderón. It was a music of the common people and the down-and-out, which unfortunately gave it a seedy reputation. With its frequently bitter subject matter, it has been compared to the American blues tradition. The dance was created to accompany these tales of love and woe.  For more in depth info on the dance and variations of the dance around the world click the word Bachata.  Its lyrics have history.
  11. 11. BACHATA  Bachata is a partner dance basically comprised of four steps, with a tap or pop on the fourth step [one…two…three…tap/pop]. This intimate dance positions partners close together using a closed or open frame, and contains natural hip movement. There is always a side-to-side motion with three simple steps taken during four beats of music. On the fourth beat, both partners tap with a hip motion.  Click the picture to hear the music and see the dance.
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