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StratMark 2012 presentaion on consumers


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Presentation to the annual Idea day for the Finnish marketing community at Strat Mark 2012. The presentation focused on the consumer trends in Estonia and generally, with a short introduction of what Estonia is.

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StratMark 2012 presentaion on consumers

  1. 1. Good afternoon,I’m from Brand ManualWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
  2. 2. Brand Manual is a branding& service designconsultancyWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
  3. 3. We help define thecompetitive advantage ofproducts and services.We call this
  4. 4.
  6. 6. Hosts the NATO Cyber DefenceCentre and the EU IT AgencyInternet access is a human rightLowest public sector debt in
  7. 7. Leads CEE in terms of educationallevel99% of high school students arelearning EnglishOver 60% of the population isengaged in the services
  8. 8. 100% of schools and governmenthave broadband connection70% of homes have broadbandconnection110% mobile
  9. 9. 98% of bank transfers aremade electronically92% of income tax declarations arefiled via the e-Tax Board1.2 million active ID cards(population: 1.4 million)
  10. 10. Worse weather than in
  11. 11. Estonian consumersWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
  12. 12. The recession was the best thingthat ever happened to
  13. 13. Efficiency gains. But will they last? 2008
  14. 14. It helped focus consumers,companies and
  15. 15. The recession has made peopleboth price and quality sensitive.Finally it is understood that youDO get WHAT you pay
  16. 16. Quality actually
  17. 17. Consumer confidence is picking up.Those that can afford to,are spending
  18. 18.
  19. 19. But consumers have
  20. 20. status me
  21. 21. values me stuff
  22. 22. Corporate social responsibility isbecoming a real issue, instead ofjust a buzz
  23. 23. Listening has never been easy. But now there are icebergs
  24. 24. PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “We tell you why you need it”
  25. 25. PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Thank you for your feedback”
  26. 26. PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Let’s be social (about the product)”
  27. 27. PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Look what I bought”
  28. 28. Social media requires a real plan. Not just
  29. 29. Half the population is on Facebook.If you screw up here, it will comeback to quote
  30. 30. Marketers monitor and measureeverything. ROI is (French for)
  31. 31. Implication to smart
  32. 32. Stop reacting.Customers actively preferreal value over cheap
  33. 33. Thank You!J.Margus Klaarjmk@thebrandmanual.comWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU