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The customer journey


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The customer journey maps the customer's journey from need to satisfaction. By looking at this journey from the customer's perspective, focusing on the need that is being satisfied, not what product is being sold will result in more satisfied customer's that talk about you.

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The customer journey

  1. 1. WE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU The customer journey
  2. 2. Articulated information Observable behaviour Unarticulated information Hidden action Customer says Says Behaves Does Customer does Source: Ojasalu, Karu
  3. 3. Need is never a thing.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Steps
  6. 6. Attract Choose Use Support Retain
  7. 7. Attract Choose Use Support Retain What we do to get the customers attention What we do to help the customer choose the product or service The customer is using our product or service During usage, how we support the customer in case of questions or difficulties How we retain the customer: how we make the customer choose again.
  8. 8. Attract
  9. 9. What happens before they 
 get to our store or website?
  10. 10. Choose
  11. 11. How do we help them 
 choose from our selection?
  12. 12. Use
  13. 13. How do we make using it easy?
  14. 14. Support
  15. 15. How do we help them in case of trouble?
  16. 16. Retain
  17. 17. What do we do to keep their loyalty? or How are we loyal to our customers?
  18. 18. Why do you buy a new jacket?
  19. 19. Because it is cold.
  20. 20. Because the old one is no good as it is: 
 worn out / unfashionable / not warm enough.
  21. 21. Because your going to an event that 
 you don’t have a jacket for?
  22. 22. Whatever the case, you are NOT 
 buying the jacket because it is there!
  23. 23. How do you buy the jacket?
  24. 24. Search the web.
  25. 25. Try on different 
 jackets in stores.
  26. 26. Find the right store.
  27. 27. Buy online because 
 it’s cheaper. Dear customer
  28. 28. Are you happy with your new jacket?
  29. 29. Is it as perfect as you 
 imagined it would be?
  30. 30. Did you pay too much or 
 did you get a good deal? € $£ $
  31. 31. Does the brand make you feel good?
  32. 32. What does the customer journey tell us?
  33. 33. By viewing the process from the customer’s point-of-view, we can understand the NEED that is being satisfied. People are experts at their LIVES and we will hear how they live it.
  34. 34. By asking and observing enough people until 
 the answers repeat themselves will indicate a common NEED.
  35. 35. Can that need be satisfied better? 
 That’s what we then service design!
  36. 36. 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 0 3 6 9 12 15 Number of testers Usabilityproblemsfound Source: Nielsen Norman Group. Why you need to test with 5 users.
  37. 37. The aim of service design is to improve 
 the customer experience, which will make them return.
  38. 38. -50% -37,5% -25% -12,5% 0% 12,5% 25% 37,5% 50% 6 year stock performance of customer experience leaders vs laggards vs S&P 500 Index Customer experience leaders +43% S&P 500 Index +14,5% Customer experience laggards -33,9% Cumulativetotalreturn Source: Forrester Research and Watermark Consulting
  39. 39. A good customer experience will make them talk about you!
  40. 40. Read all about it. Available on Amazon.
  41. 41. WE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU J.Margus Klaar +46 722 52 30 64